Susan Landers

No Clearance in Niche

Readme Online Chapbook #4

January 2001

© 2001 by Susan Landers.


R, 3.1.00

What can you spell?
Have. Jupiter.
What do you mean
all the stars are dead?



M, 3.3.00

Step in.
Buy fruit.
Stand clear.
I may have.
Star issues.



Schoolgirl to schoolgirl:

A? Yes.
B? Yes.
C? Yes.
D? Yes.
E? Yes.
F? Yes.
G? Yes.



Q, 3.6.00

you speak kaleidoscope
insomnia merry-sans-
cliché I am one fire
step boucle past the
yellow fever/line
care to introduce me
to the population?



D, 3.7.00

If I thought you could take
this out of a context which
wouldn’t shatter as I said so
I’d say you are better than Oprah
by all means you may not mean
to say we all see things in a way
you have seen long before
but the fact remains I love
the threat of you leaving me
to my own miserable devices
the very same devices you
may well have designed
for me before I could see
they were my own creation



Schoolgirl to schoolgirl:

H? No.



B, 3.13.00

my sister said relief
describing our father
’s death — how it not
he allowed her
her violin her
violin maybe mine



Schoolgirl to schoolgirl:

I? No.
J? Yes.
K? No.
L? Yes.
M? (laughing) That’s what we’re on!



R, 3.14.00

in order to maintain even
hip hugging spacing brunette
we are holding this Man-
apple cheeked hattan-bound
R train
take me in the station
home honey please bunny
I can’t be patient



B, 3.17.00

outside of work
I work on work as if
the work I work on
and the work I work on
is the difference between
work and a making



Schoolgirl to schoolgirl:

N? Yes.
O? No.
P? No.



N, 3.19.00

I have no father to feel one way
or another about this you ask me
how I feel about this having too
many sisters talking at once
to talk to one why talk at all
except that all I want to want
to do is to do so so say I said so?



Schoolgirl to schoolgirl:

Q? Yes.
R? Yes.
S? Yes.
T? No.
U? No.
V? No.



B, 3.23.00

the scene:
a make or break make believe
a makeshift makeready making
time/do with made/marked men
& trademark moves



to schoolgirl:

W? No.
X? No.
Y? No.



to schoolgirl:

Z is yes
is lurch



F, 3.28.00

a pair of shoes unlike all other shoes
remains a pair of shoes whether or not
you imagine the dead unlike the dead
who remain the shoes you can barely
imagine the difference between them

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