Peter Balestrieri

Mark Peters

Peter Balestrieri: Mark, you have the reputation of being a Master at poetry readings. Do you try to gauge how an audience will react to your work or do you just plow right in?

Mark Peters: It's very important to know how to read people because not everyone fits neatly into a category such as submissive or fetishist. Each person is an individual and has his or her own personal quirks or interests. With some I really don't stress or care that they call me by a certain title. The title is just a word. So if they don't call you Master that does not detract from who I am or make me any less of a poet.

PB: I agree and I think the reason you don't demand that is you are confident in your poet ego. I view it as strength.

MP: Thank you, another thing I am very careful of in my readings is that I don't scream or yell. I can say things as I am talking to you now — very calm and very smooth. I think that it is much more intense to submit to someone without realizing it or shoving it down his or her throat in an aggressive, hostile manner. To use your voice in a hypnotic way that enslaves them. It is really great when all I have to do is whisper. Because at that point I am in your head and you know that you belong to me. It's much more intense to have a sub crawl to you with a crook of your finger then to see him cringe and flinch while you shout obscenities. You can treat your subs with respect and still dominate them — remember that not everyone is into humiliation or degradation.

PB: What about the issue of trust how important do you think it is?

MP: Trust is why they will follow my requests. They know that I have taken the time to understand them. I don't think any sub should immediately trust someone just because he says that he is a poet, because not every person who calls herself a poet is a poet. Some people pick up a whip or dress in leather and feel that gives them the right to call themselves a poet — without any training or knowledge. Not everyone is up to par on safety techniques or on how to use the tools of our trade. I strongly feel that the sub should be just as knowledgeable or more so as the writer they're serving. After all it is ultimately their health and safety at risk and they should know enough to stop any activity that is being performed in an unsafe manner. Remember that a few moments of pleasure should not have permanent consequences.

1985 - Mark Peters battles a vicious army of gigantic bugs.
1986 - Mark Peters finds a suitcase of drug money and goes on a spree.
1987 - Mark Peters peddles other people’s experiences.
1988 - Mark Peters has an affair with a mysterious younger woman.
1989 - Mark Peters and his warriors battle an evil dictator.
1990 - Mark Peters takes refuge on a movie set as a stuntman.
1991 - Mark Peters and a talking dinosaur solve a murder case.
1992 - Mark Peters hires a sleazy private eye to find a former classmate.
1993 - Mark Peters seeks to further his standing in frontier society.
1994 - Mark Peters latches on to a comatose accident victim.
1995 - Mark Peters performs a nonstop variety of exercises.
1996 - Mark Peters rescues his unstable brother from a mental institution.
1997 - Mark Peters disrupts a futuristic society of immortals.
1998 - Mark Peters treks to Tijuana to stock up on drugs.
1999 - Mark Peters adopts poetry as his driving passion.

PB: Mark, tell us how you became a writer in the first place.

MP: I started writing because I couldn't gamble anymore. In Korea, I had spent years supplementing my income by playing poker and counting cards at blackjack. All my activities were strictly honest; I won through skill, not through cheating. But when the army transferred me to Oakland, California and made me a recruiter, I didn't have the time to travel to Reno and continue with my hobby. Recruiters work six days a week, often from four in the morning until eight at night. Also, I had a family to think of. But still, I had to supplement my income somehow. So I bought a typewriter.

PB: Did you have a lot of interesting jobs before you became a writer?

MP: Oh yeah. My very first job after baby-sitting was gopher for a bush air Taxi outfit. They provided transportation to small rural communities in Alaska. That's an education! Especially at the end of the summer when all the fisherman have settled up and you fly them home to cash their checks and then you fly them back — usually drunk, sitting in the back seat throwing up down the backs of the pilots — and then you get to clean up. Really gross.

PB: And you've worked on fishing boats?

MP: No, I have never worked on a fishing boat. My mother was a deckhand and I lived on board a 75-foot fish tender that she was a deckhand on when I was a kid, about five years. And one year we went trapping, so she had to home school me. One of the reasons I went to college is so I wouldn't have to be a deckhand. I knew there was a warmer, drier job out there somewhere.

This is not only Mark Peters' most recent book but, in my opinion, one of his funniest. Lady Emma’s shenanigans are hilarious and as much as I like to think I can see plot twists coming from at least a mile away, I was actually shocked by a couple of turns of events. And best of all, each of these turns was hilariously funny. I don’t want to spoil this book for anyone, but I will say there are at least three points in this book that I literally couldn’t read anymore because I was laughing so hard.

Another great thing about this book is that we get to catch up with Francesca, Dallie and their son Ted who has grown up into this gorgeous Renaissance man who is brilliant, charming and athletic but also down to earth. I can’t wait to read the adventures that Mr. Peters creates for him!

So, I will give my standard tag line and insist that you all run out and read this book. If you have never read any of Peters' books before you will be thrilled that you discovered him. If you have read him before and just haven’t gotten around to this one yet, it’s definitely worth the time and the $6.99. As a side note, I heartily recommend any Peters book, but especially Kiss an Angel, Fancy Pants, Dream a Little Dream and, if you are a computer geek like me, Hot Shot.

— P.B.

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