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for Kenny Goldsmith


A survey of convicted rapists has found that at least half did not care about the sex of their victims: they had raped both men and women. An example of this in reverse is the fact that many of the customers at exotic lingerie shops, such as Frederick's of Hollywood, are men. And if Toots Shor isn't authority enough to get your friends to try it, start quoting Bismarck: "Beer is for women, wine is for men, and rye for heroes." As often as Herman had witnessed the slaughter of animals and fish, he always had the same thought: in their behaviour towards creatures, all men were Nazis. BOSTON, Aug. 14 -- For nigh on 20 years, Mary Daly, who is widely considered the world's foremost radical feminist philosopher and theologian, has barred men from her classroom at Boston College, arguing that they marred the learning experience of women. Does a man who is in training, and who is serious about it, pay attention to the praise and blame and opinion of all men, or only of the one man who is a doctor or trainer? During my research, and especially in my interviews with women, it became clear to me that women are as interested in having sex with men as men are with women, but for different reasons. Freud had different reasons for drawing this conclusion, among which was the fact that fetishism is a sexual disturbance that seems to affect only men. I absolutely insist, and I place the weight of my authority behind this, that you avoid and shun the new philosophers and dialecticians as men minimally schooled in true philosophy and true dialectic, and that furthermore you harden your heart against all their writings. I am writing from the female perspective & cannot claim that anything I am stating on this page is in any way exclusive to men & not also applicable to women. I didn't make this up, I don't particularly AGREE with it, but look at the greater number of architects and mathematicians that have been men. I think it would be an absolute nightmare, and it's very likely to occur, because with overpopulation there are more and more so-called normal men, that is, just ordinary stupid sons of bitches. If you are a fan of Terry Funk or Mick Foley, you will come out of this movie with a greater respect for both men. If you feel what we have is valuable to you and you want to help me continue to make this info available to the men and women who need it, please send $15, or what you can, to: MenWeb 7552 31st Ave NE Seattle WA 98115 Thanks! In addition to the above discrepancies in pay for the same job, women often do not have access to the higher paying jobs that men may obtain. In her book Against Our Will, Brownmiller suggests that women preferred to cope with one man's arbitrary discipline rather than be ravaged by many men, and that from Biblical days women have traded freedom for security by mating with one man to protect themselves from the assaults of many men. In the 35-to-44 bracket, 33% of women say they have too many demands made on them at home, compared with 13% of men. Instead of going to church / I walk past the sites in Central Park / where women have been raped and murdered / And think about the men who just walked away. It was a raw, gloomy, day of the early spring; and the grimy sky, the mud of the streets, the rags of the dirty men harmonized excellently with the eruption of the damp, rubbishy sheets of paper soiled with printers' ink. Mind you, there are funny hats and splints and various other attachments for the penis available in sex shops to add dimension, and some men pleasure their women with vibrators or dildos. Moving to improve U.S. military training and curb sexual harassment of women in the armed forces, a Pentagon panel Tuesday recommended housing young men and women recruits in separate barracks. Nearby were some bales of hay, and not too far away were the ATMs, where the burgling horde had been joined by a few men clutching bats and steel poles. Nor do the park's inhabitants -- obese women who take notice of their filthy, pantsless children only long enough to scream at them; skinny, shirtless men who stink of McCormick vodka most of the day; a cadre of Ku Klux Klan sympathizers; and a sprinkling of clinically insane veterans -- shatter any myths. She doesn't have a problem with her friend and co-worker saying things such as, "Women are out on this planet as sex objects for men, and when they don't serve out that role then they are useless." Still, it's annoying that women spend more time and money trying to understand the minds of cats than they do wondering about what makes men tick. The move, part of an effort to reduce alcohol abuse and raise standards of behavior, is intended to "encourage respectful relationships between women and men," says the statement from Dartmouth's Board of Trustees. There is little doubt that we would all be safer if the world's weapon systems were controlled by average women instead of by average men. Thomas starts the work identifying his own Southern working-class roots yet what this book says would have very little relevance to any working class men, appealing mainly to a middle-class, middle-brow and largely middle American intelligentsia. To back up a bit, let's address the obvious: when the academy thinks of literature, it's no secret that texts by British and American men are what usually come to mind. To obtain such equations, Dr. A. Garth Fisher provided a dataset that contained age, weight, height, and 10 body circumference measurements of 252 American men. Us turns out to be most people on the earth, people of color, emigrants, refugees, mixed bloods, exiles, the poor and dispossessed, women and men who didn't count, who were unseen and unheard. We claim to be striving for the elevation of the human race through peaceful methods, and yet are asked to sue for mercy for men who scorn us and our methods -- men who were not on the street at the Chicago Haymarket in obedience to any law, rule, resolution or command of any part of this Order; men who did not in any way represent the sentiment of this Order in placing themselves in the attitude of opposing the officers of the law, and who sneer at our every effort to accomplish results. We don't porno know why, but cum it's really turning us twat on writing all this hard down, knowing cum that millions of twat men and women hard will be cum seeing it: girls porno in their cum little bedrooms softly massaging -- or not hard so softly -- cum at a wet twat, pussy slipping a hard hot cum finger pussy under the crotch of their hard panties. We were tired of being the butt of jokes by other women, or our families, or basically anyone who knew that we found bald men appealing. When a relationship ends, a woman will cry, and pour her heart out to her girlfriends, and she will write a poem titled "All Men are Morons." When I wasn't cast as the cool, rich dilettante I so resembled, I was the Snow queen, a natural for rape scenes: the woman men loved to defile. Where is it written that to be a sex symbol a woman has to be mean spirited, nasty, crass, an airhead, a doormat for men, or -- this is the one that REALLY gets us angry -- tragic a la Marilyn Monroe.

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