Charles Pollock

Unsigned* Letter

Molly Brodie, Director
Disabled Students Services
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue, Temp. 1-2
San Francisco, CA  94132

Dear Ms Brodie,

Daniel Davidson has asked me to give you some background into his disabilities so that you might better be able to assist him as he attends San Francisco State University.

I first began treating Daniel in 1983, and have treated him continuously ever since. Daniel suffers from periods of extreme depression, anxiety, manic episodes and panic attacks, often aggravated by contacts with authority figures, highly structured environments or interpersonal difficulties. He goes through periods of severe depression and withdrawal, when he finds it difficult to leave his apartment, or deal with the basic necessities of daily life. In highly excited states he can exhibit hostility and mild states of paranoia. He often finds it difficult to concentrate on specific, extended tasks.

In 1988 Daniel contracted infectious enterococcus endocarditis, which demanded his withdrawal from San Francisco State. Upon diagnosis he was hospitalized as an inpaitient at UC Medical Center for three months, after which he underwent open heart surgery, replacing his aortic valve and aortic root. Daniel's aortic valve prosthesis, as well as the level of his blood's anticoagulation demanded by this prothesis, require careful, regular monitoring. It may be necessary for him to miss a claass due to the necessities of this ongoing regimen.

In 1988, concomitant with his bacteremia, Daniel began suffering chronic, daily migraines which continue--despite extensive treatment--to this day. Beyond severe pain, his migraine symptoms can include extreme sensitivity to light and sound, mood swings, problems enunciating words, and visual distortions (which may affect his ability to read).

Daniel's psychological problems and migraine symptoms are intertwined. Moderate amounts of stress or extended physical activity can lead to a migraine attack, which fortunately can be mitigated by medication. However, high amounts of emotional stress or physical exertion may lead to migraine episodes, which cannot entirely be alleviated by medication, demanding that he go home and rest until the episode passes.

Daniel's school work may very well be effected by these migraine episodes, as well as by the side effects of medication taken for pain, which can include physical exhaustion and an inability to concentrate. Medications taken in conjunction with his aortic valve replacement may also cause nausea and episodes of bleeding which may necessitate his leaving class.

In addition, considering the complexity and severity of Daniel's disabilities, it is my opinion that nine (9) semester units will consitute full time enrollment for him during his attendance at San Franscisco State University.

If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to call me at my office.

Sincerely yours,

Charles Pollack, M.D.

*This letter, undated and unsigned, was found among Davidson's papers. It is unclear whether or not a version of the letter was ever sent to SF State.

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