Ramez Qureshi

from An Idea and/but (an) Idea alone of Order


You cannot make sense for me then --
this a priori synthesis?
Here I stay devoted at your confessional booth,
here, stay, confess,
but you insist on the other
(you’re supposed to .?)
you insist on the other
(you’re supposed to ?.)

and tell me then what to make
of the candle flickering, drilled into the glacier
which will, then does expire
while he respires still although
and assures that what is is,
and what is not is (anyhow, what the hell)

i swear i do not know her, nor, the way, nor that last time
I perspired or the last time I imbibed anything or that I
could do so again. soon
In future when i will it, or, now

the dreams are remembered as the prodigal son sleeps
his stormy sleep
as he wakes on his last night away from whom, as he
remembers the dreams he had the first night before

but for them he is not welcome.

Them, They are and they know they are and we say
we do not want a they but they are and -- a is --a in this

warp -- where a spun woof --
spun, measured, & cut with the efficiency of a supercomputer

is actually seen and threaded by you
no not me.
then by whom
Noman? No . . . man.

and then tell me i am some someone who is this noman.
no you cannot be
no you can not be
it is all i want
no you cannot be
and aren’t you forgetting something?
Round up the usual suspects.

‘Cause the Tarroteer’s offerin’ a mug’s game.
week from today.
we’ll all assemble.

Coconut cups.
we took our chairs, the three of us,
in a triangle
and we allow, in ro-
the TopPointToPlay

and win, well at least, a perfectly rational amount of times.

apres . . . un menage pour de la celebration

. . . al hezzaz catches al hamama
. . . al khiate satisfies al taleb
. . . an naasse surprises al mokabeul
. . . az zoddame meets al zeunbar

(Fantasy. prtrensliteration)

Then we petitioned
the judgement from Brahma
who said
“Apkay adja serdee hay”
It cannot speak with the tongues of gods.
and Shiva spoke and said
“Apkay adja taize hay”
It cannot speak with the tongues of gods.
and Vishnu says
“Apkay adja subkay hay”

One W.W./Mill.?, ?=? |B*(-G)| ^T

Insisting on the constants, as on triontology, and insists it’s not here.

but Sapho loves on Lesbia.
And Dante knows no cross.

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