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Miller Park Neighborhood Association

Our neighborhood, centered around the Miller Community Center and Miller Playfield, is at the junction of Seattle's Central and Capitol Hill neighborhoods. We picture it to extend from East Mercer Street to East Pine Street and from 18th Avenue E. to 24th Avenue East. Here's a brief history of our association. and here are some old newsletters.

Our association meets (very occasionally) at the Miller Community Center (330 - 19th Avenue East, phone 684-4753) at 7 PM

Contact Andrew Taylor, Neighborhood Association Chair, to see what's going on, or to get on the mailing list, or for anything else.


Main Neighborhood Issues


The Ron K. Bills Fountain is our pride and joy

Summer 2005:: The Fountain is on an automatic timer and will be running from 11am-8:30pm.


Please join me in welcoming a new neighborhood group:


The Madison/Denny Community Action Program

They're neighbors from the 20th & Denny area, mainly from the Prince of Wales apartments and from the Miller Mews townhouses. In their own words:

" We're in the processing of adopting 20th between Madison and John and East Denny between 19th and 21st, basically the epicenter of the warzone."

They had a well-attended neighborhood cleanup and BBQ on Saturday April 30th. You can read about their efforts in this Capitol Hill Times article, or you can be low-tech and pick up the May 4th Capitol Hill Times. In that issue you can also read this thoughtful guest column by MADCAP member Bronwyn Doyle.

(you have to register online with the Capitol Hill Times to read the articles, but they don't annoy you as a result!)

Some links:


Adjacent neighborhoods and related links.




Seattle Community Network: links to Central Seattle neighborhood websites

Central Neighborhood Association (E-mail Mark Petrak, Association chair) :" a citizen group of neighbors, businesses,and property owners from 19th to 27th, along E Cherry to Pine St. We have been working together to build community for over 16 years."

The Capitol Hill Community Council has an E-mail news list that you shold subscribe to.

Eastlake Community Council website

Montlake Community Club website (MANY useful links)

Squire Park Community Council

Capitol Hill Neighbors Website: run by a realtor: recipes, free personal ads, announcements, etc.


Contact Andrew Taylor, (, to see what's going on, or to get on the mailing list, or for anything else.

You can send US-mail to:
Andrew Taylor
Chair, Miller Park Neighborhood Association
c/o 330- 19th Ave E.
Seattle, WA 98112

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Finally, remember this important message, cast in stone (OK, concrete) by neighborhood builder and activist Marty Liebowitz.

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"Miller Times" a (very) occasional newsletter for our neighborhood

Fall 99 Miller Times Newsletter,: redevelopment, Mt. Zion Curb Bulb, Fountain plans

Spring 96 Miller Times: Neighborhood Planning, Sex Offenders, CHHIP

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