"Housing Choices" - A City plan to develop small, more affordable, housing

General Information: Barbara E. Wilson, 684-0433


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DADU's: Jory Phillips of DCLU (386-9761)

Cottage Housing: Mike Kimelberg of DCLU (684-4625).

Some see the idea as a good way to incease density and affordability. Others are concerned that it is a "stealth" way to increase density in single family zones.

Miller Mews developer Marty Liebowitz writes:

Regarding the cottage housing proposal- the last time I saw it the number of units per SF of lot area was very high, leading to tightly packed arrangements of structures with very little open space. People who are doing the better cottage housing projects in Langley and burbs are appalled at the proposed density.

The second major issue of concern is that these projects are targeted for SF neighborhoods. As is currently written cottage housing would be permitted in any single family neighborhood. The result would be that all single family zones would be rezoned to essentially L1. The end result would be battles throughout the neighborhoods when these cottages (many pretty ugly) start sprouting up adjacent to everybodies homes. The character of many neighborhoods would change, and many single family neighborhoods would be open to the speculative urges of developers.

However, if, with the approval of individual neighborhoods, a new zone were to be set up called CH (for cottage housing) within neighborhoods, then, with proper density limitations ie not too densly packed, then I would support such a proposal.So you see- there is a place for cottage housing- but not at the expense of the destruction of the Single Family Fabric of our neighborhoods.

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