June 4, 2001


Andrew Taylor, Chair

Miller Park Neighborhood Association

501 19th Avenue E.

Seattle, WA 98112

Dear Andrew:

Thanks for your letter about applying the Multifamily Property Tax Exemption program to the Madison-Miller Urban Village. I very much appreciate the commitment of the Madison-Miller residents to preserving and enhancing the diversity of the neighborhood by retaining and developing a wide range of housing options.

This is particularly important in light of continued development in the neighborhood, the pace of which is likely to increase in the next few months as this attractive neighborhood becomes more widely known and possible zoning adjustments are considered to stimulate the development of properties on Madison that have languished for a considerable number of years.

I support applying the Multifamily Property Tax Exemption to as many neighborhoods as wish to participate and are appropriate. The Council is concerned, however, that this program is a limited tool and may not be achieving as much as hoped. In conjunction with the Office of Housing, we are continuing to review the effectiveness of the program. If that continuing review validates the effectiveness of the program, I would support extending it to Madison-Miller. I also support looking at other tools to promote affordable housing, whether or not this tool is effective, and encourage the Office of Housing to consider other options that might assist with this.




Richard Conlin


cc: Councilmember Peter Steinbrueck

Cynthia Parker, Director, Office of Housing