East District
Neighborhood Council

Seattle City Council
600 Fourth Avenue - 11th Floor
Seattle WA 98104


Dear Councilmember ,

I write to add my voice, and that of our District Council, to those of the Miller Park Neighborhood Association and the Central Area District Council in supporting the inclusion of the Madison-Miller Urban Village in the Property Tax Exemption Program for multi-family housing.

Property developments along Madison (in the "Madison Miller" area) are poised to bring hundreds of new apartments and condominiums to our District. If we don't move rapidly to implement this program, these new apartments will be beyond the financial reach of many of our residents. I gather that two of the projects presently being planned (the Madison Temple project at 22nd & Madison, and the "Fratelli's" project at 19th & Madison) are seriously interested in using the Tax Exemption program to provide moderate income housing in their buildings.

Such moderate income housing will help bridge the gap between the housing supplied by groups such as CHHIP (typically 0 - 50% of median income) and that provided by the marketplace.

Thank you for your help in maintaining the supply of housing in our area for those of moderate income.

Yours sincerely,

East District Council