Dear Housing, Human Services & Health Committee members:

In 2001 Miller Park Neighborhood Association approached City Council and
the Office of Housing requesting that the Madison-Miller area be added to
the Multifamily Property Tax Exemption. We submitted letters of support from
both District Councils involved in our neighborhood (East and Central) and
from a major local employer (Fred Hutchinson). Copies of the letter are
available at:

I note that City Council is proposing to enlarge the program, but has not
proposed to include the Madison-Miller area. Our proposal was received
favorably in the past, and I am puzzled why our neighborhood was not
included in the proposed extensions.

Since our proposal, 2 years ago, market-rate redevelopment of our
neighborhood had continued, making the need for affordable housing yet more

I am aware that the program seeks both to stimulate economic growth and to provide affordable housing. Our neighborhood does not need the economic stimulus, but does need the tax exemption:

A) the ongoing development in our area guarantees that housing WILL be built

B) the new housing will be ideal for those displaced [physically or economically] by the redevelopment of the area

C) we must act now before the neighborhood is completely redeveloped as market rate housing

D) we are eager to maintain the very diverse nature of our neighborhood

E) the tax exemption program will be invaluable for the two major developments planned for our area: both are minority-owned and both have expressed interest in the program in the past.

I hereby propose that the multifamily part of the Madison-Miller Urban
Village be added to the Multifamily Property Tax Exemption proposal.


Many thanks

Andrew Taylor