Comments about suggestion that Miller Park endorses the Housing Levy

I also am in favor of the levy. Our church (Prospect UCC) did a focus
group on it in February and we decided to support it as a congregation.
The need for affordable housing, especially for families, is great. I would
encourage MPNA to support it as a group.

Yes definitely support the Housing Levy.

To be perfectly honest, you all need to read the levy fine print and be clear whether the funds for the kinds of levy projects you want in your community would actually be allowed there or not. Some funds will be restricted to the "distressed communities".

Yes, endorse!!

Yes.......... I would be in favor.

hi andrew, i do support mad-miller's support of the levy....

Count me among those supporting an endorsement of the Housing Levy

I fully support endorsing the housing levy. We need more affordable housing in Seattle.

It would be a mistake to let this levy fail.

I would encourage people to volunteer in the community and help others, but
I cannot support another tax levy. My property taxes have been increasing
at an unacceptable rate over the last 7 years we have been in our home. Why
not encourage the formation of non-profit organizations that pursue
donations, volunteer time, etc, to help build affordable housing? One
example along these lines is Habitat for Humanity. I imagine there are
other creative solutions possible as well. We all need to think outside the
box when it comes to adding more taxes.

(and, after reading Chuck's comments:

Thanks for the additional information, that really helps clarify things. I
support the MPNA endorsement of the levy.)

Comments on the above from Chuck Weinstock (director of CHHIP)

Thanks for forwarding the email and I checked out the website as well.
As always, Miller Park residents have very thoughtful questions and ideas.
I, too, appreciate the notion of thinking out of the box. The levy in
general will help groups in Seattle like Habitat as there is a program for
first time homebuyers that Habitat can hook up with to the extent they want
to. While they still do some projects with all volunteer labor and
donations, I believe they have also moved to doing projects with public
funds in order to increase the number of units they can do and deal with
costs of development. Due to land costs and zoning it will be hard, but not
impossible that a project like that would occur in Miller Park. Perhaps
some sort of townhouse type development. Volunteer and self help
multi-family housing just hasn't panned out as a successful program anywhere
I am aware of. Even if it is not going to happen in Miller Park or Capitol
Hill I still think it is worthy of our support for implementation in another

It also seemed part of our neighbor's concern was taxes. I can relate
to that as I pay my property tax each year. I know every increase can hurt
a limited pocketbook. I would like to point out that the proposed levy will
cost the owner of a house assessed at about $320,000 (the Seattle average)
$45 per year. Since this is a renewal of the levy passed in 1995 the
proposed levy will cost about another $14 over what you are paying now.
Also, senior citizens can apply for an exemption. Again, it is not my
intention to make light of a tax of any amount, only to point out the scale
of this particular tax.

I would be glad to continue the dialogue on alternative ways to create
affordable housing.

chuck weinstock

Finally, as you note without the renewal of the Housing Levy in
September, affordable housing production or preservation will become a mere
trickle in the entire city. Our ability to build mixed income buildings
like the Miller Park Apartments or turn around problem properties will grind
to a halt.