As you undoubtedly know, this fall Seattle voters will have the opportunity to reauthorize the Seattle Housing Levy. This unique program has provided a stable foundation for thousands of residents, improved problem properties, and stimulated other private and public reinvestment . You may not know that without the Housing Levy affordable housing production will come to a near standstill.

Seattle has a strong and successful track record of building affordable housing. Among our accomplishments, the 1995 Seattle Housing Levy exceeded its production goals by 50% and produced over 2,000 affordable housing units. Simply put, it is a program that works with strong public/private partnerships, an established delivery system, and support from neighborhoods across the city. The 2002 Housing Levy proposes a $86 million levy over 7 years which will allow us to produce another 2,000 units for lower-income working families, victims of abuse and domestic violence, the elderly, first time homebuyers and those with special needs. I have attached a chart showing the basic programs included in this levy package. You will note that this levy does include more funds for housing affordable for households over 50% of median than the current one as well as an expanded homeownership element. In fact it has programs serving the entire income spectrum.

I hope you agree that that Housing Levy (at $49/year for the average homeowner or roughly the same as the expiring levy) is the right public policy at a reasonable cost to the public. We will need to put together a great campaign to be successful at the polls.

Without the Levy the work that CHHIP does would be impossible. In order to continue making a difference in people's lives, we need your help. I am writing to ask if you will join other Capitol Hill residents endorsing the levy. A few of the others who have already agreed to do so include Jill Janow, Ann Donovan, Kay Rood, Randy Wiger, Charles Hamilton, and Illeny Maaza.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Chuck Weinstock