Notes about Tent City at St. Joe's

(much of this information is from the 2003 informational sessions at the church)

Updates (7/5/04)

  1. Flyers picked up at the Tent City Open House: please note their list of needs

  2. (from a mailing list member) Andrew....just a point for correction: Father Craig Boly is no longer Pastor
    of St. Joes. The new Pastor is Chris Wheatley.

  3. Here are some photographs of the Tent City at St. Joe's

  4. and some more photographs of the interior of Tent City, taken on a guided tour during their open hosue.



From February 20th 2003 meeting at St. Joseph's Catholic Church

  1. A brief report from Andrew

  2. A "Question and Answer" sheet handed out at the meeting (with annotations by Andrew)

  3. The Tent City Code of Conduct, and other rules, etc.

  4. Rough map of the location of the proposed camp in St. Joe's parking lot, and the map of the tent arrangement used at St. Mark's Cathedral.

  5. Letter from the Parish: Tent City at St. Joes' in 2004, not in 2003

Please e-mail ( or call Steve Wodzanowski, St Joseph's Pastoral Administrator at 206-329-5981 X106 if you have any further questions.

Some web links to articles about Seattle's Tent City