East Madison Street: A Proposal


ï The stretch of East Madison Street in the Madison-Miller Urban Village is all zoned Neighborhood Commercial, typically with a 65 foot or 85 foot height limit.

ï After many years of inactivity, much development is happening, or about to happen, along the street.

ï Many of the planned developments will be mixed-use, with ground level businesses and several floors of residential units above.

ï As house prices continue to rise, there will continue to be a need for affordable/subsidized housing in our neighborhood.

ï Our City has wisely adopted a policy of dispersal for subsidized housing, to prevent the recurrence of pockets of poverty in our neighborhoods. The dispersed low-income projects in our neighborhood (mostly run by CHHIP) are model examples of how well this works.

ï A project planned for our neighborhood is proposed to be almost entirely low-income housing. Many neighbors, while welcoming more affordable housing to our neighborhood, are worried by this proposed concentration of subsidized housing.

ï I therefore propose that the City actively encourage the establishment of affordable housing as a part of all the multi-family housing to be built along E. Madison Street in our Urban Village.

ï Such encouragement could be by facilitating funding for the projects or by relaxing some zoning requirements in exchange for the low-income housing.

ï The net result, the dispersal of affordable housing among a number of multi-family projects, will be to provide the affordable housing we need without the high concentration of low-income housing that we fear may repeat the mistakes of the past.




Andrew Taylor

Chair, Miller Park Neighborhood Association