Madison Temple Project at 2216 E. Madison

Notes from the May 2001 Miller Park Neighborhood Association Meeting 

Project Manager: Robert Taylor, (206) 830-0219
DCLU planner: Lisa Rutzik (206) 386-9049
Project #: 9806189
Written comments may be submitted through: May 16, 2001 (write in, even if you missed that deadline - the announcements mailed by DCLU say that comments will up accepted until they make a decision)

Architects:Paul Rust Inc.

Plan is for a very retro-looking 85' building, with 91 rental apartments on 7 floors above a commercial level of 3 - 4 shops along Madison. Building will parallel Madison and hence stay as far as possible away from the houses on 22nd and will preserve the two large elm trees on the property line with the house on 22nd just North of the site.

Housing: 42 one-bedroom units of ~ 600 square feet plus deck, 49 two-bedroom units of 935 square feet plus deck. All decks will be 6' deep. The "Madison Development Company" will own the property. 50% of the roof will be a landscaped deck with tremendous views! Initial plan is for market-rate housing. They may take advantage of the Property Tax Exemption Program for multifamily housing, if it is implemented in time for the project, to provide some mid/low (60 - 80% median) income housing.

Parking: 119 parking spaces. 3 levels of underground parking accessed from Madison. Cars leaving on Madison will only be able to turn right? Neighborhood concern about increased traffic on 22nd from people wanting to go East on Madison and hence going round the block. Small parking area (~ 25 cars) for retail customers will lead off 22nd and will be gated at night. 6 parking spaces lost due to the tree preservation.

Timeline: Master Use Permit submitted in April. Second Design Review Hearing probably in June (will a project this size warrant a third meeting?). Plan to break ground in October, to get excavation done this fall. Expect 13 month construction period. Discussion of storing dirt on properties owned by Madison Temple on 22nd and perhaps rehabbing their old house there as construction headquarters.

General plan: build to property line (as allowed by building code) for first 12' above ground, except for the elm trees. Blank wall along 22nd will be punctuated with grille for parking garage ventilation: discussion of ornamental grates to enliven the wall. Above the street level (on top of the stores) will be a landscaped roof terrace accessible from the 1st level units and from a stairway (with security gate) in the NE corner of the property (between this building and Elizabeth James House, a CHHIP building on 23rd Ave E.)

The property slopes down modestly from 22nd to 23rd. Retail stores will follow the slope. on the 23rd Avenue end the space above the store and below the apartments will be used as a multipurpose room.

At the time of the presentation the triangle of land between 22nd and Madison, on the SW corner, was owned by Chester Dorsey and was unavailable for development. There was discussion of the handling of the wall next to the triangle. It now appears (based on developments revealed at the Design Hearing for Tom Lee's project across Madison) that the 'triangle' might become available.