Public Meeting to Discuss Dean Falls' plans for his E. Madison Street properties

(and subsequent correspondence)

held Sept. 26, 2000 at Planned Parenthood, 2001 E. Madison

(Go here for a pithy introduction to the issue and HERE to read Councilmember Conlin's letter to Dean Falls)

A flyer was distributed, by the Miller Park Neighborhood Association, in the neighborhood north of Madison, to remind people of the issues and to inform them of the meeting. Information on the reverse of the flyer was based on the Miller Park Neighborhood Association testimony to a City Council hearing during the neighborhood planning process in 1998.

The meeting was chaired by Councilmember Richard Conlin who, as he had indicated in his letter, acted as a moderator, and not in a legislative capacity. About 50 people attended the ~ 2 hour meeting.

Mr. Falls and his builder (Barry Lamb) showed a picture of their proposed development, and presented a letter from Sclater Partners Architects which reported on the advantages of developing the site to a higher density. More recently Mr. Falls has sent me these thoughts for this web page.

As there were personal attacks on me (Andrew Taylor) and on the Miller Park Neighborhood Association at the meeting, I will attempt to refrain from further comment, but will present here the views of others about our meeting. (I believe that these several opinions capture the flavor of the discussion).

1) John Jeannot eloquently captured the views of many present at the meeting.

2) Such views were not universal: Scott Mills consulted his neighbors and then circulated this report to them.

3) Karen McHegg disagreed with some of Scott's views and presented these thoughts.

Taken together, one gets the impression that a majority of those present favored any zoning changes that would maximize Mr. Falls' opportunity to develop his properties, but that a significant minority of those present present favored the NC-40 plan (or no change in zoning) to minimize impact on the neighborhood.

Several people also wrote to Councilmember Conlin after the meeting. Here are copies of letters that I have received (and the Councilmember's replies):

1) From Scott Mills

2) From another neighbor (who requested to remain anonymous for professional reasons).

3) From Catherine  Magdalena who lives one house away from the proposed development.

I welcome YOUR thoughts on this important issue (or on anything else on the site) and copies of any letters you may have submitted to Councilmember Conlin.

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Names, E-mail addresses, are optional.

Many thanks to Planned Parenthood for hosting the meeting.

HERE is Councilmember Conlin's official response to Mr. Falls, suggesting a rezone to 65 feet but pointing out that the vacation of the alley would have to be a separate process, and Dean Falls E-mail.