Dear Mr. Conlin:

Thank you very much for chairing the meeting.  I felt frustrated that once
again, there wasn't time for each to say all that they may have wanted to
say, and that we have not yet gotten beyond belittling and at least subtle
charges of racism.  I am not opposed to Mr. Falls receiving what he is
legally entitled to receive.  He purchased his property well aware of the
zoning.  I might favor mitigating a little--perhaps by vacating the alley.
I might favor some slight changes in zoning, such as the neighborhood has
already proposed.  I don't favor a rezone to 65 feet on the entire block.  I
don't favor an upzone to 85 feet.  Admittedly, the City Council 14 years ago
made an attempt to upzone for good intentions.  That, in retrospect, did not
have the desired effect.  It should not set a precedent for additional
upzoning, increasing density and decreasing sunlight for the neighborhood.
It concerns me that Mr. Falls want to consider upzoning so that there may be
a huge monument to himself, at the expense of the neighborhood.  Mr. Falls
admits that he no longer lives most of the time in this country, let alone
in our neighborhood.   He is, of course,  welcome to spend his money as he
pleases, and to live where he wishes.  The level of his contributions to the
neighborhood seems to be a matter of dispute and perspective.  He deserves
to earn a fair profit on his investment.  He does not have a right to
develop an unsightly, out of scale building in our neighborhood.

Very truly yours,