The "Fratelli's" Redevelopment


from notes taken by Andrew Taylor at the March 21st Design Review Hearing and the April 4th Miller Park Neighborhood Association meeting.19th & Madison site (DCLU map)

Development by Val Thomas Inc. Architect is Sam Cameron of Streeter and Associates. Streeter and Associates were the original architects for (proposed) Madison Temple project at 22nd & Madison. They designed McKinney Manor, the Mt. Zion senior housing building on Madison.

The plan: ~ 140 housing units above 7,000 sq. ft of commercial space. Contemplating high ceilings ( 9 1/2 feet ?: lofts, perhaps) in the housing: undecided about condos. vs. rentals. Actively investigating (with Office of Housing) some affordable units: 80% of median income.

Parking: 200+ parking spaces (more than required by housing code): mostly in 2 levels of underground parking, to be accessed off 19th. 15 - 20 surface parking spaces, at the 2 ends of the building (for retail customers). Val suggested that a 12' parking garage entrance would be adequate and would make for a better building than the 22' entrance required by the building code. 35 - 40 spaces to be accessed off Madison, the rest off 19th. [Code requires 1.25 parking spaces/unit and 1 per 350 sq. feet of retail, with the first 2500 sq. feet exempt: 140 units and 7000 sq. ft = 175 + 13 = 188 spaces]. Note from Val: "The code requirements for parking allow for a significant reduction for  joint use between residential and commercial uses that would lower the combined total requirement.  We do not anticipate using such a reduction."

The site: 38,000 square feet (3/4 acre) with 200' of sidewalk on 19th and on Madison, with a 17' slope on the Madison frontage (19th is ~ flat). The code requires 80% of each street front to be retail: they suggest that 70% of the combined frontage. Val points out that the busy, sloping Madison frontage is not well suited to retail: he requests a design departure to allow most of the retail on 19th, with a bit wrapped round the corner onto Madison. The storefronts would be deeper than typical, to compensate for the lack of stores on Madison.

Lot coverage: no setbacks required for the west and north property lines. 2' setback from rear alley(?). Val proposes a 25 - 30' setback from the office buildings to the west (on Madison) and a 40 - 45' setback from the single-family houses to the north (on Howell). Open space to be provided by a plaza in the rear, decks for the apartments and a roof terrace: 62 - 64% lot coverage. The alley is an environmentally sensitive area and DCLU won't require it to be developed.

The buildings: somewhat separate buildings on Madison and 19th, joined by a signature "hinge" on the corner. Wings on the ends (near the north and west property lines) enclosing a plaza at the rear. Looking from 19th, you'd see 5 levels of housing above retail, with the two levels of parking behind the retail. Residents on Howell suggested swapping the plaza and the "wing" near their properties, to provide them with more air and light.

Assorted: hope to start building in 8 - 9 months. Val would like the cow mural to be remembered in some way in the new building.