At the request of some participants at the July 16th Zoning hearing , I am forwarding a letter, for you to sign (edit it if you wish) and mail to DCLU, should you so desire.
Thanks, Andrew Taylor, Chair, Miller Park Neighborhood Association
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Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001

We discussed the issue of the 85' building slated for the north side of Madison Street between 23rd and 22nd. Since the building is still in the land use permitting process and there is still an opportunity to be heard, the residents of this neighborhood can comment. A basic letter is provided for anyone who is interested, although I would encourage people to add their own comments or write their own letter. Please forward this information to your mailing list. The letter is listed below.

Colleen Cooke & Will Johnstone

Jory Phillips July 16, 2001
Land Use Planning & Development Analyst
Department of Design, Construction and Land Use
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2000
Seattle, WA 98104-5070

Dear Jory:

As residents of this neighborhood, we support thoughtful urban development. The Madison corridor is obviously ripe for development as it is a major east-west arterial street with many underdeveloped commercial parcels. The Madison corridor is also already well populated by residences. Thesecircumstances lead to opportunities, for both residential and commercial interests. And although there are many differences of opinion, commercial and residential property owners have the same basic goals-creating neighborhoods where people want to be.

We fully support the recommendation of the East Madison Business District Land Use Analysis to change the height restrictions from its current 85 feet to 65 feet on the north side of East Madison Street between 23rd and 21st Avenues (Area 2 designation of NC3-85 to NC3-65).

In closing, we welcome commercial development, as it will enhance the neighborhood we live in. We also strongly believe that creating and maintaining neighborhoods can only occur when public, private and commercial interests are all taken into consideration. Please share this letter with your planning and zoning department leaders.