Subject: Council vote on Monday Dec 3rd on CB 113864 (Madison-Miller

Dear Councilmember,

At their November 27th meeting, the Neighborhoods (etc) Committee voted on
CB 113864 (Madison-Miller Rezoning) and you will vote on it next Monday.

The Committee was divided on one provision and sent you a Divided Report
on it. The issue is the extent of the rezoning of "Area 3", a portion of
the multifamily (L3 zoned) neighborhood just north of Madison. The
original proposal (which we discussed at a July public meeting: see, in which it is
desgnated area 3a) was to upzone a _narrow_ strip of property to L4, to
provide a height transition between the NC3-65 property on Madison and the
rest of the (L3) neighborhood.

Since that public meeting DCLU expanded the proposed L4 rezone to include
most of the L3 part of the neighborhood (see

Our neighborhood suppports the more limited rezone but not the more
extensive one:

a) the limited rezone achieves the desired buffering effect

b) the more extensive rezone brings extra un-needed density to our
neighborhood which is already exceeding its planned growth rate.
See and also see pages 6
and 6 of the DCLU report:

An additional 600 housing units are coming to our neighborhood! We need no

Councilmember Licata supported the more limited rezone at the Committee
meeting. Please support him (and us) in the Council vote.

We were also disturbed by another change in the proposal between the July
meeting and the final version.

In the July version it was proposed to upzone a portion of Dean Falls
property (area 4a) from L3 to NC2-40, to allow redevelopment of his whole
parcel. This reasonable proposal emerged from the neighborhood planning
process and was supported by our neighborhood.

In the present proposal, area 4a is upzoned to NC3-65.

This extra upzoning is un-necessary for the redevelopment : there is an
excellent example in our neighborhood of a successful development of a
mixed NC3/NC2 property. See:

The 65' development would be immediately across the street from 3 smaller
buildings (two recently built apartment buildings, a recently rehabbed
CHHIP low income building) and would cast an objectionable shadow on them:

I would therefore urge you to support the rezoning of Area 4a to NC2-40,
but not to NC3-65.

(Our involvement in this process is summarized at:

I'd be happy to talk (or meet) with you about this rather complex

Apologies for the short notice, but the Committee meeting only just


Andrew Taylor
Chair, Miller Park Neighborhood Association
501 - 19th Ave. E.
Seattle WA 98112
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