Miller - Madison Neighbors met with Mayor Nickels

The meeting schedule

Meeting Report by Liz Ellis

Tangible results!

(see this June 12th Capitol Hill Times article for a report on the meeting).

7 PM Andrew Taylor welcomed the Mayor and meeting attendees, laid out the ground rules:

7:03 - Opening remarks by Mayor Greg Nickels (photo)

7:10 - Topic 1: Park Neglect
Two Minute overview: Andy Haas: (and a photo)
Playfield Lighting
Ron K. Bills Fountain: a plea by Rene Soulard (and a photo)
No consistency in Maintenance with City's environmental policies: Liz Ellis (here's a photo)

7: 20 - Topic 2: Traffic Improvements, Need for Traffic Study
Two Minute Overview: Rene Soulard (here's his letter to the Mayor, and another photo)
Safety concerns at 19th & Republican (Mimi Krsak)
Safety concerns at 23rd & Thomas (Bill Parsons)
Rapid growth is impacting traffic patterns and safety
Need to work with Seattle Transportation to address specific concerns and create a plan that looks at all concerns comprehensively.

7:30 - Topic 3: Crime on Madison
Two Minute Overview: Julianne Andersen (here are her letter, her notes and a photo)
Neighborhood supports SPD
Madison drug sales, prostitution, burglary, assaults, open drinking, graffiti
Proximity to school

7: 40- Topic 4: General Issues (i.e. anything else) starting with a:
Two Minute Overview on Housing: Julie Renick

7:50 Fifteen Minutes for Mayor & City Staff Response (another photo)

8:05 PM State Representative Ed Murray talked about the State's redistricting plans, which will move those of us north of Madison back into his area (the 43rd District). Questions? Contact his Seattle aide Mark Rupp (206.720.3074)

Summary of Mayor Nickels meeting with Miller-Madison, Capitol Hill neighbors

Apologies from Liz Ellis, scribe, for any misrepresentations of those who spoke.
June 6, 2002

Mayor Nickels opening statement:

It's been an exciting 5 months and now priorities are being put into action.

1. Public Safety. The Mayor is confident with the Police Chief's ability to lead the city. Mayor Nickels has been meeting with staff to keep the communication doors open. He has been having dinner with Seattle Fire Department staff once a month to identify what resources they need to take care of the city.

2. Hired a new Director for Seattle Transportation, Grace Crunican. SeaTran's name has been changed to SDOT (Seattle Department of Transportation) to reflect a newly organized department that will be better able to be a leader at the state, regional, and county levels and one that will be more responsive to Seattle's citizens.

3. Hired a new Director for the Department of Neighborhoods, Yvonne Sanchez.

4. As a candidate, he forecast tough budget times and the budget is bad. Seattle is dependent on a thriving economy and this year, the City faces a 50-60 Million dollar shortfall in General Funds (9 percent of the Cities budget).

Andy Haas Opening Statement of concerns regarding playfield lighting. (See Link)

Rene Soulard Statement of concerns about the Ron K Bills Fountain being rarely turned on. (See Link)

Liz Ellis expressed frustration with Park staff who have insisted on keeping, but not maintaining a messy planting of ivy and other invasive plants at the Miller Community Center. The landscape should serve as a good example of what the City states should represent Best Management Practices.

Mimi Krsak said that when the Community Center was built, the curb was too low and the road has settled. On rainy days, a huge puddle forms which both covers part of the sidewalk and seeps into the building, causing damage to the gym floor.

Rene Soulard presented and overview of traffic and pedestrian safety concerns and requested a neighborhood traffic study be conducted by SDOT. (See Link)

A neighbor comments on the meeting: "It was inclusive, open-minded, and yet still under control. It reminded me somewhat of the Town Meetings that I used to attend when I was in graduate school back in Boston. Lively, stimulating, passionate and very supportive toward building a stronger community."

Tangible Results

(From Parks Dept)The Advisory Council discussed operation of the fountain from now until summer.

Our proposal is to have at least the central bubbler on:
Mon-Fri 9am-10:30am and 12:30 -8 pm (off when the kids have lunch)
Sat and Sun 9am-8 pm. (On warmer weekends, the entire fountain)
The operation would be controlled by timers.

Summer hours will be 10am- 9 pm, seven days a week for the main jets and 8:30am to 9pm for the central bubbler jet. This will also be controlled by timers.