(Submitted by "angel", via the web report form)




if you folks could please stop scaring the heck outofyourselfs. please. i'm not white nor black. i walk that area all the time. and are you afraid to walk on broadway on capital hill. what about the park on queen ann hill, where mugging and killings have taken place. the east side is a very dangerous place. right where all the rich folks are. please stop your sterotypical behavior toward areas that are more frequented by black americans. its the same old jim crow tactics. white folks need to wake up and smell the coffee, we aren't going and yet you are afraid to live amounst us and near us. it time you try to amend all of your outrageouses behavior for you are being mislead by a few hate mongers that is causing domestic terrorism .this is found in small groups such as you belongs to, that is being misquoted by the radical behavior of the city of seattle, officals, law enforcement, dclu and other agencies that have other ideas of profiting from the act of domestic terror!
ism from the american blacks and american indians. a form of terrorism is weed and seed and reviltalazion and you are the terrorist.
the police dept. and local supporteres of the police terrorists policy and tactics are the reason the hate momgers are all out at miller community. support your local terrorists group at miller community ctr. South Seattle Crime Comm. is another extension of your terrorist cell.
Andrew, don't delete this please. you and all of your followers need to read this. and give very much consideration to what is happening in america.