(as circulated to Miller E-mail list, 7/25/04)

Thank you for the recent reports you've all sent to the Miller website:


I was struck that, despite all that Captain Meehan and the East Precinct are doing for us, the conditions in the Madison corridor are as bad as ever.

I wrote to Councilmember Licata, chair of the Council,s Public Safety, Civil Rights & Arts Committee to express my continuing concerns.Lisa Herbold in Nick Licata,s office ( see http://home.jps.net/~tayles/Public_Safety/herbold.html) pointed out "the Council's authority is limited to policy and budget.

Please WRITE AGAIN to City Council to remind them that we need MORE Police protection in our neighborhood and that they NEED to include money for those Officers in the budget that they are working on. You might also suggest that funds for a Public Servies outreach worker for our neighborhood (like the one on Broadway) would be a great idea.

City Councilmember contact info:E-mail firstname.lastname@seattle.gov
US Mail: City Hall, 600 4th Avenue Fl 2, PO Box 34025, Seattle, WA 98124-4025.
Jan Drago, Council President,
Jim Compton,
Richard Conlin,
David Della, Vice-Chair, Public Safety Committee
Jean Godden
Nick Licata, Chair, Public Safety Committee
Richard McIver
Tom Rasmussen
Peter Steinbrueck, Member, Public Safety Committee
(and they,re all members of the Budget Committee!)
or see http://seattle.gov/council/councilcontact.htm

Thank you for writing to City Council.

Please consider:
a) sending me a copy of your letter and giving me permission to put it on the website
b) send in your public safety reports: http://home.jps.net/~tayles/form.html

A Miller neighbor's letter to City Council


Dear Seattle City Council Members,

I am a new (5 months) resident to the Miller Park neighborhood, and am
writing to express solidarity with the Miller Park Neighborhood
Association's efforts to increase public safety in this area, most
particularly in and around the intersection of 20th Ave E. & E. Madison St.
(read Deano's Grocery and Lounge).

There is a parking space directly across the street from Deano's reserved
for police cars. Given the ongoing problems of drug dealing, prostitution,
and violence RIGHT THERE, I don't think having a police car and four
officers parked there 24 hours/day would be inappropriate (please see
http://home.jps.net/~tayles/Public_Safety/reports.html for accounts by local
residents). I understand, however, that that is not feasible with the number
of officers assigned to the East Precinct, which leads me to the main

As I'm sure you know, the Miller Park neighborhood is about to change
dramatically -- Over 1/2 billion dollars in development is happening in this
With that is going to come a large population increase, and corresponding
property and sales tax revenues. I URGE YOU TO BUDGET FOR OUR PROTECTION

Personally I would advocate for bicycle patrols. Being an avid cyclist I
know how much more one sees outside of a car. I know one was planned for our
area until funding was cut. It would be an excellent addition to the police
presence here -- I ask you to please find the funding for a bicycle patrol
in our neighborhood. A community outreach worker, such as the one employed
on Broadway, would be another outstanding addition -- the dealers and
prostitutes certainly aren't just going to evaporate into thin air when
Deano,s closes, they need social services that provide and a way out of that
scene, not just more jail time.

Finally, I must compliment the SPD East Precinct officers on their
continuing efforts in this area. I attended a neighborhood association
meeting last May with three SPD officers in attendance -- they were friendly
and genuinely wanted to help us clean up our neighborhood and make it a safe
place to live. I ask that you help them help us by budgeting for the
resources they need and in accordance with the rapid growth of this



Kenneth Hillyer
100 block 24th Ave. E.
Seattle, 98112

Councilmember Conlin's reply

Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2004 15:14:07 -0700

We have to set priorities in order to have the funds even potentially
available to address these kinds of pressing issues in the community. I
will continue to work on putting those priorities into action, and I am
very aware of the issues in your neighborhood.

Councilmember Richard Conlin

Another neighbor's letter to City Council


Greetings Council members

I am writing to once again ask that the Council please keep in mind the
inadequate public safety resources the City of Seattle has. It seems that
any event in the City -- SeaFair -- protest marches -- the University area
melee on that Saturday night -- takes all the police resources that are
available, leaving the rest of the City extremely vulnerable. What will
happen in the event of a catastrophic event (earthquake, etc.) or terrorism?
We do not have enough police officers as it is -- let alone add those into
the equation. I was extremely pleased to see that Police Chief Gil
Kerlikowske publicly acknowledged the fact (one that has been long known by
citizens) that we are extremely short of officers -- and even more so are we
vulnerable if a major disaster occurs.

Summer is here and once again Capitol Hill is awash with street people.
Public, visible use of drugs has increased dramatically. Drug sales
continue on most street corners along Broadway! It is as our Community
prophesized to the Council and the Mayor last year -- come summer, it will
once again be Crime Central on Capitol Hill. This year the street people
seem more hardened -- numerous muggings and purse snatchings have been going
on in the Miller Park area -- as well as knifing and use of weapons seems to
be on the rise this summer.

All over Capitol Hill things are getting worse, despite the best efforts of
our new East Precinct Captain Meehan, who is doing a great job with the
limited resources the City Council and Mayor provide.

How long will this continue? We are the densest area of Seattle yet it
seems we are continuously the most forgotten area. Our neighborhood, as
well as many other neighborhoods throughout the entire City, are in dire
need of more police officers -- to beef up the gang unit, the patrols, man
more bike squads -- the list goes on.

I know just more police is not the total solution. We also need more human
services to facilitate removing these people from the street and getting
them into housing, rehab for alcohol and drug addictions and in jail for
crimes committed (and not a 24 hr revolving door as has been happening) and
hopefully while there they will take advantage of programs to become a
contributing (or at least self sustaining) member of the community.

Please seriously consider public safety and related human services and plan
the 2005 budget accordingly so that Seattle can provide the adequate public
safety a city this size should make available to its citizens and taxpayers.
We should not have to live imprisoned within our homes -- we are not the

Catherine Brumbaugh

PS -- good job on not supporting the trolley to Lake Union area Mr. Conlin.
I ask the entire Council to please not vote for the trolley -- we Seattle
taxpayers should not have to fund that street car -- it benefits too few at
a cost to too many.

Councilmember Licata's reply


Thank you for taking the time to write and describe the situation. You
are right the City needs to address these major public safety issues in
a manner that is lasting and gets results. I'm hoping that the Council
can work with the Mayor to accomplish such an approach come this budget.

Another neighbor writes to the Council


Jan Drago, Council President

City Hall,

600 4th Avenue

PO Box 34025,

Seattle, WA 98124-4025.
Dear Councilmember Drago,
Hello again from Miller Park and the Central District, I am writing to you regarding our on-going problem ­ Public Safety.

Specifically, I'm writing in support of a new idea ­ A Levy. It appears that the Central District and Capital Hill need to demand some attention in order to deal with the public safety issues in our neighborhoods.

As a Council, some of you voted in favor of a bike patrols in 2003. We appreciated that effort; however, in 2004 you cut the money for other stuff. That was bad.

Now we need to consider new revenue sources, as I grow weary of drug dealers parking in front of my house, gunshots at night (Just last week!), and general rising crime.

The harm created by social problems like drug and alcohol addiction are multi-dimensional and require a diversified approach. Money for police alone is only marginally effective. A successful approach will involve money for police AND relevant social services.

A public safety levy is being proposed by Councilmember Licata ­ Please support this idea ­ I will vote to tax myself!!! This should not supplant existing funding for these services but support the needed police and social services that are desperately needed in our City ­ the City that we asked you to take care of when you came into Office!

Thank you for your time and we hope your support on this vital issue.
Michael Booth

1644 21st Ave

Seattle, WA 98122

Yet another neighbor writes to the Council

Dear Councilperson,
I am writing a brief letter to request additional city funding for police, public safety workers, and outreach services to the Madison/ Miller Park Corridor. I have lived in the immediate area for 2 years (although I wa a resident of neighborhoods nearby in the past).

WE NEED HELP! I really long for the day when I can come home or be home and fell safe. The absolute only time when illegal activities (drug dealing, prostitution, shootings, harrassment) subsides, is when the police are in the area.

Our police are an outstanding force. I have seen them treat some of the roughest, most messed up people with outstanding respect. I ask that you as a member of the council to please respect our police force and give them the proper funding. WE need funding and additional police and public safety workers. I sleep when police are in the area. I wake up when they are not. I, too want more social services for those of our society which are left behind. Yet I also want to feel safe coming and going from my house. It is essential that public safety remain a concern and that the city council fund elements that support that safety.

(Andrew Taylor's letter to City Councilmembers : 7/27/04)

I write to implore you to fund more Police Officers for problem areas in our City.

We were all very grateful, in the Miller neighborhood, when City Council found funds in this year's budget for an East Precinct bike patrol, and were were very disappointed when the funds were eliminated.

Since then the East Precinct has benefited from the appointment of our vigorous, innovative new Commander, Captain Mike Meehan.

Captain Meehan kindly spent an entire evening touring our neighborhood, visiting the "hotspots" and offering advice:


A few weeks after his visit I queried the neighborhood, to see if the efforts he was bringing to bear on the issues were having any effect. I was also eager to see if East Precinct Lt. John Hayes' weekly efforts to bring public service providers to the Madison corridor loiterers was having any effect.

I have added the many reports I received from the neighborhood to our ongoing log of neighborhood public safety problems:


I was struck that, despite all that Captain Meehan, Lt. Hayes and the East Precinct are doing for us, the conditions in the Madison corridor are as bad as ever.

Captain Meehan noted that arresting the petty criminals on Madison has little long-tem effect on the problems there. It is however obvious, to anyone touring the area on a regular basis, that the presence of Officers in the area is the only ting that brings any peace to the area, which is otherwise the scene of constant fights, drug-deals, prostitution and only too frequent gunfire.

I write to URGE YOU to fund more Police Officers for these and other troubled areas in our City. The law-abiding majority in the area deserve the peace this will bring. Without increased patrols we are all afraid that the urban revitalization in our area [and all its attendant new tax revenues] will fail, leaving us in the sorry situation in which we now live.

Councilmember Compton and City Attorney Carr have toured the neighborhood with us: http://home.jps.net/~tayles/Public_Safety/index.htm#blockwatch

We'd happily accompany you on a similar tour.

Please budget more Police Officers for us.

Thank you.


Andrew Taylor

Councilmember Compton's reply


It is always good to hear from you. You are a tireless advocate for the
Miller Park neighborhood, and I appreciate your regular contacts and
efforts. You are smart to get a jump on budget comments, and I will be
sure to examine the Police Department budget proposal when it comes to
the Council in late September. Thanks again for such a thoughtful note,
and I'll be sure to keep in touch as the budget process ramps up.


Councilmember Conlin's reply

Thanks for the message, Andrew. We will continue to work on this issue,
and I hope that the continued redevelopment in this area will also have
a positive effect.

Councilmember Richard Conlin