Judy de Mello
Records, Evidence and Identification Section


Dear Capt. de Mello

Liquor License Renewals for month of June 2001

I circulated the list of license renewals in our immediate vicinity, via an E-mail list. Here is a compilation of responses. I encouraged the writers to write directly to you, so these may duplicate something you have already received.

1) Polish Home Association, 1714- 18th Ave E., license # 367014

Letter #1:
The greatest concern about the Polish House is the parking during
special events. People park illegally in the alley and take up
all the street parking. It occurs only about 2-4 times a month.
They have had sewer problems in the past (raw sewage running down
the alley), but we and they have acted on it when it happens.
Also, because the alley is not paved, property owners are
supposed to do upkeep on the alley, and they do not do any upkeep
to the alley below their lot. Every summer we have to chase off
and clean after homeless people who live there and leave their
trash there. (This was a similar comment by my neighbors at the
meeting who observe illicit activity in the parking lot from the
back of their home).

Overall, Tom and I think it's a good thing and have no problem
with the license - we've observed Ethiopian weddings, Polish
holiday craft shows and everything in between, so we think it's
an asset that celebrates the diversity of the neighborhood.

Letter #2: Andrew, for whatever it's worth, prior to my life here on 22nd, I
lived up on 18th (& Howell) for 5 years, and the "Polski Dome"
(which was basically right across the street) was a never-ending,
hellish frustration in the Summers when they were booked
constantly. Whomever runs the place over-books it with no regard
for the parking and noise impact on the neighborhood when 500+
revelers hit the scene. Of course, we weren't all that
organized, but some of the neighbors did write letters and go
over and talk to them, all to no avail.

Letter #3: dear andrew: thank you for alerting us to our opportunity to
protest renewal of the polish home's liquor license. we don't
object to their serving a beer on Friday nights when they serve
meals. however, they rent out their space to other organization
that carry on with loud people and loud music way into the
morning. we end up calling the police routinely. does the polish
home need a banquet license for groups to drink on their
premises? would you know?

2) Deano's Market, 2040 E. Madison Street, License # 369733

Letter #1:
I would like to write a letter regarding Deano's. Every night
many drunk and noisy people walk or drive very fast heading south
on 22nd. Several cars on the street have been side-swiped
repeatedly--Not mine but a close friend of mine who was staying
at my house costing her 1,000 in damage. Then these people drop
their garbage, empty beer bottles, etc. You get the picture.
Deano's is obviously a problem spot.

Letter #2: Do we really need to reiterate the glaringly obvious problems
with Deano's? Ok, no even basic consideration towards
cleanliness, encouraging the clientele to MOVE ON, or towards
perhaps just general changing the nature of that nightmare that
is the center of most (if not all) of our serious problems around

Letter #3:

Re: Liquor license renewal request for Deano's Market, 2040 E.

Dear people,

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the liquor license
renewal request of Deano's Market. My family lives at 1811 20th
Ave., one and one-half blocks away from the store. Public
drunkenness, litter and public health dangers in my neighborhood
motivate me to speak against the liquor license renewal.

Public drunkenness is audible and visible from our home. The
corner of 20th and Denny is the location of frequent loud
arguments and shoving matches. Intoxicated individuals and
groups walk past my house on 20th, littering properties and
intimidating residents and customers of the Mexican restaurant.
On one occasion, a guest in my home was rudely accosted outside
our front gate, and on two occ asions, guests of mine have had
their cars vandalized.

The alley behind my house, with open access at Denny Way, is
filled with beer cans and liquor bottles. Unfortunately, we also
find used condoms on a regular basis. On two very unpleasant
occasions, we have had to remove large deposits of human
feces/diarrhea from the back of our property. We are acutely
aware of the public health risk of disposing of used condoms and
human feces. On three occasions I have called the police
department to report illegal activity in the al ley and to
request increased patrols.

We do not believe that residents of our neighborhood are using
the alley for lit ter disposal, sex or defecation. Rather,
people come from outside our neighborh ood to purchase alcohol,
drugs or sex, and use the alley because they are intoxi cated,
have lost common sense judgment, and have nowhere else to go at
the moment.

If Deanos loses its liquor license, public drunkenness in our
neighborhood wil l probably decline sharply. We may not
eliminate problems from drug use and pro stitution, but we will
be moving forward in the overall neighborhood goal of cle aning
up our area and leaving its streets primarily for the residents
instead of drunken transients.


Yours sincerely,

Andrew Taylor
Chair, Miller Park Neighborhood Association