From: Andrew Taylor <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2004 8:44 PM
To: <>, Lisa Herbold
Subject: Public Safety Problems getting worse in Miller Park
Priority: Normal

Belated thanks for attending the Miller Park meeting in May:


We also thank Captain Meehan, new commander of the East Precinct for taking the time (3 hours!) to tour our neighborhood, listen to neighbors' concerns, and to offer his advice. For pictures see:

However, since then things seem to have continued to get worse. I recently asked the neighborhood E-mail list for their impressions of how things are going, and got quite an earful (OK an inbox-full)

Their comments are posted in the reports section of our website, which contains 18 recent reports on problems in the neighborhood:


A neighbor stopped by tonight to note that he's seeing problems on our block (2000 Block E. John) and in the Park, something we haven't seen for many years.

I can also report that a (presumed) prostitute knocked on my car window and offered her services while I was stopped at 21st & Denny last week.

Please do what you can to bring some relief to our besieged neighborhood.


Andrew Taylor
Chair, Miller Park Neighborhood Association
330 - 19th Ave E. (206) 323-5929 (home)
Seattle WA 98112 (206) 667-4431 (work)

From: "Lisa Herbold" <Lisa.Herbold@Seattle.Gov>
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 12:19:21 -0700
To: <>,"Nick Licata" <Nick.Licata@Seattle.Gov>
Subject: Re: Public Safety Problems getting worse in Miller Park

I'll check out your site and the feedback provided by your neighbors. Not to "pass the buck" Andrew, but my question is, what was the outcome of your meeting with Capt. Meehan? Nick's ability to affect a change is much more limited that SPD's. As you know, the Council's authority is limited to policy and budget. We can always try to do more of the "squeaky wheel," routine, but what are we asking for?

Hang in there...Lisa

From: Andrew Taylor <>
Sent: Jul 23, 2004 1:53 PM
To: Lisa Herbold <Lisa.Herbold@Seattle.Gov>

What we're asking for is MORE Police presence, as well as social services to help the people hanging out on Madison.
Lt. Hayes has been offering weekly meetings there with social service entities: his candid opinion is that the hardcore people on the street will not be helped, but that those "on the edges" may respond to help.

Captain Meehan's message ( was that he had very few tools to solve the problems: those arrested are soon released, not tried for many months and then rarely incarcerated for long [and they of course know that]. He listened and offered advice.

Nonetheless the activities on Madison continue unabated. There have been shootings, and killings, in the past. Shootings continue on a regular basis. No bystanders or residents have yet been killed, though that can only be a matter of time. Recall that a neighborhood resident was wounded, several years ago, by a gunshot from a street fight entering his house.

I notice no overall decrease in street pushers/hookers. I do notice less activity when Officers are actually present.

SO the only solution I see to our immediate public safety concerns is increased police presence. That can only come with MORE Officers. That's what we asked fo this Spring and didn't get. That's what we still need. As before, I note how inexpensive street outreach workers are, compared to sworn Officers. Clearly someone like Randy Nelson (the Capitol Hill outreach worker) for the Madsion corridor should be part of a long-term solution.

Yes, there's a recession and no money. But note the Miller report from someone ready to up and leave. We need to invest in Officers NOW to stop people fleeing the neighborhood (along with their tax revenues!). I'm hopeful that the redevelopment on Madison will help revitalize the area, but I am very concerned that it may founder if it is not bolstered with (short term) increased Police presence.

IN BRIEF: I'm asking for a policy and budget to increase Police personnel in the problem areas of the East Precinct, to protect both the fragile economy of the area and the lives of the present residents.

(Nobody's going to die in the Lake Union area for lack of a streetcar!)