Miller Park Neighborhood Association Position on Madison Street Issues, 9/10/02


We have long-standing concernsabout the problems arising from the 2000 block of East Madison Street, which are well documented and (hopefully) understandable.
In regards to the legal actions being undertaken towards objecting to Deano's Cafe & Lounge liquor license renewal, our
position is that, if Deano's has failed to meet their obligations in regards to their licence and by extension their obligations
towards conducting a safe and legimate business, then the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) and the City of Seattle have a duty to pursue this action.

Our primary concerns are about the safety of our neighborhood, and we look to the WSLCB, the City Attorney's Office, and the Seattle Police Department (SPD) to legally and sensibly take any actions towards that end.

Here are some links from the Miller website ( ) which may fill you in on our activities and concerns.

1) Our major concern is that of the public safety issues that seem to emanate from the crowds that gather on/around Madison every day (and particularly late at night). This compilation of reports, sent in by neighbors, gives some of the flavor of the impacts on our lives:

2) The Public Safety page ( ) includes
other letters and reports, and details of the Neighborhood Walks organized by Wes Brewton [manager of an apartment building at 20th & Denny] as an attempt to 'take back the streets'. See link on that page to article in The Stranger:

3) Here's what we know about the City's proposed objection to the
license at Deano's Bar and Lounge ( ).

We feel that bars have a "Community" obligation to help control the crowds that they attract, but believe that they have no such legal obligation [one of the items we'd like clarified by the lawyers].

We have been asked to testify about the Deano's situation. (see
). Many of us can testify about the activities we witness on the street & sidewalks, but choose not to frequent the bar or parking lot, and hence cannot testify about the main points of the City's case [as we understand it].

Our perception, as I mentioned, is that Deano's Bar (and Deano's Market, next door) attract the crowds of drug-dealers and
prostitutes whose activities spill into our neighborhood. We believe that they have a "Community" obligation (albeit not a
legal one) to help control those activities. It would appear to us that the crowds of people loitering around the doorways cannot be good for the store and the bar's legitimate activities. We cannot really comment much further, since we the community havecno direct knowledge of the alleged activity, both from having not frequented the establishment, but also as a result of the "Ongoing Investigation" nature of the case.

We the MPNA have many collective years of experience dealing with these myriad "Neighborhood Issues", and have been active and vocal participants in offering solutions and effecting change. What we basically ask in any and all scenarios is that the people that live and work in the neighborhood do so with mutual respect and responsibility.

In summary, we are still trying to understand the details of the City's case. As we've mentioned, it is an "Ongoing
Investigation", and we are carefully following both the WSLCB and the City's actions. Our bottom line: We have a chronic and dangerous crime problem in this neighborhood. We have been proactive in addressing it, and we now look to the WSLCB and the City to pursue actions that are legally warranted and appropriate.

We'd be happy to meet and talk with you as development warrant or towards clarification.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you;

Andrew Taylor, Chairman/MPNA (206) 323-5929 <>

Julianne Andersen/MPNA Board Member