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27 neighborhood reports as of 6/19/06

Monday July 17, 2006, 8 PM, 1600 Block 21st Ave: drug consumption

I was getting our kids ready for bed when I looked out the 2nd story window and saw a woman trespassing in our backyard, which is fenced but open to our shared driveway on one side. I watched her for a minute and saw that she was fiddling with a lighter, apparently trying to get it lit (to smoke crack?). I banged on the window and then yelled; she didn't look up but she did start walking away. My husband confronted her in the driveway near the front of our house. She appeared to throw something in our flower bed before she walked away (but we haven't found the object yet).

I only saw her from the back, but I'd guess she was in her 30s. She was of medium height and build, dark complexion, shortish dark hair (it stuck up but was not an afro). She was wearing a yellow or beige tube top and short shorts.
We're new to the neighborhood (~2 months), and this is the first time we've noticed a problem like this -- we sure hope it's the last!

Later that night, a man walked by in the dark who seemed very busy with his lighter -- definitely more than for a regular cigarette -- so he may have been smoking something illegal too. Maybe we're suddenly more attuned (or paranoid?), or maybe more activity is coming south of Chocolate City for some reason?

I wasn't really sure how to respond, since I didn't see how having a police car come would help, since she was long gone. In retrospect, I should have called 911 right away, which I guess is what I'd do if it happened again. Today (the morning after the incident) I read all these posts and decided it made sense to report it, so I left messages at 684-4370 (the number listed for Officer Tyrone Davis, but it seemed to be just a general Community Police Team mailbox) and 684-4352 (listed as the Community Police Team mailbox, but it seemed to mention a specific woman's name, which I did not catch) as well as Sonja Richter, the Crime Prevention Manager for our area (who's out on vacation for the next week). I reached a real person at the Police Non-Emergency Number (625-5011), but they just said I should have called 911 yesterday and declined to take a report on the incident -- so all my calls were fairly unsatisfying.

Seattle P-I, Friday, June 9, 2006

Man charged with murder in shooting at Deano's club
Witness identifies suspect as killer

A 29-year-old man in prison for drug offenses has been charged with first-degree murder in a fatal shooting last year outside a Seattle nightclub.

King County prosecutors contend that Joslin Jabbar Jimerson shot Keith Raine as the victim sat in a car in the parking lot of Deano's Nightclub on East Madison Street near 21st Avenue.

(see link above for the rest)

From the Capitol Hill Times Police Log, April - June 2006

(The editor of the paper noted that he could fill the Police Log [and indeed the whole paper] every week with reports from the East Madison corridor: he refrains, because it would be too monotonous)

Warrant arrest

Just after 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 7, officers parked on the 2000 block of East Madison Street observed a loud, verbal disturbance occurring nearby. After much arguing among four individuals, two of the men squared off to fight.

Officers stepped in and broke it up. One of the men fled the scene. The second man was identified. A computer check revealed that he was wanted for two Lynnwood warrants for stolen property totaling $6,000.

The man was also carrying a portable DVD player, one he said he had purchased downtown for $40. He told officers he planned to sell the player for drugs.

The man was booked into King County Jail. The DVD player was placed into evidence for safekeeping.


Just after midnight on Thursday, June 1, officers on a routine patrol near the 2000 block of East Madison Street noticed a group of people loitering next to a club known as a haven for drug activity.

Officers particularly noticed a man they knew from previous drug encounters. He was seen handing a woman an unknown item. The woman took the item, walked into the club, then returned a few minutes later. They soon walked away together.

Suspecting that a drug transaction had just taken place, officers approached the man. He agreed to talk to them but appeared nervous. He put his hands in his pockets in a manor that suggested he was about to throw something away or possibly take out a weapon. Officers stopped the man, searched him and discovered a small amount of a rock-like substance that later tested positive for rock cocaine.

The man was thus arrested and booked into King County Jail.

Drugs, auto theft

At 5:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 25, officers on patrol near the 2000 block of East Madison Street were approached by a woman who said her car had just been stolen.

The woman said she was at a nearby party, where she spoke briefly to one of the male guests. Later she learned that the man had taken her car without her permission. The woman said she had consumed a great deal of alcohol at the party and, intending to avoid driving, had put her keys on a table. The man evidently saw the keys, took them and then took her car.

The woman said she was familiar with the area and that the man was likely nearby. She went to look for her car and saw it at a nearby cash machine. But the man sped off before he could be confronted. Then she called police.

The woman provided a detailed description of the suspect as well as her license plate number. Shortly afterward dispatch contacted the officers and reported that the car had been located roughly 20 blocks away. Officers drove to that location and found the car. They also found the suspect sleeping in the driver's seat.

The man was startled to be awakened, also surprised to see the woman whose car he had stolen. Officers recognized him as someone they had arrested in the past for a variety of narcotics incidents. They did not recognize the woman sleeping in the passenger seat; nor did the car's owner.

The man was placed into custody. A search uncovered a glass pipe in the car's backseat. Residue located inside the pipe later tested positive for crack cocaine. The man acknowledged the pipe to be his.

The man was arrested and later booked into King County Jail. The female passenger was released at the scene. The car was returned to its rightful owner.

Drugs, Trespassing

Just before 3:30 p.m. on Friday, May 12, officers on routine patrol stopped in front of a convenience store near the 2000 block of East Madison Street. The neighborhood is well known for a wide variety of chronic criminal activity.

Officers saw several people loitering in a suspicious manner. In particular, they recognized one youth in his mid-teens as someone they knew from several previous drug encounters. Upon seeing the officers, the youth began walking away, soon turning into a nearby nightclub's parking lot, also a location notorious for chronic drug activity. The officers lost sight of him when he left the parking lot.

Moments later a call came in that a youth matching the description of the youth they'd just observed was dealing narcotics by the convenience store. Officers drove around the block and soon found the youth. He was arrested for having trespassed in the store, then searched. The search uncovered a baggie with a rock-like white substance which later tested positive for crack cocaine.

The youth was then booked into the King County Youth Service Center. Charges for trespassing were pending.


Just after 12:30 a.m. Monday, April 17, an officer driving northbound on East Denny Way observed a man unstably walking northbound toward 21st Avenue East. The man fell twice, causing the officer to believe that the man was intoxicated.

As the officer approached, the subject became very agitated and placed his hands under his jacket. When asked if he possessed anything that the officer should be worried about the man said he had drug paraphernalia in a fanny pack around his waist. The man allowed the officer to look at the paraphernalia.

The officer recovered a glass pipe containing a residue that looked like crack cocaine. He arrested the man and conducted a further search that revealed an off-white substance resembling crack cocaine from a cap as well as several off-white substances from the man's left pants pocket and a medicine bottle containing three rock-like substances suspected to be crack cocaine.

The officer conducted field tests identifying the substances as crack cocaine. He also recovered $640 from the suspect's wallet. The officer placed the crack cocaine, money and pipe into evidence.

The suspect was transported to and booked into King County Jail.


Tuesday June 13, 2006, 12:15 AM: 100 block 22nd Ave E; gunshot

About 20 min. of arguing preceded it. We called 911 right after. And I did a follow up call just now to tell them about the argueing.

This is what I learned:

They found nothing. It's now closed. No evidence I was told. When I said 7 calls were made, it was amended to no hard evidence.

We only heard one brief siren about 5 minutes after it happened, but I was told 5-8 officers investigated. And now their investigation is finished. Within I believe 15 min. of the gunshot, on a very busy street, in a residential area known as a hot zone. - It's probably SOP, but I feel a little disappointed.

Saturday June 3, 2006, 5 PM, 100 block 22nd Ave. E: drug consumption

Caucasion male with AfAm female passenger (know to me to frequent cars in the area) pulled up in front of my home while I was in the front yard gardening. The passenger pulled out a crack pipe and started smoking crack. I yelled at them to leave and the driver just laughed. After the passenger was done smoking the crack, they drove off.

Driver is a caucasion male, 25-30 yrs, red hair, clean cut, a little on the heavier side, driving a White Chev Mini-Blazer, WA Lic Plate 808-TQF. If you this guy, tell him his $5 crack-whore isn't worth the trouble she'll bring him.

Monday May 29th, 2006: 300 block 24th Ave E: car theft


Just wanted to let you know that Jean and Scott had their 1992 Acura
Integra 2-dr hatchback stolen Monday night off the street in front of
their house. They live on the 300 block of 24th (corner with the park). They were
sleeping, heard nothing. The car was recovered in such an extreme state
of being stripped down that they had to sell it as salvage. The police
say it was surprising that it didn't show signs of being forced open,
which led Jean to wonder if perhaps this was related to a break-in into
the same car about a month ago.=20

Apparently the VIN number that's emblazoned on the dashboard is clearly
visible through the windshield and some time ago a neighbor warned about
a ring that was fraudulently obtaining keys from the dealer by claiming
they'd lost it. They'd give out the VIN number, then the name and
address of the owner (which could be accessed in the registration papers
typically left in the glove box). This is strictly hypothetical.

The car was found in the alley at 18th and Howell. And their car is the
number one stolen car in King County. A steering wheel "club" would
likely have prevented the car from being stolen.

Monday May 29, 2006, 8 AM, 100 block 22nd Ave E. ILLEGAL DUMPING

The residents of 107 22nd Ave East carried an old, broken televison from it's long-standing place on their porch and put it on the sidewalk two doors down the street. AS IF the constant crowd of Deano's patrons coming and going from this house isn't enough, now they leave their garbage in the middle of the sidewalk. These people suck. (June 19th: it's still there)


May 22, 2006 Open letter to Mayor Nichols:


Today you asked the citizens of Seattle to support you in making transportation a priority in Seattle. Under normal circumstances I would jump at the chance to help support a cause that makes our city more livable.

Unfortunately, my neighborhood is not livable. I live in Miller Park, the area between Capitol Hill and the Central District. As you well know, our small area has a long and well-documented history of insanely high drug use, drug sales, prostitution, trespass, murder, public inebriation, public urination and public defecation, among other ills.

I am an otherwise rational and responsible tax-paying citizen who has been reduced to a single issue: make my neighborhood livable. I will not support any effort to make any other progress in this city, by any city official, that doesn't include making it safe for me to walk from my front door to my mailbox. I have been patient long enough.

I have lived in this area, by economic necessity alone, off and on my whole life. It is no better a place to live now than it was when I moved back six years ago. It is, however, a worse place to live than it was when I attended Meany Middle school 30 years ago.

You have seen it first hand on your walking tour here recently. I appreciate you taking any steps towards solving the problems we have to endure every day, but still not enough is being done. There is no time left for rhetoric, for excuses, for delays, for blaming the residents themselves, or talking of budget woes.

Why are the rights of criminals protected while rights of law-abiding citizens are not protected? Time and time again they are held up as disadvantaged in one way or another and I am asked to look the other way. I am tired of not being able to use my own property because menacing, threatening criminals feel perfectly free to commandeer my property for their own use.

The police are helpful when they are available. But, Nichols, where are the beat cops? Where are the dedicated patrols? Where are the bike patrols? Where is the police visibility that is our only hope in getting a handle on this mess called Miller Park?

Is it not safe enough here to send in your people on foot or bike? Well then, how safe is it for the people who try to live here?

Time to bring out the big guns, lots of them. In Miller Park, we are tired of coming face-to-face with criminals and their disgusting and destructive activity all day, every day. The city owes it to us to fix the Miller Park problem once and for all.

A disgruntled Seattle citizen

May 19, 2006: Olive & 20th & Madison: harrassment

An employee of mine was cornered by two men, while leaving my building
at Olive & 20th & Madison last night. They approached her as she was
locking up, and said they worked in the building and would she let them
in. She was very terrified, but acted quickly to get inside the building
and lock the door behind her, and called the police.

May 2, 2006: 100 block 21st Ave E: tenant harassed

I just lost a wonderful tenant, a single Asian woman, who lived for a year at my updated triplex on 111-21st Avenue East. I'm now officially 'enraged'.

If I may quote her letter "Although the apartment is lovely, the area is not. Sad to say I do not feel safe living by myself on 21st. There have geen gun shots, car fires, prostitutes, pimps and drug addicts. I have lived in questionable areas before and been fine, but honestly I don't have the patience any longer".



Tuesday May 2, 2006: 11 AM, 100 block 21st Ave E. : assault

I was walking north on 21st E with my 6 month old son in the stroller when I spilled some of my coffee on my shirt. I stopped to wipe it off and that apparently offended one of the new drug dealers. He was talking to someone in a car accross the street when I stopped, but proceeded to come accross the street and got directly in my face. I was then surrounded by his two other young friends who all started to yell at me from less than a foot from my face. They made several racial comments, told me to get out of their neighborhood or they would make me go. The told me to mind my own business and get out of their business. I got out my phone and called 911, giving a description of the young man who crossed the street to yell at me. He went to the corner of 21 E/Denny and got in a dark teal colored van. I gave the 911 dispatcher the license plate number and full description - then I waited FORTY-FIVE MINUTES at the scene before a police car arrived to take my statement. FORTY-FIVE MINUTES on the corner of 21 E/Denny is a long time...I saw four vehicles arrive and buy 'something' and watched the one-legged man buy and smoke his crack. During this time I was openly harrassed by the Deano's crew. I was yelled at by a number of people standing in the alley between vacant houses and the market. I was flipped off and one man told me to stop driving off business.

When officers arrived they explained that they did not recognize the person I had encountered but knew the driver of the get-away van very well but had no cause to find or stop him over this incident (even though I witnessed the man who threatened me and my son get into that van).

= The openly confrontational aspects of the men's actions was beyond the usual fare and totally uncalled for. I had not even looked twice at them and never said a word to them before they got in my face. I value my and my baby's life and this turf war must end befor some gets hurt just for walking down the sidewalk.


Tuesday, May 2, 2006, 1 AM: 100 block 22nd Ave. E: Assault

At approx 1A I heard screaming in the street. I went outside and witnessed the noise coming from an older blue van. The back doors were open and at least three men were yelling. The van started and drove off with the back doors open, leaving a trail of garbage, multiple plastic crates filled with garbage and then a man fell out the back of the moving vehicle. He got up and as the van was driving away, he threw a milk crate at the van and hit it. The driver stopped, opened the door and they continued yelling. I told them to move along and the man threw another crate at the van then came back down the street to yell at me. He told me he wasn't afraid of me, the police or anyone and his brother was a police officer so "go ahead and call the police b/c they won't do nothing". He told me to ask for Sgt. Long. I told him I have met Sgt. Long and he is not his brother. The man then said he was the brother of Offcr McKinney (Sp?). The man continued to scream outside my home for at least ten minutes and then left.

The license plate of the blue van is WA plate, 166-KTH and it is well known as a 'lived-in' vehicle in this area.



Sunday April 30, 2006: 3 AM, 1812 19th Ave: property destruction

Saturday night / Sunday morning someone broke into the 19th Ave Lofts condominium through the garage by prying off door handles into the garage, and then into the building. No units were entered and no one saw the intruder. The police have been notified and the doors have been repaired with sturdier locks. We've also noticed the front door has some new scratches where it looks like someone tried to jimmy the door.

Monday, April 24, 2006, 9 PM, 100 block 212st Ave. E.:drug consumption, sex act

Got home and saw a black male and female climbing through an opening in the fence around the construction site at approximately 108 21st Ave E. I got my flashlight from the trunk and went over to see what they were doing. I didn't see them on the site at all -- then I heard them BOTH inside the "Honey Bucket" outhouse that was sitting inside the fence. I yelled at them, telling them that they were trespassing and that I was calling the police. They quickly came out and went down the street towards the safety of Deano's, while I talked on the phone with the 911 operator. I later called the construction company and left a message asking them to at least lock their outhouse at night, if they couldn't secure their site better.

I can only assume that the two people were having sex, using drugs, or both.
The man I recognized as a regular around the area, homeless/junkie or both.

911 operator said she would notify the police, but not that anybody would respond.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006, 2200 block E. John Street: drug deal

4 persons went onto the property of the "burned house" between 21nd and 22nd E John.
The property has been posted so they were trespassing. They were smoking something (probably crack).
I called 911, but did not see a patrol car and gave up hope, there is still one leftover sole dancing at the bus stop and he keeps missing the bus!

Saturday, April 15, 2006: 400 block 24th Ave E.: drug deal

Possible Drug Deal at Frazier Park. The details:
-A car was parked next to Frazier Park on Harrison Street. It was a gold-colored SUV, looked to be older model.
-An older black male (late 40's to early 50's) walked up to the passenger window of the car, which is what caught my attention. He banged on the window.
-A person in the back seat of the car opened the window. A conversation ensued, and then the black male walked west up Harrison Street.
-A few minutes later, the car was started up and was running.
-A white, younger male in a light blue jacket left the running car and went into the park. Several minutes later, he returned and got in the car, probably the driver's seat, and sat there for 4 or 5 minutes.
-The car then departed, driving south on 24th Ave E.
-Approximate time frame was between 12:30pm and 1:30pm Saturday April 15, 2006. The weather at the time of these observations was rainy, cold, and breezy, i.e., not park-visiting weather.
Others have seen similar patterns of possible drug deals using some location within the park to stash the drugs for the transfer.

Saturday, March 25, 2006, behind Miller Community Center: gunfire

7 people were killed in a shooting. But I'm not sure if this is worthy of a posting since Andrew Taylor says the incident was just a "fluke, and will hold no real lessons for us."

Wednesday, March 8, 2006: 500 block 20th Ave E.: suspicious behaviour

There is an abandoned house next to 508 20th Ave E. Construction on the site was abandoned at least a year ago and the house has been sitting empty and open ever since a "Stop Work Order" was issued for past contractors. The contractors left a small camper on site that is not only an eyesore, but I noticed a man inside the camper on Wednesday night when I returned home from work. He was either reading from a note someone had left inside this camper or leaving a note for someone else because I saw him holding up a piece of paper. He left the premises shortly after I saw him. It makes me very nervous having this open property right next door, not to mention there is probably more than one person making use of this left-behind camper.

Thursday, March 9, 2006, 9 PM, 114 - 20th Ave E, Car Fire

Another car fire. In the parking lot next to an apartment building on 20th Avenue East. I heard noise; tire squealing, yelling, etc. and looked out to see an SUV with flames inside. A tenant of the apartment building was out in emptying garbage. He called 911. The windows broke and the vehicle was engulfed in flames . The fire department came and put out the fire and drove away the burnt vehicle.

This is the third burnt vehicle that I have seen or heard of this year.

Last week on 21st Avenue and E Denny Way, there was a previously burnt car that had someone sleeping/living in it. It has been removed.

More details:

About 8:30 pm Thursday March 09, 2006. I heard a squeal of tires, doors slamming, yelling and running. I opened my door to see an SUV type vehicle parked in front of the aparment building. I could see small flames inside on the passenger side. The fire quickly spread through out the interior. The glass started breaking and the flames started leaping into the engine. The smoke billowing out was amazing and the fire intense.

Another neighbor was out emptying garbage. I saw him call 911, I suppose or the SFD. The fire department came and put out the fire. No one was inside.

The burnt vehicle has been removed. There is still some glass next to the garbage shed in front of the apartment buidling where the SFD had to break out the windows.

This is the third car 'burning' that I have noticed/witnessed this year. If a car 'burning' happens late at night and isn't caught right away, we could have homes or apartment buildings catch on fire as well. Those flames were intense very quickly.

From Fire Dept website: 3/9/2006 9:53:42 PM F060022500 E25 114 20th Av E Car Fire

3/9/2006 10:00:21 PM F060022500 MAR5 114 20th Av E Car Fire

Wednesday, March 8, 2006, 500 block 20th Ave E.: Abandoned hosue with "Stop Work" order

There is an abandoned house next to 508 20th Ave E. Construction on the site was abandoned at least a year ago and the house has been sitting empty and open ever since a "Stop Work Order" was issued for past contractors. The contractors left a small camper on site that is not only an eyesore, but I noticed a man inside the camper on Wednesday night when I returned home from work. He was either reading from a note someone had left inside this camper or leaving a note for someone else because I saw him holding up a piece of paper. He left the premises shortly after I saw him. It makes me very nervous having this open property right next door, not to mention there is probably more than one person making use of this left-behind camper.
I plan to report this incident and know Andrew has shared information before about abandoned/open properties.

March 3rd, 2006, 100 Block 21st Ave E.: Car firebombing

I was awakened a couple of times around 12:45 AM tonight. The first, I heard somebody yell some kind of swearword and then heard a bang kind of
like a car door slamming. When I got to the window, I saw a blue SUV backing out of being parked on the far side of the street (here on 21st),
then it continued to back up at a high speed (probably 25 mph) down the street (to the north) until it was out of sight, near the intersection
with John. I went back to bed, then was awakened a couple of minutes later when I heard somebody else yell something (something like "get out
of there"). I went to the window and saw a black male, maybe 6"2, dark skin, light/white jacket and blue stocking cap, walking down the sidewalk
and igniting something in his hand. I figured it was a crack pipe or something -- I thought he was going to be smoking it in the area just to the south of our house that I've told you about before, so I went downstairs to get a flashlight to shine on him. When I got near the
window downstairs, I saw a car across the street, a little to the south (near the intersection of 21st and Denny) with its entire front section
enveloped in a raging fire. I had heard somebody outside yell "call 9-11;" I called to my s.o. to do the same.

I went out to the street when the fire engine was there, along with a neighbor, to talk to the police, but when a car did come by, they drove
past the scene up Denny, and did not come over to the fire, so I never got the chance to talk to them. The neighbor asked the firemen if there was somebody inside (he figured it must have started when someone tried to start the car) but they said nobody was in it. It appears to me that this was some kind of firebomb. I believe this does have real safety implications for the neighbors, and is almost undoubtedly connected to the high amount of drug activity at this corner.

From Fire Dept website: 3/3/2006 12:44:53 AM F060020311 E25 102 21st Av E Car Fire

March 1st, 2006: 22nd Ave E. & E. John: public urination

I arrived home after being gone for a week and was greeted today a guy
pissing behind our recycle bin. He left but I called 911 to report the

Tuesday February 21, 2006, in street outside Deano's Bar: Public Urination

I've witnessed 3 - yes 3! - people urinating in public in the last couple of weeks.

1. Outside Deano's an older black man was peeing by his car door, in the street, not the sidewalk side, before getting in.

2. Just a couple days later, possibly the same man, crossed the street from Deano's and began urinating not 10 feet in front of me by the dumpster on the side of the back clinic (same building as The Twilight now)

Saw both of those walking home from the #12 bus stop in the evening, ~5:30 pm.

3. Walking my dog in Homer Harris park (24th & Howell) at night, a car stopped on 24th and a woman got out, walked around the front of her car, pulled down her pants and urinated on the parking strip, right under a street light no less

The SPD non-emergency number is 206-625-5011 - I didn't have it in my phone at the time, but I do now and will call these in from now on.

Sunday, February 19, 2006, 100 block, 21st Ave E., Drug Consumption

African-American male and female, about 40 and 20 years old respectively, huddled near a garage door inside courtyard. I returned home on a bicycle and surprised them, asking them what they were doing there. They didn't have an immediate answer, so I told them they were trespassing on private property. They didn't leave; the man asked me if I had a cigarette. I told him again that he was trespassing and neede to leave immediately, then pulled out my cell phone and told him I was calling the police. He then left, telling the woman to come with him because I was calling the police, but she was too stoned to understand. She continued to slowly stagger around the courtyard, looking at me in a daze as I described her to the 911 operator. Since I couldn't honestly say that I thought I was in physical danger, the operator did not dispatch a police officer right away, but said they would come as soon as they could. After about 5 minutes the woman staggered back out to the sidewalk (apparently in a random entropic event, since there was no apparent logic to anything she was doing or the direction she chose to move at any given time). I followed her a bit, and saw her with a few people right outside the pink drug house at 2023 Denny. They put her in a black honda and got her out of there. They didn't need to be in such a hurry, because the police didn't show up unitl 45 minutes after I called. Needless to say no arrests were made.

Called 911: More polite and professional than the norm, even if he didn't dispatch someone immediately.

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006, 1600 block 21st ave: suspicious behaviour.

I just wanted you to know that I had two strangers knock on my door this evening. They were two black males, one short and one tall with glasses. They asked me if I had a boyfriend or husband. I said yes, and they started to ask me a lot of questions, like was he at work, when would he be home, etc. claiming that they needed to talk with him. Then they asked me if he was out messing around and how about me. At that point, I said that since I didn't know them that I wouldn't talk anymore. Then I closed the door quickly and locked it. They left peacefully, but it left me wondering what they were up to. Just wanted everyone to know that they are in our area, possibly casing houses to rob or for some other reason.

Febrary 2006: 21st & E. John: suspicious behaviour

Yesterday I caught a black male pushing buttons on our entry pad. He said he
wanted Apt 24. There is no such apt in a 12 condo unit! He finally left
saying he must have the wrong apartment building. Today, there was also an
assault near 19th and Thomas. They caught a guy on Madison about 1:30.

Is it my imagination or has the number of loiters in front off Deano's
Lounge increased?

There is an increase in litter lately.

Fall 2005: Charity Scammer

Did I tell you about the phony charity scammer we nailed last fall? The one
raising funds for "youth programs"? His description had been in the papers.

I tailed him from 13th to 15th & Aloha and down to Group Health until the
police caught up with him, I kept contact with them by cell phone. I also
kept police from detaining the Real Change vendor by mistake. That's why
descriptions need to be more descriptive than "black male" or "white female"
etc but try to remember style and color clothing and shoes, bag or backpack,

February 2006: 200 Block 21st Ave E: suspicious behaviour

We had incidents last week as well. One was a knock at the door by a white
male at 4:30 am asking if he could use our phone to call a cab, and the
other was a black male a few days later with the usual story about his car
breaking down. Our house has been broken into twice in the last two years,
so it makes me very suspicious when this happens. I think the woman is right
that they are casing the house. I suggest that neighbors get a good
description and call the police when this occurs.

January 2006: 100 Block, 21st Ave E: Drug dealing

I own the two properties on the 100 block of 21st Avenue East.
I have spent substantial sums in investment and restoration and upgrades in the properties. ALL tenants are of high quality.

This morning, I just got a phone call from a the husband of a 'very high quality' newly married couple that I had taken a deposit check for on an upcoming vacancy. He 'cancelled' his deposit and told me he would not be moving in. His reason was that last night, while driving by to show a friend the new apartment he had rented from me, he was approached by 5-6 men trying to sell him drugs. They persisted till he drove away. He said he "just didn't want to expose his new wife to the environment'.

I can tell you, and whomever you wish to forward this with my permission, that 'Deano's Corner' (Or 'Coke Corner' as it if oft called) has, in the past two+ years, cost me numerous high quality renters AND detracted from my property value. Isn't it time that the place was declared a 'Public Menance' and closed?? Is someone getting a 'payoff' to keep it open??? One must surely wonder. I do.

January 10th, 2006: 1800 block of E. Harrison: house burglary

My house was burgled Tuesday 1/10 around 3:30pm. Rush job, tried to crowbar the door, then broke a window to get in, grabbed some stereo components and lots of CDs. I wasn't home but a neighbor heard glass breaking and saw the guy leave. (I haven't gotten a physical description yet.) Police were on the scene soon after.

Seriously annoying, but could've been a lot worse.

From the Capitol Hill Times Police Log, January - March 2006

(The editor of the paper noted that he could fill the Police Log [and indeed the whole paper] every week with reports from the East Madison corridor: he refrains, because it would be too monotonous)


At 9 a.m. on Thursday, March 2, officers on a routine patrol near the 1700 block of East Madison Street when they noticed the car in front of them had expired license tabs.

They pulled the car over. One officer approached the driver, the other the passenger. The passenger was not wearing his seatbelt.

While the driver immediately produced identification, the passenger proved highly uncooperative regarding providing his name. He began waving his arms frantically, became argumentative and the officers asked him to place his hands on the dashboard.

The man continued to wave his arms, at one point throwing an unknown object into the back of the van. At this point the officers told the man to leave the car for a search. The man refused, and officers pulled him out of the car.

The search uncovered the man's driver's license. A computer check was run, and officers learned the man was wanted for an outstanding felony warrant for a Seattle burglary.

Officers searched the vehicle and located numerous items of high value, including an air compressor, electrical and carpentry tools and a variety of musical equipment. Neither the driver nor the passenger claimed ownership of the items.

The driver's name came back clear; she was issued a traffic citation and sent on her way. The passenger, a man in his early 30s, was arrested and booked into King County Jail.


Just before 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 23, an undercover buy-bust operation was taking place at the 2000 block of East Madison Street.

While an officer was making a drug purchase, one suspect, a man in his late teens, pulled out a handheld stun gun and shocked the officer in the hand. The officer was able to continue the transaction and make the signal to assisting officers that a good buy had been made.

Arrest teams then moved in and took the man into custody. Taken into evidence were a baggie of suspected marijuana, a cell phone, marked money used in the arrest and the stun gun used to stun the officer.

The man was later booked into King County Jail. Drug charges were pending.

Auto theft, Drugs

At 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 25, officers driving westbound near the 2000 block of East Madison Street saw a car pulling out of a parking lot where a high level of drug activity is known to take place.

They checked the car's plates and learned that the vehicle had been reported stolen. They pulled the car over at a nearby convenience store. Two men in their 30s were immediately taken into custody.

During a search, officers found several pieces of what appeared to be a pipe in the passenger's pants pocket. "That's just my crack pipe," he said. The pieces were taken into evidence after testing.

Both men were arrested and booked into King County Jail.


Just after 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 8, officers on routine patrol were driving on East Denny Way near 21st Avenue East, an area of known drug activity.

They came upon a man in his 40s standing in the yard of a private residence. He happened to be standing next to a wall upon which a "No Loitering" sign was clearly displayed.

Officers stopped their patrol car and approached the man, who seemed somehow surprised that the officers were heading his way. He soon turned away from them and reached into his pants pocket. Officers, concerned he might be carrying a concealed weapon, grabbed him and asked if they could search him.

The man said yes. Officers did. And they found several off-white, rock-like substances that resembled the rock cocaine they had found on numerous drug busts.

The man was arrested and taken into custody. The substance later tested positive for cocaine, and the man was then booked into King County Jail.

Drugs, warrant

Just after midnight on Thursday, Feb. 9, officers were driving behind a car on East Madison Street. The car's rear taillight was broken. They stopped the vehicle near 18th Avenue to let the driver know.

While speaking with the driver officers noticed that the man sitting in the passenger seat was a person they knew well from previous encounters. They also knew that he was wanted for an outstanding felony drug warrant. Backup officers were called, and the passenger, a man in his 40s, was taken into custody without incident.

The man was searched, and in the man's coat officers found a small baggie with a small amount of crystalline substances that suggested methamphetamine. When confronted with the discovery, the man said he'd just bought the coat at Value Village; the drugs, he said, must have been in the pocket when he bought it.

Officers also found several capped needles in the car, as well as two bags filled with suspected marijuana, a scale, several prescription bottles, a silver pipe, a Tupperware container filled with marijuana, among other drug and related items.

All substances later tested positive. The man was later booked into King County Jail.

Drugs, warrants

At 4:13 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 28, officers conducting a routine patrol in the area of 21st Avenue East and East Olive Street saw a woman in her 40s who they recognized from previous encounters. She was walking across a business's parking lot in defiance of the clearly posted No Trespassing signs.

Officers approached the woman and asked for her identification. ID in hand, they ran a computer check and learned she was wanted for outstanding felony warrants in King County for drug possession and forgery. Once the warrants were verified the woman was taken into custody.

During a search officers found several items of drug paraphernalia inside the woman's bra. Residue from the items later tested positive for cocaine.

The woman was later booked into King County Jail.



At 6:18 p.m. on Jan. 17, undercover officers went to the area around 20th Avenue East and East Madison Street to buy narcotics.

In short order they made contact with a woman in her early 40s. The woman asked an undercover officer what he needed.

"Forty-dollars," the officer said.

They then walked in front of a nearby grocery store, where the officer was told to wait. The woman went inside and returned a short time later.

The officer next handed over $40, receiving in return a small, plastic baggie with a hard, black substance inside. A signal was given, and uniformed officers moved in and made the arrest.

The black substance later tested positive for cocaine at the East Precinct.

The woman was later booked into King County Jail.

Felony arrest

At 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 4, officers doing an area check near the 2000 block of East Denny Way saw three men sitting in a parked car. A computer check on the car revealed that the registered owner had been issued a felony warrant for escape.

As officers got closer they saw the vehicle's two passengers get out of the car and walk away. Officers approached the driver, told him there had been numerous calls about drug activity in the area and asked him for identification.

The man had no ID, but mentioned that there was a warrant out for his arrest. The name the man gave was listed as an alias of the man listed on the warrant.

At the East Precinct, a photo match confirmed the man's real identity. He was subsequently arrested and booked into King County Jail.

Warrant arrest, Drugs

At 3:18 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 5, officers on routine patrol in a marked patrol car were stopped at an East Madison Street stoplight when they saw a man cross the street in the middle of the block.

Officers stopped the man for jaywalking. The man had no identification on him, but provided what proved to be an accurate name and Social Security number. A computer check of that name revealed that the man, who is in his early 30s, was wanted for several felony warrants.

The warrant was verified and the man was taken into custody. As officers were placing the man in handcuffs, they discovered a small object in his left hand. The object was a small container; inside the container was a whitish substance that officers suspected to be crack cocaine. That substance later tested positive at the East Precinct.

The man was later booked into King County Jail.


Tuesday December 20, 2005, 10 PM, 100 block 21st Ave E.: attempted house entry

These are the new three level townhouses and while down on the lowest level I heard the distinct sound of someone aggressively turning the door knob back and forth. I assumed it was my house mate, but then thought it odd since he nearly always drives into the garage and enters through the interior door from the garage. And I hear the garage door open first hand. I looked outside our common area and saw nothing odd. 20 minutes later, I heard that same distinct door knob turning sound and rushed to open the door, seeing someone run around the corner and down the alley. A mid 30's African-American male wearing a long pea green parka, dark pants and tan boots. What I consider familiar street fashion.

Not sure about this particular individual, but our complex has had this "casing" happen several times in the last couple of weeks. All of us are aware the spike in crime in problem neighborhoods like ours, during the holidays. And we're aware this is a well known statistic, often on the agenda at neighborhood council meetings.

I lived on this exact same property from 5/92 to 1/93 in the old grocery store building that our townhouses replaced. And sad to say, the drug house just behind the market still has the same street element, the same aggressive drug dealing and the same lack of care from the city. Over ten years, and little has changed? And the irony of a halfway house right across one of the most notorious drug dealing sites? How fucked up is that? There is a clear lack of resources working for the rest of us tax paying/property owning citizens. I'm aware that the precinct has their "hands tied behind their back" on this one. And on the broad scope, the city too. Dean Falls has held this bullshit "black prejudice" trump card and the city hostage on this one for way too long and I look forward to the day when the city council takes the initiative and has the entire block declared unsafe. How many more shooting deaths do we need to get this point across? Does the murder of an innocent party waiting at the crosswalk caught in the crossfire of a deal gone bad finally be what it takes to get folks holding so much anger and frustration to demand the city to intervene. Safeway made one helluva an ugly ass statement in developing that part of our neighborhood...but if that's the price we have to pay for improving our neighborhood, then I'm all for it. A task force blessed by the city council would be step number one.

The dispatcher was prompt and curteous and repeated all given information back to me for confirmation.


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