Car Theft, early morning Dec. 5, 2003

Location: across the street from 1653 21st ave.

What happened: My friend's car was stolen.

Please describe the participants and the incident: My friend's white 1988 Acura Integra, liscense plate 049MGE, was stolen while parked on the curb across from 1653 21st ave.

Is this a recurring problem in this location? YES , my tools have been stolen twice out of my truck while it was parked in front of this building.

Any other comments: There are drug addicts that frequent the car port of this building.

What I did: the owner of the car reported incident to 9-1-1

December 2, 2003: 9:45 PM Property destruction & gunfire

Gunshots were fired at about 9:45. They sounded like they came from the direction of Deano's. A car sped south along 22nd Avenue and crashed into three parked cars. The driver of the car could not get the car started again. Three guys got out and started to push. When a police car drove up, all four fled the scene, heading east on Olive Street and across 23rd.

As of the end of the investigation, the police had not found any physical evience of the gunfire. Therefore, this will go on record as a car accident. Police said there have been several incidents of "gang violence" this week in the area.

My husband was the one who made the call as soon as the gunfire happened. The operator could not get the directions straight and did not patch him through to an officer. It was very frustrating to watch all of this unfold and not be able to get the information to the police who could use it.

Saturday, November 8, 2003, 3PM: Bizarre dumping

Just another thing, that is barely worth reporting but it is so bizarre. Basicall I observed Illegal dumping in the alley between 20th and 21st Ave. E, between Denny and Jensen Court.
During the afternoon on Saturday, I heard several of the tall green recycle bins being moved throughout the alley. When I went to move mine back to my building I couldn't move it because it was FULL of empty Gallo gallon burgundy wine jugs. As was my neighbors, and as I supect is probably every recycle bin in the alley that they had access to. Kind of weird that they were able to do this during the middle of the day and fill them up somewhere and then move them back.

So I suspect this has either come from a neighborhood bar or someone was emptying out their basement and decided to dump them all in everyone elses recycle bins so they didn't have to pay to get rid of them .
Anyone know a heavy Gallo drinker in the area?

Gunfire, Tuesday November 4, 2003 5 PM

2200 Block, E. Madison St., in street outside Oscar's II

According to the East Prct. police - At 5:00 p.m, Nov. 4th,. 2 young suspects were near Oscars (22nd/Madison), they got into a car together to drive off. They shoot into Oscar's, striking an 40 year old patron. The victim was hit in the arm without breaking the skin, but leaving a bad bruise. The plate on the car was noted, by witnesses, and the dectives are following up on the information presently.

Captain Hill notes: " Across the street from Deano's. Two or three shots fired at the building. One or two went through the wall and struck a gentleman in the arm. He was not seriously injured.

Patrols will be ramped up for that area-beginning last night.

No known suspect(s) at this time...."

Gunfire, Sunday, October 5, 2003. 4:37 PM

behind the 100 block of 21st Ave E.
Was a witness to a shooting in the 100 block alley between 21st and 20th just off of Denny. Apparently a drug deal gone bad, saw the three people run away after the shooting.
Lots of police response, very blatant shooting--, middle of the day in the afternoon with lots of people around.

10/9/03 Shooting:

1) Two neighborhood reports:

a) More gunfire just before midnight on Thursday.
We couldn't see anything from our house, but from the sound of the sirens, I would guess it was on or near the Deano's intersection.

b) don't know what exactly happened because I only heard the gunshots at home.
I heard a loud gunfire pretty close by (about a block or two away)last night. It was shot several times... then a minute or two of silence there were another several shots fired. About 10mins later I heard ambulance and police car sirens approaching the area. I checked the news but there were no reports about the incident.If anyone know what went on and where it happened, please comment.

2) Captain Hill (East Precinct) reports:

A couple of nights ago there was a shooting in the 200 Block of 27th. The victime there will survive.

Last night, shortly before midnight, a man and woman were accosted by a masked assailant. It appears he was after the male victim.. who was shot in the back. The victim is expected to live.

Are they related? Probably they are.

Both cases are being investigated. We believe in both cases the assailant(s) and victims knew each other.

Patrols are being beefed up to deter further shootings.

3) Darnell Parker (Deano's Bar) reports:

I didnt see any thing but I heard the gun shots and when I came out nobody was around so at first I thought someone had just shot up in the air but I later found out that someone had been shot.It happen over by planned parent hood and the police colleted a lot of evidence from the crime scene.

4) Andrew Taylor notes:

I heard sirens just before midnight, and found many Police cars (including 2 unmarked cars), fire trucks and ambulances on 21st Ave E., next to Miller Playfield. The shooting vicitm had run from Madison to there and collapsed.

I could find no mention of these shootings in the media!

Seattle Times: Local News: Monday, August 18, 2003

Man killed after parking lot fight in Central Area

Captain Hill writes:

"Two men were fighting and a third party shot one of the participants.

There's a lot of physical evidence and detectives are interviewing several witnesses."

Seattle PI article notes that the shooting was outside Oscar's II.

Seattle Times, August 21st: suspect arrested.

Seattle Times, August 20th: Homicide rate higer in 2003 than in previous 2 years.

Thursday, August 14, 1 AM, 2200 block E. Denny Way

incident_type = drug deal drug consumption soliciting prostitution rowdy behavior assault excessive noise gunfire

gunshots and loud crazy behavior in the late night from 10 on. Lots of loud music. Shots didn't seem to be fired at anyone in particular because I didn't hear any screams but did see a car leave the scene fairly quickly.
Police were in the area quickly.
Second gunshots in two weeks. Apparently Friday, August 25, more gunshots. (I didn't hear but was told of them).Activity in the area of Denny and 22nd and Madison has been HIGH in the past few weeks. Considerably more prostitution, arguments, blatent drug use and dealing. Nightly woken up to screaming and yelling.

I have started to use this as the log for neighborhood events, since it is easier and more visible.

Tuesday, August 5, 11 PM 2300 block E. Olive St.

Several police cars closed 23rd and 22nd for 1/2 - 1 hour south of E. Olive. A neighbor talked to an officer who said that they were chasing someone and lost him. They had police dogs walking through yards of several houses nearby. It sounded like they didn't find the guy

Sunday July 27, 2003, 2 AM, 2003. E. Madison/Olive: Gunshots

4-5 gunshots were fired at closing time. I only heard the shots, so I don't really know what happened.
We called this morning, since an officer was on the scene almost imediately when it happened. Apparently, if no one is hurt and there is no physical evidence found, they do not file a report. As far as the officer on the phone is concerned, it never happened.

There was a second report of this incident:

Not sure exact location of shots but hear the Gunshots & loud crowd activity running away or running to cars and driving away fast, screaming, hiding in garages of nearby buildings for about 1/2 hour. Heard one siren come, but don't think there were injuries as I didn't hear additional sirens.

Saturday July 26, 2003, 6 PM, 2200 Block E. Olive St.: Strange Behaviour

A man was in our neighbor's yard crawling around the shrubbery. When I asked him what he was doing, he said his nephew told him he had thrown something there the other night. When I asked him what was thrown there he said a gold watch with a diamond face. When he didn't find anything, he told me he thought that the guy who was with his nephew probably picked it up, and that his nephew is now in jail. The man did not appear very lucid.

July 25, 2003, 1700 block E. Harrison: theft

A rather battered looking antique dresser that I got at a garage sale the other day was stolen from my front porch at 17th and Republican. It was the middle of the afternoon as I'm sure it was there this AM and when I went out to get the mail in the afternoon, it was gone.

Not great value here, but it's a bummer. Folks at the station were plenty nice.

Monday, July 21, 3 AM, in street outside 1700 Block E. Harrison

3am, the alley between 17th and 18th. A LOT of shouting coming from the S. end of the alley - Harrison. Several individuals walking along the alley shouting abusive langauge. Didn't hear anything being knocked over or anything that sounded particularly destructive towards property or other humans, but it was freakin' me out all the same. Got up to call the cops as it was very loud, but by the time I found the phone the folks in question had moved on N. towards Aloha and I could not hear them anymore. Went on for about 20 minutes, I think.

Thursday, July 1st, 5:30 PM, 2100 block 21st Ave: drug consumption

At about 5:30 pm, I walked down my and my neighbor's driveway. This driveway connects me and the neighbor in back of me to the street. In front of my neighbor's garage and hidden by stairs to the second story, I found a women smoking crack. This women was dressed very nicely, soft spoken and was obviously very high. She was smoking something out of a small pipe. I asked her what she was doing and she replied "I don't know." She turned her back to me and put her paraphenalia down her bra. I asked her not to return because I would call the police. She said thank you and walked to the street.

My next door neightbor believes this is the same women that she saw in the driveway about a month ago claiming to be selling Avon, while trying to get into our backyard.
I think that the police department should open a substation in the Safeway project, right across the stree from Deanos and Oscars!!!! Lets build public support for this!!

1800 Block 23rd Ave: Theft


I discovered this am that our metal $30 birdbath is missing from our yard. Is there a place to post missing items in case someone notices a "new" addition to their neighborhood. It was a birthday gift and the birds and I would like it back! Of course, I realize that it may be long gone. Jennifer Russell, 1800 block 23rd Ave.

Sunday June 8, 2003, 2 PM , on sidewalk outside1800 block 20th Ave

Witnessed two males smoking a pipe, up against the apartment building, on the corner of 20th Ave and E Denny. They were hiding behind the tree that's located on this corner. This tree sure gets a lot of activity and it would be nice if the apartment owner would trim it back or cut it down. These two guys hung out on this corner for several hours then walked away. Later another male was hanging around this same corner then decided to urinate right on the corner with the tree is located, he didn't try to hide at all. I yelled to him, he finished urinating and then walked on.

I have seen a woman with a red ball cap out on this corner every day. Have not seen her conducting any business but it seems strange that she is always around.

On Saturday, June 7th, I witnessed the police arresting a woman that was put in handcuffs and taken away. Didn't see her doing anything but I was glad to see some action taken.

Activity on this corner has seem to really step up during the warm weather.

100 block 20th Ave E., week of June 9 - 11th

day = Monday, June 9, 2003, 6 PM
100 block 20th Ave E.
incident_type = drug consumption
description = A couple smoking crack while tresspassing, trying to hide along side a townhouse that faces the alley between 19th Avenue East and 20th Avenue East. This happens almost every day in this location. Seems like these activities should be stopped. I would love see consistent police involvement in this area.
recurring = YES
repeat_offender = YES
other_comments = I might be inclined to report these regular activites to the police, however they have been so rude the last few times, I avoid it. This is confusing for me because precinct representive often come to Miller Park meetings and encourage us to report, but I won't when the police treat me like I am the criminal.

day = Tuesday, June 10th, 2003, 6 PM
100 block 20th Ave E.
incident_type = drug consumption
description = I could send a report almost every day with nearly the same information. Three people smoking crack along side a townhouse that faces the alley between 19th Ave. E. and 20th Ave. E. Tresspass , disruption, littering and drug use--welcome to Miller Park!
recurring = YES
repeat_offender = YES
other_comments = Would love to see the police patroling our alley and the general area!

day = Wednesday, June 11th 2003, 7AM
100 Block 20th Ave E.
description = Woke to find our private walkway littered with the leftovers of a whole chicken. Bones, skin and half-chewed chicken, everywhere, all-over. Gross, we add it to the list of disgusting things we have had to remove from our own property, right under our "no trespass" sign.

day = Wednesday, June 11th, 2003, 7AM
100 Block 20th Ave E.
incident_type = soliciting prostitution
description = EVERY morning when leaving for work, I am aggressively pursued by prositutes, even when I have a small child in my car with me.
recurring = YES
repeat_offender = YES
other_comments = I don't have the time it takes to report this problem every day, but it does happen every day. It would be easy to fill a police bus with the regulars every day. Why aren't they arrested?

(Try contacting our Community Police Team Officer: Officer Rodney Stokes,, 684-4374 )

June 5 to 8, and general observations

I don't know what you are seeing on the north side of Madison but on the south side we are seeing more of what appear to be transient people begging and panhandling very desperately. There is one particular woman who I imagine you have seen who I see at least once or twice a week anywhere between 23rd and 15th avenues and she always seems to be in serious need of a fix. We've seen more of this in general since Jan.-Feb. of this year.

As summer arrived last week it also heated up quite a bit over at Deano's and Oscar's. We heard 3 gunshots last Thursday and over the weekend on Saturday night after the bars closed the police had a fairly loud and aggressive encounter with about 10 people walking down our block.

Thursday/Friday June 5th (2:10 AM )

5 shots were fired at a police car at 22 and olive. There were half a dozen police cars investgating the next morning.
A real crime scene.

Another neighbor adds:

I don't have much more information about the shots fired at the police car, except to note that it was Thursday night/Friday morning of last week (not Sunday/Monday). I talked to a few of the officers investigating the next morning. The police car was not hit, and they did not seem to be able to find bullets or lead shards or anything from the shots. We haven't found any holes in our house.

The two officers I spoke to had very interesting attitudes about the whole incident: one said that this intersection had been a war zone at night since he started on the force 30+ years ago and it wasn't going to change. Another just asked me sarcastically how I liked living here. Not very encouraging.

I happen to like living here very much, but this is the third time since January that random gunfire has been aimed towards our house. top it all off, we had three hanging baskets stolen from our front porch the same night. The cops didn't seem to want to hear about that.

Sunday, June 8, 2003

137 23rd Ave E.
description = A old (antique) school desk that was on the front porch was stolen sometime between Sunday pm and Monday 5 am

Sunday June 8, 2003, 3:40 AM

1427 20th Ave
description = Three young men attempted to break into an apartment in my triplex. They jumped the back fence and came into the back patio, and attempted to enter through a bedroom window. They took the screen off the window, but left when the residents woke up.
This is slightly south of the Miller Park neighborhood boundary (just south of Pine, on 20th).
other_comments = Preceded by lots of rowdy behavior and excessive noise by teenagers on the street earlier in the evening.
report_comments = Neighbors called 911.

Sunday June 08, 11PM

1800 block 24th Ave
My car was broken into in front of my house.
Driver's side window was smashed and cell phone was stolen.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003, mid-day

block = 300
Street = 23rd Ave E.
house_number = 330
incident_type = car prowl
description = A contractor had a $5000 parasail in a green backpack stolen from his (open!) car.
other_comments = Please keep a lookout for a large green backpack

Thursday May 22nd

Customer of Oscar's II was attacked on leaving the bar and died outside Deano's bar. Police are investigating: no details available.

Some details revealed in June 14 Seattle PI article, but much mystery remains.

Monday April 14 2003, 2:03 PM

1636 22nd Ave

description = Burglary: Our home was broken into in the afternoon. We have an alarm system that did its job so the burglar(s) were not able to stay long and stole 2 stereo components but nothing else. They broke a window in the back door to get inside and were in the house no more than a couple of minutes and the police were there in about 7-8 minutes.

I commented on the effectiveness of alarms and got this reply:

Yes, alarms seem to be a mixed bag in terms of utility! One the one hand, the signs and decals clearly posted saying we have an alarm didn't deter the thieves from breaking the window and ripping the alarm keypad off its wall mounting as they entered the house. But I would like to think that it gave them some incentive to leave immediately after having only been able to take a couple of items rather than really looking around the house for more valuables to steal.