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Details of the 3/17/04 killing at Miller CC.

Tuesday December 28, 2004, 6 PM: 1800 Block E. Denny

There was a man going through the garbage behind the Miller Mews on 20th and Denny. Its located in the Alley between the 19th Lofts and the Miller Mews garages. The man pulled 1/2 of the garbage out of the dumpster leaving a huge mess. A neighbor called me to let us know but he had left before we got out there. I also noticed this morning that he went through our recycling as well. Figured I'd report this in case its happening all over our area.

Sunday December 21, 2004, 8 PM, 1600 Block 18th Ave:

A car approached the intersection of Madison and 18th (heading south, crossing over Madison). At the stop sign a black male approached the driver-side window of the car and talked to the driver. Then walked around the back of the car and started walking west on Madison. A police car pulled up behind the car as it was crossing Madison.

When the car crossed Madison, it pulled over and parked at the side of street. The police car pulled up beside the car and stopped. The man in the car got out, shut the door and ran across the street. The police car started after the man but stopped.

Soon after two more police cars showed up.

The car the man ran from was still running.

Eventually the police had the abandoned car towed away.

Friday, December10, 2004, 8PM, 1800 block 20th Ave: harrassment

Invited guests to my house on Friday evening (12/10)--half of them (5) were very afraid as they came to my house, because of people walking up and down the street, coming up to their car as they pulled up. One person circled the block over and over again until a certain person hadf finally gone--he'd repeatedly approached her car as she slowed (obviously she didn't realize that he thought she was coming for drugs--she just felt threatened). Had to walk each of them to their cars at the end of the evening, and had to pretend that it all didn't bother me at all.

I kept thinking about how, on our neighborhood walk a couple of weeks ago, we were told that the corner of 20th and Denny was no longer a problem!!!!

Early AM on the 11th (7:30 am) there were several groups of people, clearly not "alert and oriented" hanging around the block between 20th and 20th, on Denny. One man repeatedly yelled something to me as I was walking, inviting me to come talk to him. Another person mumbled unintelligably to me as I passed.

Thursday, November18, 2004, mid-day: 1800 Block 24th Ave: theft

A FedEx package was stolen from my front porch. The box was opened on my porch and the contents were stolen leaving the box behind

Sunday, November 14, 2004, 4 PM: 1800 Bock Denny Way: drug consumption

There were two individuals loitering outside the 19th Lofts near the garage entrance. It looked as if they were doing drugs so the police were called. One was a black woman and the other was an black male in a wheelchair.

911 Operator took down all my information and said they would send a police car. I went out 20 minutes later and they were still in the alley but had moved to the entrance of it by the miller mews recycling area.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004, 1 AM, 1700 block, 23rd Ave: Car Prowl

Car broken into-- appears to only have stolen change. Tossed clothing and gear around but appears to only have taken change from the ash tray and other storage areas.

Comments: Need more police patrols on 24th near the YMCA and the soon to be completed Homer Harris Park

Reported to Police: Great -- suggested I call back when I got home from work to have a police officer come over and print the car.

Saturday, October 9, 2004, 1 AM, 1600 block 24th Ave E: excessive noise

Very loud party going on in some house/townhouse in the vicinity of 24th Ave and Olive- I couldn't tell exactly which house from where I live ( and I didn't feel like getting dressed at midnight to find out) but they were definetly violating the noise ord. so I called the police's non-emergency number a littel after 1 am when it still hadn't quieted down (can't believe no other neighbors had called before that time to complain) I called the police again around 2:30am because I could still hear the party going on and while it seemed like there were fewer people there was more yelling by individuals and was told by the dispatcher that my prior call was still on hold and no patrol car had been sent. They hadn't yet had time to respond. Most upsetting is that this most likely means that whomever had this party with no visit from the police will be holding additional parties -- and when I call the next time they have a good chance of not being ticketed.

There is frequently lot of noise in this area. Plus I found calling the non-emergency number to be very time consuming because they now have a nine number menu that you have to listen to in order to talk with someone. Number 8 is the option to get you to a dispatcher to request a patrol car on a nonemergency event.

Wednesday October 6, 2004, 7:05 AM, 2200 blcok E. Madison Street: rowdy behavior & assault

I was at the bus stop #11 and a truck drove up and I believe the people inside were European I am from Israel. They called me a negro lover and said clean up your neighborhood, the passenger threw what I think was oil out of the truck towards me! I was shocked it was my first time experiencing racism in the US. I will never catch this public transportation again. Thank you for listening. Shalom. I may be moving soon, I read the things here and I feel classism, oppression and racism from the whole neighborhood, The Afro Americans and the Euro Americans, I can somewhat understand the Afro Americans.
I may be moving soon, I read the things here and I feel classism, oppression and racism from the whole neighborhood, The Afro Americans and the Euro Americans, I can somewhat understand the Afro Americans.

Tuesday October 5, 2004, 1 AM: E. Madison Street: gunfire

Early this morning gunfire errupted, presumably near Deano's. This is at least the third time in a week that I've called 9-1-1 to report gunfire near that vicinity.

I stopped by the East Precinct middle of last week and learned they had recently recovered gun shells and casings from that area, but that seemed to be the extent of their knowledge.

Reportd to 911 operaor: All were fine. Last night's call lasted several rings before an operator picked up - I think they were deluged with calls.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004, 11 AM, 1800 block 20th Ave: rowdy behaviour

A girlfriend of mine and I were walking out to her car when a black man stumbled towards us holding a paper bag trying to ask us questions. He was so messed up he couldn't even speak so we had no idea what he was saying. He started to pound on her car and really made us nervous. We drove off and called the police.
Operator was very nice and told me she would send a cop car right out.


Monday, September 27, 2004, 9PM, alley between 19th and 20th, just off of E Denny. Disturbance

I came home around 9pm to find 5-6 police cars bumper to bumper down the alley between 19th and 20th, just off of E Denny. My partner told me he heard some moaning like someone was injured but we couldn't see anything from where we are located. Not sure what warrants 6 police cars but I'm assuming its not good. Most of the cars backed out and left after I walked by but at least one stayed till we went to bed around 10pm.

Monday, September 27, 2004, 1 AM, 1600 block 18th Ave: excessive noise

I was woken up around 1 am by two women who'd sat on the stairs of our property, right on the corner of 18th and Madison. They were boisterous, and after it was clear they weren't planning to leave anytime soon (I could hear them clearly - they said they needed to rest and catch their breath), I gave a "please be quiet!" shout out the window. Frankly, I didn't mind that they were sitting there (that's mild trespassing for this neighborhood), but I did want to sleep.

But they didn't quiet down. Just as I was getting ready to call non-emergency to ask if someone in the area could give them a nudge or ask them to quiet down a bit, they got up. But they weren't leaving - they got up because a car pulled up on 18th, facing south toward Madison. One of the women approached the car and asked if she could do anything for the driver. There are enough trees in the way that I couldn't clearly see what was going on, but I called the police after several cars had to detour, because this car and the women were blocking the street. They stayed in the street for a good 10 minutes, still chatting loudly, and the police didn't make it.

I'm not sure if the police came by at all, since I went to bed once the car left, as the women quickly walked down Madison. We tend to see a lot of cars pull over on 18th, just north of Madison, and passersby approach the vehicle. Not sure what's going on, but we're the only residential building right there (there's an off!ice across the street), and whatever's going on has no relation to any of our residents.

Operator was nice, considering I was calling with a pretty low-level problem. She did seem in a hurry to get off the phone, so I was cut off when explaining that this was in progress, and if police hustled, they could see it for themselves (I often feel like we're crying wolf when we call, but the problem dissapates before police arrive. It seems like a disincentive for them to respond in the future).

Friday September 24, 2004, 8 PM, 1800 block E. Madison: Assault

Several emergency vehicles roared to the scene, which is what alerted us of activity (we're uphill one building - this is at the bus stop near the abandoned dairy on Madison and 19th). The fire dispatch website indicated they were responding to an assault with a weapon. We didn't see the assault, just the victim being quickly put into the ambulance. No one else except emergency personnel was around, so I don't know if there was a suspect, and if so, if s/he was detained. Not even entirely sure what happened, but it sure warranted a large 911 response.

(Talked to Lt. Eric Sano (night commander of E. precinct) at the E. Precicnt fair on Saturday.

Police noted the victim collapsed at bus stop. Multiple stab wounds. Presumed drug deal gone bad.


Wednesday, Sept. 8, 20th/21st & Denny (from the Capitol Hill Times)

Just girls having fun

A policeman on patrol saw two women and a man fighting in the street near 21st Avenue and E. Denny Street at 2:15 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 8. The man said the two women were already on the ground when he arrived and he was trying to break up the fight.

One woman had two small cuts on her face she said were bites, but the other woman denied biting her. The woman with the cuts declined medical attention.

According to the officer, both women were intoxicated and uncooperative. They said it was "mutual combat' and they did not want a police report. Onlookers refused to tell the officer what happened. The officer told the women to leave the area.

He's a real crack-up

Two residents of an apartment near E. Denny Street and 20th Avenue E. complained to police about a man who was sitting in the building's courtyard who swore at them and refused to leave. Police officers confronted the man about 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 8.

He was hunched over a small black bag trying to put some scattered property inside.

He said he did not live there and would pick up his stuff and leave. He told the police he was just smoking a little "weed." The cops decided to hold him a little longer. The property on the bench and ground was two wallets, identification and credit cards.

Also on the ground by his feet as a small plastic container with what looked like a crack cocaine pipe inside.

According to the officers the man appeared to be high or intoxicated, and he told them that he had been drinking and smoking "crack" all day. He could not give a consistent story about how he came by the suspected stolen property.

Officers were able to make contact with the two people whose names appeared on the credit cards and identification. They said they had lost the items during a car prowl between noon and 3 that afternoon. A field test on the residue inside the pipe gave a positive result for cocaine.

The man was booked into King County Jail for investigation of violating the uniform controlled substances act and possession of stolen property

Thursday September 23, 2004: East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition Meeting

Hey, attended my first EPCPC meeting in some time and want to pass on a few items: Good news is that cops say that crime is down 12% in the precinct from last year, altho some areas like sections of Broadway and 21st and Madison are as bad or worse than ever---this last area gets more narcotics calls than any other area in Seattle.

Wednesday, September 22 2004, 7:25AM, 1900 block 18th Ave: soliciting prostitution

Two females (1 white, 1 black) standing on the corner of 18th and Denny. My window was down on my truck and one of them tried to walk towards my car while I was looking both ways to turn. We're new to the area and it seems like the prostitutes/dealers are pretty aggressive to basically anyone who comes up to a stop sign.

Friday, September 10. 2004, mid-day, 2200 block E. John: Drug-deal

The bus shelters on John St between 21st and 23rd are constantly being used for drug consumption and deals. I want to say I have had more than 100 incidents but I will fall short. At this point I encounter them face to face because Police response is minimal. We have thre children in the house and 5 others next door neighbors.

Homeless people are also drug dealers, handicap people are drug dealers and consumers. The police have told us there is nothing they can do. Recently one man and two women had a shouting contest (drug related) at 4:00 am. I had to go out and tell them to shut up, the police came after 10 minutes and eventhough I pointed out to him the people that were disturbing he said,"oh, well they are leaving now", and nothing was done.

Sundays are drug days and off coarse no Police are around. YES, SUNDAYS. Going back to the homeless/drug dealer/handicaps, there is a fellow that lives between both shelters on John between 21 and 23. Apparently does not have money to get a place but does to smoke crack in front of my house. However, that is not the only worry, this guy spends so much time in these shelters that he knows all the moves neighbors around there make. They know the cars (as soon as they see me coming down John they move)the times we are not there and to make things more interesting they have radios that catch police conversations so they know when they are coming. I have heard this from the other side of my fence. It is incredible how organized this is...

We have tried to contact Metro to have them switch the shelter to face towrds John, but they do not give a damn (either they have insider or do not care about neighborhoods) I asked Coghlin in one of our meetings about what to do, and the response was, "bring the shelter down and put it on the middle of the street...".

Sunday, September 12, 2004: General Concerns

I want to point out here that the situation in our area is crying out for action above and beyond what the police can provide. We need drug rehab counseling info., detox facilities, more shelters, information for prostitutes on safe sex as well as resources to get out if they want to, and so much more. Simply complaining about the police--or, for that matter, locking people up--isn't going to make the issue go away. Homeless people in Miller Park (and elsewhere) largely want to be left alone. Crack addicts are addicts, and they are no longer making rational decisions about anything, much less concern about people's property values or trespassing.

Am I alone in seeing this issue as being so much more complicated than just calling 911? I'm all for better policing, but that's just one, tiny step of a huge ladder of social services that we need in this area. It's not a matter of pushing people out, but helping people who live here lead better lives.

(Lt. John Hayes of SPD has been bringing social service providers to weekly meetings with people on E. Madison Street. He reports some limited success with some people. Many of us have been pushing for this integrated approach to the neighborhood problems. Thank you for restating it so clearly. Andrew)

Sunday, September 12, 2004, 1:30 PM, Miller Playfied: homeless people living in Park

Four people are living in Miller Park. They are permanantly camped, and have been for some time, between the tennis court and the ball field. They are living in the dugout and have taken over a large area. There is associated gargage covering the whole area.

(Andrew visited the park on Sunday afternoon: one person sleeping in dugout and in the evening: a different person asleep behind the backstop)

Sunday, September 12, 2004, 11:50 AM, 1900 block E. Denny Way: Drug solicitation

Just before noon on Sunday I turned right off East Madison onto 21st Avenue East then drove west on East Denny Way. Within the two blocks from Madison to 20th East and East Denny, I was offered drugs at least 10 times.

Some sellers actually set up lawn chairs in the parking strip and relaxing while they work. Some step into the street and come to your car so buyers can relax while they get their drugs.

It makes one wonder if there is a large market in the after church crowd!? It is so strange to see this business being conducted in broad daylight and without a care of being caught.

Over and over throughout the day people drive up, buy drugs and drive away. Unless there is a police car parked or driving by, that is the only thing I have seen that changes the pattern at all.

Sunday, September 12, 2004, noon: 100 block 20th Ave E: drug-deal

I watched as a white man "made a purchase" from a black man at the corner of 20th Ave E and E John St. They made no attempt to conceal the transaction as the car driver handed money to the dealer, he made change and passed the car driver a small item.

Since this is so common place in this location, I am going to report the car licence numbers in an effort to identify the customers who visit here so often.

The white man, in his 30s buying drugs here today at noon was driving a late model blue/grey Japanese car and his WA state licence plate# is 053 NMR. He left the area traveling northbound on 23rd Ave E from E John St.

Friday, September 10, 2004, 8AM: 100 block 20th Ave E.: public urination

Public Urination on private property. When leaving for work this morning I encountered a known area prostitute urinating on my walkway. Her pimp, who was also trespassing, but didn't have his pants down, quickly departed.

This sort of thing happens almost every day, so I haven't often made a note of them here on Andrew's web site. However, I am going to try to do so more often. I really encourage others to do the same, it may be the only way for us to get the message to those who can help.

Friday, September 10, 2004, 3 PM: 100 block 20th Ave E: disturbed homeless man

I arrived home to find a crazy/homeless man blocking entry to my home. He is the same man who has done this before. SPD gave him a warning last time and he promised them, and me, that he would not return. Each time he has been more aggitated and unpredicatable, he swears a lot and leaves a large mess of his garbage and "treasures" covering a huge area.

Friday, September 10, 2004, 2 AM: 100 block 20th Ave E: gunfire

Awoken by shouting, then three big gunshots--boom,boom,boom--then a car speeding away. I dread Friday nights when these kinds of events often wake us up.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004, 4 PM; 100 block 20th Ave E: drug deal, drug consumption, soliciting prostitution

Just waiting to get your kid from the school bus stop at 20th Ave E and E Denny Way at 4pm could be dangerous and certianly is miserable.

While waiting for 15 minutes at one of Seattle's most notorious corners I was both presumed to be a prostitute, and yelled at by those that were prostitutes, when they assumed me to be their competition. Apparantly just being at that corner makes you a prostitute.

I paid a quarter of a million dollars to live in an area that the Seattle Police allow to be a Drug Supermarket. I pay nearly $3,000. per year in property taxes, yet if I lived a few blocks away I could expect far more safety, paid for by the same taxes.

Needles in the gutter and a constant stream of drug transactions is not acceptable, but that is what the kids on that bus will see every day. People so gone on drugs they can't walk in a strait line, and it is obvious that the reason they are on that corner is that they sell drugs, use drugs and give blow-jobs right there all day long.

I know they are there at night too, because they keep me up at night. Although it would be foolish to go out at night and use the property I own. City Hall has a record that I own it, but we all know the criminals "own" whatever they wish in this part of town, so my property isn't useable by me.

Madsion/Miller is a putrid cess-pool of open and notorious drug sales, with people openly smoking crack on some very predictable corners everyday, with people shooting up in cars in the same places everyday, with people giving blow-jobs in cars in the same locations everyday.

Something should be done and the police should do it. There are a lot of voters watching to see how long these deplorable conditions are allowed to flurish.


Time is UP! No longer will we be satisfied with, "We are working on that area...bla, bla, bla..." by the mayor, the city and the police. It is clear that nothing is improving here and we are sick of waiting.

CLEAN UP MADISON/MILLER NOW! Not next week, not next month, not next year NOW!

We need police, lots of them, around the clock--today! Police in cars, police on bikes and police on foot. WE NEED POLICE NOW!

A neighbor notes:

I'm thinking letters to the editor & or mayor. Also the Seattle School district has responsibility to provide bus stops in a safe environment - Why on earth did they pick the highest crime intersection in the neighborhood. Parents should not be afraid to wait for the bus, what about kids who go to the stop by themselves. This is something the press would jump on & mayor is gearing up for reelection.... Can we get a meeting with Mr Nickels regarding 20th & Madison? Perhaps sending
them exerps from the commenets. It is really overwhelming to see the volume & severity of the problems. The anger at the city is also very evident, especially with rising taxes. Someone in the mayors office needs to track this, not just spd.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004, 2AM, 2200 block E. John St: gunfire

At 1:45 a.m. we were awakened to extremely loud popping that I can only assume was gunfire. The pops came in rapid succession, like fireworks, and there were at least 10 of them, out on East John Street near 23rd. We know the shooting awakened several of our neighbors because we saw them turn their lights on. This is not the first incidence of gunfire in the area, and it indicates that things are not, in fact, getting much better or safer. For those of us paying taxes and trying to make the neighborhood a good, safe place, being awakened by gunfire just outside your window is frustrating and terrifying. Unfortunately, by the time police arrive the shooters are long gone. What we need instead is increased regular patrols.

Monday, August 16, 2004: 100 block 24th Ave E: property destruction

Graffiti found on walk way between our townhomes; nothing exciting but I'm going to make it a habit to report everything.

Saturday, August 14, 2004, 7 PM, Miller Playfield: drug deal ,drug consumption.

Several drug dealers are using the Miller play field and bus stop for drug deals, drug and alcohol consumption.
They are going back and forth to get the drugs. Probably they hide the drugs in some place.
The homeless people sleep and stay in the park and help drug dealers to guard the merchandise.
Also some drug dealers change clothes in the park to dissipate the police.
Any time that the temperatures are high the police should stop by (day or night) at the Miller Park.

8/13/04 or 8/14/04 two police officers stopped by the park after 7 PM but the party was over the drug dealers were on Madison. They saw the homeless and some clothes in the bushes.
Also the same date a white male with a knife had an argument with a drug dealer at 21st and E John St. These are daily activities, do I need to report?


Captain Meehan replies: Thank you. Yes, always report criminal activity, particular if weapons are involved.

Friday, August 13, 2004, 8 PM, 1600 block 18th Ave: car prowl etc.

A man walking in the neighborhood notified a resident in our building that he'd just witnessed a woman peering into the windows of the half-dozen cars parked in a lot next to our building. Within the past week, someone had paintballed most of the cars along Olive and 18th, including vehicles and signage at the Trader Joe's construction site, so we took his report seriously and took turns checking on the parking lot for the next few hours, but nothing happened (the lot is at the head of the alley that leads behind the Polish Hall, which has been a source of crack smoking and prostitution situations lately).

Thursday, August 12, 2004, 9 PM between the Twilight Exit and Deano's: assault

This actually occurred between the Twilight Exit and Deano's - against that fenced area. While walking towards the Twilight, my partner and I witnessed (from 1/4 block away, so we couldn't hear what provoked it) a young black man punch a young white man in the face, hard enough that his head bounced off of the fence or wall he was up against. The white man then started walking towards us, and he passed us right before we were in front of the Twilight - I offered to call the police for him (his eye was already very swollen), and he mumbled something along the lines of "they robbed me." He refused to come with us into the Twilight (he seemed a little out of sorts himself, like he was drunk or high or something), and continued up Madison towards 21st. We didn't have our cell phones with us, and had a hard time flagging down a bartender in the Twilight to call the police.

Sunday, August 8th, 2004, 6 PM, 1600 block, 18th Ave: drug consumption

Last Sunday an older, grey-haired, African-American male with black t-shirt and purple messenger bag was in the alley way in between the condo "The Madison on 18th" and the "Polish Home" smoking what appeared to be crack. This is the third time I have caught this same male in the alley behind my door or in the alley behind the polish home smoking crack. The other times has been with a middle-aged woman with a heavy purple jacket.

These two individuals feel free to do whatever they want in our alley.


Sunday, August 8th, 2004, 9 PM, 1600 block 21st Ave: drug consumption

I was standing on my porch Sunday night and a male and a female were walking on the sidewalk and stopped in front of my house and started smoking some type of drug. The female was smoking and was oblivious to anyone until the male looked over and said, oh... when he saw me. He took the female by the arm and started pulling on her to keep moving. She was muttering something as she was statred walking aftr taking a hit off the pipe. They continued walking towards Madison. It appeared to me they were headed to Deanos.
I called 911 and gave them a description. I don't know what happened after that.
The 911 operator couldn't get the color of her clothes right until I repeated it several times - turquoise, not blue. Other than that she took the info and said she will call it in.

August 2004: General comments: things are improving

To me, things seem to have improved noticeably. Whether or not this is because things are getting better or because people have just picked another spot I don't notice (more likely I would think), I'm not sure, but a year ago I was seeing drug dealing/consumption every day, but now I've gone weeks at a time without seeing either. Certainly I see the dealers/users and know who they are, but I see them walking down the street--not dealing/using. I do think (as someone mentioned on the site) that more activity has shifted to cars, however: people buying and then using the drugs in cars so they are not as obvious.

Tuesday, August 3rd 2004, 4AM, 100 block 20th Ave E: Gunshots

14 shots fired in such rapid sucession, it could only have been an automatic weapon. I understand 14 shots represents an entire "clip' being emptied.

Shots were fired at 4am and sounded to be about one block away. I waited for a while to see if there was any drama, but things were strangely quite.

Hard not to imagine what kind of damage 14 shots would bring..

The conditons in Miller Park are unbelievably out of control.

I didn't call the cops because they always make me feel like it is my fault that there are troubles around here.

What can we do?

Tuesday August 3rd, 4AM, 2000 block E. Denny: gunshots

Last night, 5-7 gun shots around 4 pm, I believe. I didn't have my phone nearby and didn't hear any of the usual activity afterwards. They were very rhythmic and muffled--so I wasn't quite sure. About 10 minutes later I saw a police car drive through the alley so I suspect someone called them in.

Saturday, July 31st, 2004, 9AM, 100 Block 21st Ave E.:drug deal, soliciting, prostitution. public alcohol consumption

Left to go to work at 8:30 AM and there was a crowd of 15 people on our front lawn huddled and doing all sorts of things. The front walk/yard has become a gathering space due to the lack of people on this end of the block. In the past due to the shade of the tall grasses, it has served a dual purpose of shade and make shift living rooms for some of the local folks. When it is two or three people, I usually ask them to leave, but with a crowd of 15 it is daunting.
We have since cut down any of the greenery that serves as hiding spaces. the street is turning more and more into a deserted landscape.

Reported comments to 911: She repeatedly questioned whether there were truly 15 people in my front yard. I had to convince her that the 'norm' is 2-4, but this truly overstepped boundaries.

Tuesday, July 29th, 2004, 11AM, 100 block 21st Ave E.: Threatening behaviour

Just another one of those things that you don't report to police, but none-the-less threatening. Came home during the day and as I was driving in my driveway, I followed someone in to my parking spot who then walked up to the back of my house and was using the spigot. He knew me, we had talked before, he knew I lived there, but when I repeatedly asked him to stop using my water, he ignored my requests. Taking water is not the issue, the blatentness and the fact that he was in a place that prevented me from walking into my house without encountering him was the issue. During the day, this is unnerving, at night it would be scary.

1800 Block 19th Ave., Saturday, July 31st, 7 PM: Police too busy to even take a report

Minor nuisance, but a little ominous. A group of roughly half a dozen teenagers have taken to hanging out on the corners of 19th and Denny, doubtless pushed out from the developing areas. They're fighting, lighting off fireworks and bottle rockets, etc. Some of the younger ones clearly seem like mules, satelliting for them a block away. This leads me to think drugs are involved, which would be consistent with some of the other problems in the area. A call to the nonemergency police number resulted in me being told that they're not even taking reports of emergent crimes at this time, and please call back later if they are still bothering the neighborhood. Question: why do we have a nonemergency number if this doesn't qualify to even take a report? I realize they're overworked, etc. etc.

Told me they could not deal with nonemergency issues at this time and to call back later if it's still a problem.

(Andrew: I've been told that this was around the time of all the arsons and the Police were very busy and only answering emergency calls)

1812 - 19th Ave, Saturday, July 31, 10 AM: drug consumption

Two black female known transients were sitting next to the dumpster in the alley across from the 1812 19th ave condos. I asked them to leave as I took my dog out for a walk, and they continued to talk freneticly to one another. Upon my return a few minutes later, I told them they had to leave, and they refused. I called it in to the non emergency number.

2000 Block E. Madison, July 29th: no problems!

Hey Andrew, something very strange 8 AM this morning as I walked past Deano's on my way to the bus -- there was no one, and I mean NO ONE, hanging out in front. There was a lone hooker working the block between 19th & 20th and that was it. Was it a holiday or something? It was quite the sight to see.

16th Ave E., Sunday July 25, 2004: home burglary

I just moved to 16th Ave East from the CD in April. Someone broke into my home on early Sunday morning (July 25th) and took a small safe containing $6400 woth of treasury bonds and some old coins.

But they also took my partners identity. His adoption papers, SS card, Birth Certificate, and both of our passports, and our Mom's will are out there somewhere.

We think the thief may have run to south through the alley and hopefully disposed of these things (rather than use them to try to cash the bonds). Please contact us at 206.730.5002 if you have seen a small white damaged safe (like a security firebox) or any of the mentioned items.
Thank you.. Scooter Lowrimore

100 Block, 22nd Ave E., July 25, 2004: Blatant drug dealing

I am astounded by the activity level on Madison and 21st, it has gotten really bad, On our street, 22nd ave, people park while the dealer gets out to score. The dealer walks over to Madison and then returns to get in the car full of waiting buyers. Then off they drive. This is unacceptable!

Reaction to the news that Wes Brewton (the ever vigilant manager of the CHHIP apartments at 20th & Denny) is retiring.

I am sorry that he is leaving. I live right behind Wes's building and to say the least, it is a bummer and a fear that he is leaving.

Even when he is there, I have seen a lot of traffic running through the gates and using his area as a hiding place. It is non stop vigilance for keeping that area clean and it has been a huge relief knowing that he has worked hard to maintain order.

I have a busy summer, but I would like to organize some sort of meeting with the Mary Ruth apartments, the apartments 2000 block of Denny and other buildings on the alley at our end of the block for some loose sort
of blockwatch.

Daily, I ask people to stop using our front yard to smoke up or hide out or use the bushes for shade. They move garbage cans over to our yard to lean out to make a convenient crack table. Daily there is open drug smoking all around the neighborhood.

Nightly, there is aggressive yelling and arguing.

Its exhausting. Any night I wake up without having been woken up by the neighborhood is a good night. There has been a lot of increased activity in the past week and with Wes leaving that is a major loss for the area.

Wednesday, July 21st, 4AM: 100 Block 21st Ave E: drug deal, excessive noise


Second night in a row woken up by agressive yelling or talking around the alley between 20-21st and Denny and John.

Tuesday evening sustained agressive yelling for about 20 minutes, most unintelligable except for the F word.

Last night woke up at 3:50 to a makeshift car alarm that was going off and discussion about that. Went to investigate and the car was parked in the alley behind Ruth Manor and there was some loud discussion going on about it, and eventually they sped off.

Pretty much a nightly occurrence to wake up to some messed up people yelling and screaming at each other. Once again, didn't have the phone nearby, but not even sure what to report. Seems like 9-1-1 operators are becoming a little more considerate.

Wednesday, July 21st: 1800 Block E. Denny Way: agrees with last comment

I agree with the last comment. We live on the 1800 E Denny Way block. We often go to Gallito and Twilight Exit, or just walk up to Pike/Pine. The problem in front of Deano's is not subsiding. I thought for a while in the springtime that it was improving, but maybe it was just the crummy weather. I am getting of sick of being hassled by these people hanging out, I am sick of waiting for SPD to solve this problem. I feel like these drug dealers and prostitutes have more rights than we do. My property taxes are totally insane, and for what? My neighbors and I have our cars and houses broken into, things stolen out of our yards. Drug dealing, trespassing, and fights going on all the time. Garbage, broken glass, and beer cans are everywhere. What the hell is going on? An idiot can see that if Deano's and Oscar's were gone, this problem would go away. I'm losing my patience, I know part of the problem is funding and manpower. Maybe we should require !
Mayor whats-his-name to camp out on this corner 24/7 until this problem is solved, or is he too busy with S. Lake Union and trolley cars to care about taxpayers and their kids? Somebody in authority, please do something!

July 2004: E. Denny Way: Nothing's changing!

Everything is just as bad around Miller Park as it has been for several years. Whores everyday on East Denny Way between 20th E. and 21 E. I see blatenly open drug transactions every time I drive within a block of Deano's. Nearly every night I am awoken by multiple groups of people smoking crack in the alley between 19th E. and 20th E., bounded by E. Denny and E. John.

For the last few years I have tryed to believe what the SPD has been telling us, but SPD is negligent in it's lack of patrol and enforcement in Miller Park. I'm sick and tired of trying to make a go of it around here. I have one goal: get out of this area. Why should the crack smokers and sex sellers be allowed to feel more comfortable in Miller Park than those of us paying insane property taxes?

Clearly the city is turning a blind eye to the ills that haunt Miller Park. It is an ugly place to live.

What can be done? East precinct can give us a voice mail hotline so we can each call it 10 times a day when we see the transactions, the consumptions and illegal transgressions that happen 24-7.

2000 Block East Madison Street, 1AM, Thursday July 15th: Shots fired

SHOTS FIRED (Capitol Hill Times, July 21st)

Just before 1 a.m. on-Thursday,July 15, officers responded to the 2000 block of East Madison Street after a man reported hearing several shots.

When officers arrived, they saw several people in me area but no one appeared to have been shot. None of the people standing around admitted to hearing any shots. But a check of the area ultimately lo-cated three bullet holes in a sign for a nearby business. It was not possible to determine if the holes were caused by a previous shooting or me incident in question.

While investigating the shoot-ing officers received another call regarding a vehicle left with its engine running less than a block away. They responded to that lo-cation and located a parked car with its engine in idle. They turned the ignition off and examined the vehicle. They found that one of its front tires had a bullet hole in it and was completely flat. A rear tire had been grazed by a bullet and still held air.

No one was near the vehicle by the time officers arrived. There were no apparent victims. The shell casings were taken into evidence, as were the vehicle's keys. The vehicle was towed away from the scene.

Capitol Hill Times, July 14th: WARRANT ARREST

Just before 10p.m. on June 27, officers on patrol were observing a man they knew well loiter in the area of 20th Avenue East and East Madison Street.

They saw the man walk up to a woman they knew to be a drug user. One two occasions as they drove by the pair they broke contact in an effort to avoid the of- ficers. On the third pass officers stopped them both and detained them for questioning.

Officers ran a routine name check on both people. The woman's name came up clear, but the man was not so fortunate. Officers learned that the man was wanted for felony es- cape from a state corrections facility. As such the man, who is in his mid-30s, was booked into King County Jail.

The woman was told to leave the area.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004: 1AM: 2000 block E. Denny: excessive noise, gunfire

Possible gunfire in late night/early morning. Definitely some sort of altercation following this. Couldn't confirm that they were in fact gunshots, some sort of popping, but yelling afterwards.

Have woken up quite a few nights in the past month due to screaming and yelling.

(an independant 2nd report):

We heard multiple gun shot (about 5 in a row)past midnight close to 1am.
It sounded like it was coming from around Deano's area. Also heard cars speeding away right after, so it could be another drive by shooting. We did not hear any gunshots in a while and was hoping that the area was getting better but I guess we were wrong.

Called 911 and reported the incidence right after it happened. A few minutes later, one cop car was sent to the area to circle around for a few times, but that was all we saw. Probably the people who fired the shot was long gone and we assume that no one was hurt because no ambulance was sent.

Addendum:The report of gunshots was somewhat confirmed last night by one of the folks who hangs around the neighborhood (Auntie). I guess they shot into the crowd of people in front of Deano's but the police didn't come for awhile (10 minutes or so). I suspect no one called it in. I don't have any more details about it. She thought it was from a "carload of Asians who were driving around all crazy" that night.

July 13th, 2004: 17th and Republican: assorted problems

We are absolutely NOT happy with what's going on in our neighborhood. We're up the hill from Madison at 17th and Republican. 2-3 nights a week we have people getting crazy in the alley - sometimes belligerent, sometimes not. My
car was prowled two nights ago, and that same night, there was a mugging at 15th and Republican. Yesterday afternoon, two large vehicles, a beat up white van with duct tape on one window, driven by an African American man, sped up 20th out of the Miller parking lot clipped a car parked there, followed moments later by a black late model SUV, also speeding, driven by a
white man with a tattooed upper arm. "Drug deal gone bad" said one of my neighbors. We have seen street kids loitering at the intersections of 18th and Republican and at the Qwest junction box on the alley between 17th and 18th and a few weeks back I found drugs stashed in the flowerbeds at the corner of 18th and Republican. All is not well.

This isn't Madison, I know. But neighbors have suggested that the construction on Madison, along with the closure of the AmPm on 23rd, has caused the trouble-causing population to relocate to our neighborhood.


Sunday July 12th: Car Prowl

My car was prowled. It looks like they tried to steal the stereo but were interupted at some point. Nothing was stolen or broken, luckily. This has happened before and car prowling is quite common in my neighborhood.

911 staff were very helpful and agreed to send my report in with "request to watch neighborhood." I mentioned that there has been a lot of street noise, sketchy behavior, craziness in the alley, etc... and they said to call 911 every time.

Sunday July 11th, at 10:30pm on Republican between 16th and 17th: Mugging

(from signs posted around the neighborhood)

I was mugged on Sunday, July 11th, at 10:30pm on Republican between 16th and 17th. I noticed a teal/blue sedan with headlights off pull up near me on Republican. The driver stayed in the car with the engine running while a black woman - long hair in a ponytail, black tank top, dark pants and tennis shoes-jumped out and grabbed my bag. I shouted for help and 911, and luckily, a neighbor at the corner came out and scared the muggers away.

I have lived in this neighborhood over four years, and I've never had anything like this happen to me. Please be on the lookout. Women, please be cautious walking home at night. If you see a car matching this description lurking around the area, please call the police! We deserve to be safe in our

Thank you to the couple who helped me last night and to anyone who called 911!

Sunday, July 11, 2004, 1 PM: in street outside 500 - 19th Ave E.: drug consumption

Outside the Republican Apts (on the 19th Av E side, under the trees along the sidewalk) a 4-door early to mid 90s Mercedes Benz, blue to silver in color, pulled up with an African American man driving and two female adult (one appeared African American, the other Caucasian) passengers.

They looked suspicious, as they were eyeing the area for police, etc. It appeared they might use the parking spot for drug consumption and were waiting for me to pull away in my car. While waiting in my drive I pulled out my cell phone to make a call to my friend I was soon to meet. They noticed and quickly appeared panicked, speeding away.

There were no license plates but it had a temporary license sticker in the back window. I could not get the number before they drove off.

At other times I have noticed cars pull up to this SW corner of 19th Av E and E Republican St, or along the tree shaded 400 - 500 block of 19th Av E and shoot up, etc.

Capitol Hill Times, July 7th 2004: Abandoned House on E. Denny

Just before 9 p.m. on June 29, officers conducted a premise check at an abandoned house on East Denny Way. The property is clearly posted with no trespassing and no loitering signs. Despite the warnings, officers saw a woman in her late 40s sitting on the property's front porch.

Officers recognized her from numerous previous contacts. On one such occasion, roughly one month previoudly she had been specifically trespassed from this particular property. At that time she was told she could not be at the property for one year, and she signed a trespass admonishment card at that time.

The woman offered no explanation as to why she was at the house. Following a records check, and after receiving confirmation of her identity and the previous admonishment, the woman was arrested and booked into King County Jail.

July 2004: Townhouses @ 24th & Denny; loitering crossing Madison

and things are relativley quiet over there; the Deano's crowd doesn't seem to cross 23rd.

That's not to say I'm not on the lookout -- I placed my first 911 report last week on a couple using the walkway between our townhouses for a place to sit & smoke & drink at 10:30pm. People use our shared drive/walk way as a shortcut so the neighbors in our complex are going to put up fences to block those paths.

As for Madison/Deanos I can't say I've noticed any change in the last 4-5 months, but I pretty much only see it in passing. I guess there has been more activity with the warmer weather but that's expected. I have seen a couple what looked like drug deals, but the one thing I find both annoying and dangerous is the the Deanos loiterers crossing the street very, very slowly against the lights and with seemingly no regard for traffic or their personal safety. If I were to hit someone I would be fearful for my own personal safety in stopping to help them. Not a situation I want to get into. Obviously I could just not drive on Madison but that would only solve the problem for me.

106 - 21st Ave E: problem house

here is a brief update on the 106 21st avenue east house. I had previously
sent the wrong information out as for the owner/address. I couldn't identify
the address easily on the DPD site but it has had an inspection on June 29th
and a violation has been written. They have until July 29th to clean it up.

It has been considerably calmer around here in the past two months. I mean
waaaaay calmer. Lots of dealing and screaming and such still, but not nearly
as frightening as past summer and winter.

July 6, 2004: some good news!


Commander Meehan,

Just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with Officer Pruitt.

We met him the other day when he was investigating the alley near ourhome. To get a better understanding of the situation, he stopped to ask questions. He also ensured we were OK with him driving near our homes during his shift to check out the alley.

His thoughtfulness and professionalism is so appreciated.

On another note, we've been noticing more patrol activity in the area of 22nd Ave. E. Thank you!

Best regards,

Heidi Ob'bayi

Re: Kudos to Officer Pruitt

Thank you for taking the time to pass along your experience with Officer<br>Rich Pruitt. I also greatly appreciate Rich going the extra mile to understand and work the issues in your neighborhood. I will forward your message to both he and his supervisor as the officers don't hear about their good work as often as I think they should. Again, thank you.

Captain Mike Meehan, East Precinct


July 2004: 24th and John: Assorted

The women across the street just borrowed our No tresspass signes to stop people from dumping corrosives in her yard. We have stolen cars dumped in front of our home at least every other month and there is a large apartment going in right next door/ We have heavy traffic and speeding and will be impacted by the parking for Safeway. What should i do get me going and I will help.

June 21st, 2004: 131 22nd Ave East.

Today I went there to show one of the units to a prospective renter.

Much to my dismay there was a drug deal happening half way down the block towards John. When I left, I took Madison, and there was a big crowd of people hanging out on the corner. What's going on? Ithought things were getting "better"? I can't believev with all the lip service of stepped up patroling there is still a big drug/loitering presence. When will this insanity end?

Thursday June 17, 2004, 6PM: next to 2014 E. Denny Way: Car Prowl

Obviously very suspicious man keeping a lookout outside a garage while co-worker broke into vehicles or was trying to steal a car in pretty much broad daylight. I went back in my house and called but apparently they left carrying a big duffel bag by the time the cops came.

I confirmed with a tenant at the house that they had already broken into one car and were attempting the other.
Report to 911: very efficient, directed to squad car right away. But I am a little perplexed why a car prowl gets a more efficient response than drug dealing--I guess easier to guarentee and actual crime in progress?

April 2004: Bicycle stolen from 1812 - 19th Ave

My mountain bike was stolen from inside my building's garage (1812 - 19th Ave). It's cable was apparently cut. It was a yellow full suspension Giant Warp D3 with serial number GB1B2343. If someone has any information on it, please email me at

Sunday, March 7, 2004, 3:12 AM Gunfire on Madison Street outside Ocar's II (two reports)

First report: At approximately 3:12 am, there were four gun shots followed by squealing tires in the vicinity of Oscars'. Ten minutes later a police car siren went off and then faded into the night. A lovely evening in the East Prct.

Second report: I was trying to fall asleep early monday morning between 2 and 4am when Iheard about 4 very loud (shot gun maybe?) shots fired off within a couple/few blocks north of 21st and E Denny area. called 911. heard some sirens. saw some cops drive around checking out the area. response was quick. if anyone knows more, please post.

Saturday, March 6, 2004, 9 PM, 1600 block 22nd Avenue: Strange loitering

We were watching TV when we heard a loud noise that sounded like it came from our basement, and heard men yelling. I ran down to look and turned on the basement lights, including the light to our garage area. About the time I turned on the garage light, my wife saw a man with a brown and lighter colored fleece jacket run to a mountain bike parked across the street and ride away. When I came upstairs, there was still another man on our porch. He was a tall, thin black man with a black ski hat and a black sweatshirt on. We called 911, and 6 police officers responded quickly.

They took the man on our porch into custody and said he was a Deano's area regular "problem child." They said he will go from house to house knocking on people's doors until someone opens up, and then he will claim to need help and look inside the house. A week later the house will end up getting robbed. They have not had enough evidence to take action against him based on this observation, but seemed pretty certain he was part of the problem.

We think the noise we heard was the man with the bike moving the recycle bin in front of a window to our garage. We did not find evidence of attempted entry to the house, however. My guess is the guy on our porch was supposed to be some sort of lookout while the guy who got spooked by the light was attempting to get in or look in. That would not explain the yelling, however, unless you assume that was just another result of incompetent addicts not being able to work together without arguing with each other.

The police said the guy on the porch had drug issues and was "a little mental," and stole to support his habit. He seemed out of it when the incident happened because he stood on the porch for another five minutes or so after the other guy left before the police came and put handcuffs on him. They said he would likely be released that night and would be expected to go right back to going to people's houses.

We have lived at this house for nearly 7 years. Things have gotten noticably better the last couple of years, but this goes to show we still have a way to go.

The operator quickly put us on with someone in the field, and the police responded quickly.

Friday February 27, 2004, 11 PM: Gunfire, 2000 block E.. Denny

Two large caliber bullets entered our windows. One went through my neighbors window across from me, entering the window, and lodging itself into a desk. The other went into the unit below me. The direction of entry was from the E. Denny side of our building (the front).

I've lived here since October 2003, and am now ready to pack up and move to an area where I have a lower chance of being shot in my own home. The city and police don't seem to care about what is going on here.

Thursday February 26, 2004, 1AM. 200 block 22nd Ave E: drug deal drug consumption

I haven't written for awhile (must be that winter hibernation) but I did want to comment on the increased drug related activity happening at the bus stops on E John St between 21st & 23rd. I guess the warmer weather has brought people back from the south. There have been repeated (too many to mention) incidents of drug use (primarily of a smoked nature) lately at the bus stop on the north side of John St. We built a deck last summer and it affords us a birds eye view of the scenery on the other side of the fence. We ask them to stop what they are doing and move on and let them know we are watching. We have also noticed a few regulars back in business. There is "Dolphin Man" who sports a Miami Dolphins hat and likes to talk football. He has an even larger cart than before and hangs out at the bus stop on E John on the south side of the street. He calls out for business frequently in the middle of the night. In the past he has carried a police band/scanner r!
adio with him to follow police response activity. He seems to do a brisk business out of the bus stop judging by the amount of people who never seem to take buses. There is also the man who wears a coverall type of outfit. He mainly hangs out by that same bus stop. We found him passed out a few months ago in the bushes on the corner of 22nd Ave E & E John (SW corner) and called for aid because we could see evidence of breathing but he eventually roused himself.

Police presence has been evident. Last night around 1:30am, I was awakened by two African American women having a loud conversation with a patrol car. It appeared that the patrol car had stopped to check up on them and they were telling the patrol to mind their own business in a calm but loud way. The police apparently considered them a low priority and drove on.

Friday, February 20, 2004, 10 AM: Drug deal at 19th & Denny

Directly on corner of 19/Denny I saw a group of 4 people exchangint money and unk items in their hands. Not only this but heard them talking about drugs. Someone new ran up to the group yelling about a certain drug they wished to purchase. This corner and 19/Madison are regular trouble spots for this activity. Some of the persons are regular particiapants that I have seen. There is also parked a motor home on 19 closer to Madison, that appears to be lived in and has not moved in over 6 months.

Thursday, February 19, 2004, 1 AM: Gunfire at 20th & Madison

Woke up to gunfire sometime around 1 or after. One Loud shot followed by a quieter one. Possibly two different guns -- like a .45 and then a .22.. Sounded like around 20th and Madison, give or take. Same area as usual.
I was woken from a dead sleep and did not have a telephone nearby. Failed to call police, as I fell right back to sleep. Normally I phone in all gunshots heard, which are extremely frequent/regular.

Thursday January 15 2004, 9:45 PM: Gunfire behind Deano's Bar

Heard 5 rapid gunshots and the sound of car accelerating at high rate of speed. Out window saw red car northbound in alley stopped at Denny for white car eastbound on Denny. Do not know whether the red car was the one heard accelerating. Also red car may be someone who heard the shots and accelerated to get away.

Monday, January 5, 2004, 11 PM: Gunshots

A man fired four shots at a moving car, using a handheld pistol. He was standing near the porch of the pink house (2023 E. Denny Way) on the side of the house.

After the shots were fired, a man got out of the vehicle and shouted back at the gunman, and then the vehicle quickly turned left from Denny onto 20th Ave.

A few minutes later, several police officers appeared with guns drawn, and searched for the suspect. They seemed to be focused on the blue house next door (2025 I believe). I saw one man get arrested, and police officers entered the house.

After all this, I just observed the police officers looking around for shells on the ground.

This is the second time I've heard gunshots within a block of my home since December 28th 2003.

Summaries, 11/5/03

Here is a list of Police Incidents (i.e. those calls serious enough to generate a writen report) for February 03 to Nov 4 03, for the Oscar's & Deano's block of Madison and the alleys and parking lots behind them

Assaults: 4
Auto Thefts: 4
Robbery : 1
Criminal Trespass: 1
Weapons Violations: 2
Fights: 1
Fugitives: 1
Drugs: 45 (mainly crack, some heroin, some drugs for sex)
Homicides: 1
Shootings: 2 (includes 11/4/03)

Arrest for Warrants: 69. This includes 33 Felony warrants. Warrants were for assaults, escapes, drugs, forgery etc. Many of the warrants were from out of the City.

total: 131 incident reports.

Shootings in the Madison Corridor & Eastern Capitol Hill Area

Dec. 1, 2001 - Fed. Way man wounded by gunshot (Oscar's)
Dec. 10, 2001 - Two wounded, one critical (Oscar's)
Nov. 15, 2002 - (Capital Hill) One man shot during argument
Jan 1, 2003 - Man stabbed at Deano's
Dec. 13, 2002 - Man leaving Deano's shot after talking to person in car
July 27, 2003 - Shots fired, no one hit - No known witnesses
Aug. 14, 2003 - Shot fired, police responded
Aug. 25, 2003 - Shots fired, police responded
Oct. 2003 - Shooting in Planned Parenthood Parking Lot
Oct 2003 - Gunfire near 22nd and Denny - Drug Deal gone bad
Nov 4, 2003 - Drive-by shooting, hitting 40 year customer in Oscar's

11 Shootings over a two year period in one area!!!!

Assorted shooting incidents on/around Madison