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Thanksgiving thru December 20th: Safeway parking lot: harrassment


Several times between Thanksgiving and December 20 I have been verbally harrassed in the outdoor Safeway parking lot. Young males have demanded money, once by banging on the closed windows on both sides of my car as I tried to back out of a parking space. I live two blocks from the grocery but have given up walking there to purchase things because I feel physically unsafe outside of Safeway, even during the daytime hours, on any of the three streets (Madison,23rd,and 22nd) bordering the store.

The bus stops (in front of the Safeway and across the street in front of Firestone) are also 'no go' zones for a lone female. The number of drug addicted individuals, dealers, and drunks in front of Deanos Cafe (and the store) continue to create an atmosphere of intimidation which spills over into the surrounding streets.

I know the police are trying to deal with the crimes and criminals, but a different response is needed. The locus of the problem is obviously Deanos Cafe. It is time for the powers that be to protect the majority of us who are trying to go about our daily lives in the neighborhood with a sense of safety rather than fear.

Many dates and times: outside Deano's Bar

numerous times i have been propositioned in-front of Deano's cafe for drugs or sex. one time a woman i didn't know kept telling me i knew her (adamantly) i almost believed i was mistaken until she described me as the guy with the green car. then she went on about my green car, eventually i realized she meant the slang green ,
meaning weed (dope). my naivete slipping away i now realized she was trying to sell me drugs. making it clear i wasn't interested she began offering other things convinced it was the reason i was passing in-front of Deano's. thinking it futile to explain that i shouldn't have to have a reason to use a sidewalk, i abruptly ended the conversation and turned on my heel ignoring her pleas (still convinced ii was looking for drugs or company).

another time while passing Deano's cafe a woman asked me if i wanted to go-in together on the purchase of a rock. at first i didn't understand her words, when she spoke more clearly i wasn't certain i understood what she meant,(why would i want a stone, surely a pebble wasn't so expensive she'd have to barrow money,,,,maybe it was slang for realestate?). realizing the truth, i said no thank you, and then again, and again while she explained that i could come with her to get it, she was on the up and up, she wasn't gonna skip-out on me. i calmly explained that i didn't do that stuff, she stopped and looked at me with a mixed expression. she had started out contact like she was asking for a quarter to buy a newspaper we could share, now she was face to face with a phenomenon, a non-drug-user!

several times (5) i attempted to go to Deano's cafe in the evenings only to be discouraged by the groups hanging-out out-side, making it clear my kind (white) wasn't welcomed.

i have a view of the back door of Deano's minus a tree, and a week doesn't go by that there's not a fight, yelling, or couple that has decided to have their domestic squabble in Deano's parking lot.

a denial of Deano's liquor license wouldn't end the drug problem in this neighborhood, but i think it would take a big chunk out.

Many dates: E. Madison St. on sidewalk outside Deano's Market drug deal soliciting prostitution public alcohol consumption public urination car prowl

Every morning at around 6:00 a.m. I go to Starbucks and observe one of the above.I am tired of these requests for information,that seems to fall on deaf ears and extremely frustrated at the the lack of culpability that Dean Falls has to own.When are we as residents of the area going to see Dean Falls finally held respnsible for his total lack of control and or caring of his property?
I am not a newcomer to the central area.I have lived here and raised my children here for the past 18 years. In this time I have witnessed many positive changes, but one constant has remained,the total disregard to health and safety that is the Dean Falls property.

Friday December 16, 2005, 2 PM, 1800 Block E. Madison Street

My hired help for cleaning the street sides of my condo building on 18th and Madison were talking and cleaning the garden strips and landscaping around the building. We were clearing away yard debris and trash from the the sides of the building on Madison. We found at least 3 syringes and other drug related objects (pipes for example) that had been tossed into the hedges and bushes of our condo. The young hired help- recently placed into a home after years of streetliving and drug abuse said rather matter of factly this stuff was bought at Deano's. Everyone knows you can buy crack in the bar.

Saturday December 17, 2005, 10 PM: in 100 block 22nd Ave E.: car prowl

Car prowlers were caught inside our car...
At approximately 10PM we heard our neighbor yelling at someone near our home. My husband walked out and the neighbor told him he had just confronted two African American males inside our Jeep. The neighbor had told them to leave and they did without further incident. Our Jeep's driver's side door doesn't lock now...

December 2005: E Denny Way, behind Deano's Bar

I have owned the apartment building across the alley from Dean Falls property between Madison Avenue and East Denny and 21st and the alley west of 21st, for 25 years. Most of the property owners in the neighborhood participate in activities for the good of the nieghborhood. Dean Falls has consistently allowed any activity on his property, and has never supported efforts by other property owners to abate the illegal activity in the neighborhood. His tenants attacked neighborhood clean-up participants, his tenants do not help with cleanup activities, his tenants are part of the nieghborhood drug activity (drugs and sex are sold on his property, users live on his property (some in cars, and trailers), junk cars are allowed to accumulate on his property, seurity lighting is never installed on his property, there is no eveidence of a property manager on his property, I have never met anyone from his property who presented themselves as someone who was responsible for either the well being of their tenants, or the neighborhood from his property). He is the single worst land owner I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. He is the problem, and he has never provided any constructive efforts to solve the problems he allows to continue on his property.

I cannot imagine the mess the city would have on its hands if he were allowed to expand the either the tenant capacity, or alcoholic consumption on the property he owns.

Operators are always responsive, police follow-up is usually responisve, when they are available.

Saturday, December 10, 2005, 100 block 21st Ave E. Drunk/drugged driver - Hit & Run

My truck was 'hit and run', I'm assuming by a drunk or drugged up driver, while parked on 21st Ave E (cross street E Denny Way). The vehicle was parked on the W side of 21st Ave E facing S.

I parked the truck on Friday December 09, 2005 and did not drive again until Monday, so the hit and run happened somewhere in that time period.

The driver's side door and panels were smashed in. My insurance company almost filed the claim as a total loss, but agreed not to if my auto body repair shop would stay within limited range. If they exceed that range, my insurance company will 'total' my truck. I do not have photos.

I reported the incident to the East Precinct in person. Incident # 05-515858


December 5th, 2005, 2 AM: 1600 block 21st ave: Car hit by drunk driver

Pictures of my vehicle hit the other night by an uninsured drunk/high driver at 2am. at 1649 21st ave. This is the second time that my vehicles
(last time it was both of them) have been hit in the last 2 months. It is frustrating that the city will not allow us to develop any kind head
in parking on the strip, but then ticket you for having a damaged vehicle on the street after it gets hit and run by a drunk.
If anyone out there knows of anything I could do to get more parking on our block please let me know. All I have been able to come up with so far is to have us zoned as business, which would allow head-in parking.


Sunday November 27, 2005:, 900 block 19th Ave E.: car prowl

My car was broken into, with a number of items stolen from the glove compartment and other storage areas. No permanent damage was done to the vehicle. The break in occurred sometime between the evening of Sunday, 11/27, and the morning of Monday, 11/28.

Thursday November 17, 2005, 7 PM, 100 block 21st Ave E.: public defecation, drug related harrassment

Had a friend from out of town coming over to our house. We live on 21st just past Denny. His first time in the area, so he slowed down near the intersection of 21st and Denny to look for numbers, and was about to park right there on the street and walk, when he saw a man running at his car. He was not expecting this, and thankfully drove away. It was clearly a drug dealer from Deano's thinking he was there to buy drugs, and doing the usual routine of hopping in the buyer's car to be driven around the block (see one of the earlier reports on this site about this). This was only about 7 or 7:30 on a Thursday night.

I guess the only solution is to tell our first-time visitors, from now on, not to slow down or stop anywhere near that intersection, or else a drug dealer might try to jump into their car. The aggressiveness and openness of the drug dealing here is absurd.

The next morning, by coincidence, I went out onto our small balcony to get a bit of sun and fresh air. Fresh air was exactly not what I got -- it smelled like a sewer. I looked around for the offending smell, and saw a large pile of human feces on my property, on the ground in a small alleyway where we keep the recycling and garbage bins. This was the second time in the past month that this had happened.

Monday October 31st, 2005, 8:37 PM, 2000 block E. Denny:

Walking up Denny around 8:30 pm, turned right on 20th and a black male started following me. At first he was 40 or 50 yards back -- kept making a whistling kind of sound. I'm not sure where he came from -- either from the south (towards Madison) on 20th, or from the west (towards 19th) on Denny. Probably wanted to make a drug deal, but also did not take the hint when I kept walking. He followed me for about 2 blocks, getting closer, even after I turned around and yelled at him to stop following me or else I would call the police. He kept coming and making his sounds, so I called 911 on my cell phone, and waited under a street lamp at 20th and John. He got to within about 10 yards of me, when I turned around. He saw and heard me describing his appearance on the phone, then he took off eastward on John. The police car arrived about a minute later. I had told them it looked like he turned right on 21st, they said they would find him and drove off -- down the street on John, driving right past 21st without turning up it.

I have been followed at least two other times near this location. The drug dealers are very aggressive.

911 responded quickly, but kept asking me to give her my name, which I refused because the person trailing me was within earshot.

Thursday, October 6th, 2005, 3 PM, 2100 Block E. Olive, property destruction car prowl

A minivan parked in my business's parking lot had its window smashed in and some items including a bag were stolen from inside the vehicle. It is an employee's car. The parking lot has a fence around it, and people go in and out all day long. A Starbucks employee found the stolen bag on the street (missing most items) and returned it to the business because of a business card in it.

I called 911 because we thought it had just happened. No police came.


Wednesday, October 5th, 2005, 6 PM, 1800 Block E. Denny Way.

As I walked out of my house around 5:45 to walk my dogs, I noticed a man standing under the entrance to my neighbors house. He looked at me and ask me to call the police as he said someone pulled a gun on him and he was hiding from them. I closed my door and called 911. The man stayed there and within 2-3 minutes, the police showed up to the entrance to our gate (we live in a gated community). The police searched him and then asked me a few questions on how this all transpired. The officer had no doubt that he was not running from someone who had pulled a gun on him but rather got caught trying to break-in to the house. The officer said that they will make something like this up because its better than running away since that will deem you guilty. This way the police come, the resident feels like they did something good, and he gets away because there is no way they can validate his story.

To this man's defence, he was in a place where you could not see him from the street and the truly seemed shaken up. I'm reporting this in case something like this happens to you. The police said you should obviously never let them in and call 911 ASAP.

The man was black and on the slender side under 30 years old claiming he was a student near by.

911 Operator connected me to an officer and they were out in minutes.

Sunday September 18th, 2005: 100 block 21st Ave.

Hispanic male, black male, black female in a car stopped by police on the street. Did not see sequence of events leading up to stop. Saw a case of beer removed from back seat of car; some things overheard indicated that there may have also been a gun and some stolen items. Two ambulances came also; at one point saw the police un-handcuff the hispanic male and walk him back to one of the ambulances where he was strapped to a stretcher and taken away. Did not see where they took the black male and female; they may have been in the other ambulance or in the police car.


Friday September 16th, 1800 Block E. 19th: Probable Assault

On Friday night, at 10:30 or so, as I took my dog out for his walk, out our garage door as usual, I was apparently assaulted. I remember everything perfectly up until just closing the door in the alley behind the lofts behind me, and the next thing I remember was waking up face down in the alley, feet away from the door, with a bad case of road rash on the right side of my face, and a sore left shoulder. I was confused and disoriented, so did my best to gather my dog, and get back in to clean up.

Short story is that I have a hairline fracture on my left clavicle, and a pretty messed up right side of my face (road rash, black eye swollen shut.) But I didn't see anyone and have no memory of it per se. The doctors examining me said yes, it could have been an assault (fortunately I do not
carry my wallet at night). But they feel it could equally have been any number of things like a first time epileptic event, I could have tripped over my dogline, I could have had an alcohol-induced blackout (despite only having two beers that day, last one at 7pm.) Thus, I'm hesitant to file a report, but I will write this up so the folks in my condo building know.

The non-assault explanations bear consideration, certainly, but I can't understand how a faint, blackout or whatever could result in a fracture on one side of my body, while landing on the other (I generally don't bounce.).

September 2005: Cal Anderson Park Area: Assorted crimes

Just to add to your list, on my block alone in the last month:
Two house break-ins (same house, daylight hours)
Stolen car
Two cars' windows broken out
Co-op broken into.
And this is just our block.

Thursday, September, 15, 2005, 2 AM, 100 Block 21st Ave E.: trespass

Black male entered townhome complexand went into garbage alley , apparently either to hide, sleep, defecate, or use drugs. Yelled at him a couple of times out the window to get out, and he left. Appeared to have some plastic grocery bags and a white bicycle. Left smell of alcohol and filth behind.

Sept. 15, 2005: 200 Block 21st Ave E.: Burglary

FYI - our house was broken into again yesterday morning while we were at work. They broke a window to get in. Fortunately they didn't get much before they were presumable scared away by the alarm. Keep an eye out.

Sunday Sept 11, 2005, 4 AM: 24th Ave East/E. Madison: Occupied Burglary

I just wanted to make you aware that my townhome was burglarized on
Sunday, September 11, at 4 AM. I was not home at the time, but my
roommmate was at home, asleep. They broke in through our front window,
and we have signs regarding our alarm system directly on the window they
broke into. Unfortunately, it was the one time our alarm system was not
turned on. They stole quite a few items, but mostly jewelry, and small
electronic devices. They also stole my roommates keys which included
his car keys, and the keys to our home. The police came out at 5 Amish
to take a report, and then my roommate realized that the keys were
missing after they left. He called the police back again, to come out
to look at his car. In the meantime, he went outside to wait for them,
and the burglars had the audacity to come back a second time to steal
his car. He happened to spot two African American males, in their mid
to late twenties driving a silver compact car, with a thick bumper on
the back. It appeared to be a newer vehicle, but he couldn't get close
enough to see the make/model or license number. I believe they came by
a third time in a different vehicle to try and steal the car. We had
all of our locks changed, etc.

I have notified my immediate neighbors within our townhome complex. I
live at the corner of 24th Ave East/E. Madison.

If you have any ideas on ways to deter thefts, I would certainly
appreciate any info. I am planning to have motion lights installed
outside my front window, and latches installed on my windows so they can
only be opened to a certain height.

Sunday August 28, 2005, 11:30 PM : 2100 block E. Madison: gunfire

At roughly 11:30 PM, while reading in my apartment on the second floor of the Summit, six shots rang out on the street just outside. The local hustlers and tricks ran for cover as the dark SUV roared around the corner of 21st, west on Madison toward downtown. I immediately shot out of my room to the porch to see the car speed up the street. As I watched, several people emerged from behind cars and from Deano's Grocery to see if the coast was clear. They all appeared to look just up the street, beyond my view, toward Deano's nightclub.

The following day I when into Twilight for a beer and asked the bartender about the incident and he said that he witnessed a man limping up Madison and into Deano's Bar. I also heard that a second person was lying the street as a result of injuries incurred in the shooting.

(another version)

Last night I was awoken to lound sounds which I was hoping were leftover fireworks from the 4th of July. Of course, as soon as I heard the sirens I knew otherwise. Between 11:30pm and 11:45pm there were approximately 4-5 gunshots fired outside and around Deano's Market. Then there were the sounds of screaching tires as the gunmen sped away. Out my window I saw somebody being placed in the ambulance, but do not know the severity of their injuries.
This area is getting to be downright ridiculous!

Monday, August 15th 2005, 10 PM, E. Madison Street, next to Deano's Bar. Rowdy behaviour

As I crossed Madison to Safeway, there was a fight at Deano's Bar. When I left Safeway the police and an ambulance were on the scene.

Monday, August 1, 2005, 10:40 AM, 100 block 22nd Ave E.: soliciting prostitution

Prostitution - A well-known black female, age approximately 40, 5'5", wearing a pink sweatsuit was flagging down traffic and eventually found a suspected John. He was a white male, mid-thirties, slender build with strawberry blonde hair driving a silver convertable BMW Roadster, WA license plate no. 992-TJO. I told him he was in a high-crime area and was being reported. He said he hadn't done anything wrong and sped off - with the well-known individual inside his car.

Occurred at the SE corner of 22nd Ave East and East John.

July 25, 2005: behind Deano's: a little bit of everything

Another loud night of broken bottles, hootin and a hollering, and an endless run of drug mayhem circulation around Denny from 1-3 AM

July 26, 2005: 1600 block 21st Ave: Occupied burglary.

FYI, we had a deck built with stairs to our yard last week. Today, someone came through our gate (we don't know if it was locked or not), up our stairs
and into our house through the open doors and stole the nanny's purse from our dining room. She and our 2 year old son were upstairs in the house at the time. She called the police and they are coming out this afternoon.

Saturday July 23, 2005, 11 PM: 1600 block E. Madison Street, Drug Deal

This was at the bus shelter between the Madison Mrketand the Trader Joe's on the same side of the street as the two markets. I was waiting for the last bus 12 across the street. Two very disheveled african-american men, one overweight and wearing a green wool hat on a very hot evening, the other in a faded grey T-shirt, were clearly in the bus shelter for purposes other than waiting for a bus. In full view of about 15-20 people on various parts of the block, a younger caucasian man in a hooded sweatshirt bicycled up to them and handed them a small plastic-wrapped package, for which the overweight man gave him something in his closed fist. The overweight man then pulled down his sweatpants, exposing himself, and shoved the package down his pant leg while the other man in the shelter laughed. The byclist circled several times in the street while this was going on, until the overweight man waved him off and he left.
There are often people hanging out at that bus shelter, and it's uncomfortable to wait for a bus there, but this is the first actual drug deal I've seen. I didn't report this - couldn't do it from the shelter with the people involved right there, and figured it would be waisting the police officers' time to call when I got home a half hour later. I didn't remember to submit it here until now.

Thursday July 7, 2005, 7 PM: 2000 Block E. Denny : Assault

We have a friend staying with us who was walking out to his car to go meet some friends for dinner. He was parked on the south side of E Denny just past 20th. He got into his car and rolled down the windows because it was hot. A black man in a black hat and dark fleece jacket walked up to the car. He looked over and within 5 seconds the man reached into his car, unlocked the door and jumped in yelling at him to hurry up and drive. He was completely taken off by it and didn't know what to do. The man was obviously high and assumed he wanted to buy drugs from him. My friend turned off his car and pleaded with the man to get out as it was not interested in anything. The man started yelling at him, calling him a stupid white boy. The woman he was with was trying to get him out of the car telling him that he obviously doesn,t want to buy anything. My friend pleaded with the girl to please get him out and she just shrugged her shoulders. My friend walked a!
round, opened the passenger door and again asked him to get out of his car. The man then threatened him telling him he was going to mess his shit up and that he better not come around here anymore.

This was 7 at night in the full daylight. My friend use to live in Seattle for 20 years and has never experienced anything like this. Sadly he doesn,t feel safe at our house and will more than likely be leaving early. It,s pretty sad that we live in such a bad area that a simple act of getting into you car and looking the wrong direction gets you all of this. I,m so tired of these drug dealers owning our streets. There has to be more we can do as a community to stop this behavior. With summer now here I only anticipate it getting worse.

July 2005: 2010 E. Denny: drug use

The truck that is also somewhat hidden behind the same building (2010 Denny) is also frequently used for drug use. Sunday at 8:30 AM, I saw a guy walk across the street from Dean Falls property and walk behind the building and open the door and start heading into the truck. I asked him if it was his and he said ,no and I told him to not go in there then. He left. I also showed the officers who stopped by last Monday the truck and there was a guy sleeping in it (I believe). My kitchen window looks right over that truck

June 24, 2005: 22nd & Mercer: Attempted abduction of child

Just before 12:00 noon today (6/24/05) , my 12 year-old daughter was crossing 22nd
@ Mercer when a man in a red SUV tried to get her to come over to him.
She yelled "NO!" and ran on up to the neighbor's house on the corner.
The man then pulled over and stared at the house. When the neighbor
came out of the house and approached him, asking "could I help you with
something?", he hit the gas and took off.

The police responded promptly, patrolling the area and sending an
officer to interview us.

Please be alert for a white man in his late 20's with shaggy blond hair
and a beard. He was driving an older model Chevy Blazer type vehicle,
red with white side panels.

June 13, 2005: 19th Ave E.: Car burglary

Car burgled this past night (6/13-6/14) on 19th Ave between Harrison and Thomas. Lock jimmied, no glass broken. Nothing valuable was inside, so nothing was taken. Did not check extensively but did not see signs of break-in on nearby cars.


Monday June 6th, 2005, midnight, 100 blcok 22nd Ave E.: property destruction

Part of our fence was torn down and the wires to our garden lights were cut.

June 2005: 100 block, 21st Ave E. in response to Councilmember Rasmussens visit:

I would invite Mr. Rasmussen to view the alley where, in the past three months I have seen many drug deals, prostitues 'delivering the goods', arrests (one in my backyard), shootings and many other activities that occur in the neighborhood. Both in daylight and at night.

My gate is unlocked. It will stay that way after I saw the SPD arrest someone in my backyard. A six foot high fence does not seem to deter someone on 'the run' from Deano's.

I was going to lock the gate until I realized that the SPD couldn't get in to arrest the 'person in question' I will take my chances and leave my gate unlocked.

I've also installed a night light to keep folks from smoking crack next to my gate and garage door. It does not seem to matter what time of day it is. I've had to ask 'crack users' to leave many times. The light at night seems to help though.

Feel free to let Mr. Rasmussen into my yard. It may prove fairly uneventful as this neighborhood seems to verge between heaven and hell. And letting Mr. Rasumssen into my backyard does not provide the 'view' that I have from the third floor, but he might understand what it's like to have someone desperate and high on drugs in your backyard.

I do not keep to mentioning Deano's through maliciouness, but the problems that the neighborhood faces just seem to manifest at Deano's or behind it or around it and I cannot discount that.

June 2005: Prince of Wales Apartments, 20th & Denny: a death

Hey all- just curious if anyone had an insight on the incident at the brick building on the corner of 20th and Denny last week. I'd heard there was a
murder there and considering I live right next door I was hoping someone might have some insight as to whether it was drug related, crime of passion
or random.

Further details : "Someone in our building witnessed the removal of the body"

The only thing that we can come up with during that time period was a heroin overdose death of an out-of-town visitor staying at the Prince of Wales apartments.

Captain Landy Black
Seattle Police Department
East Precinct Commander


Friday, May 7 2005, 4AM, 300 block 18th Ave E.: car prowl

4am, a guy (i think white) in a bulky jacket, carrying a small day pack, walking the alley between 17th and 18th checking all parked cars, doors and trunks. just kind of striding down the alley, checking every car he past to see if it was unlocked. didn't seem him get anything, and by the time i found the phone to call the cops, he was out of sight.

got an answering machine. left a message with the officer sat AM.

Thursday, April 21, 2005: Man shot outside nightclub on Madison dies

Seattle Times 4/22/05

Seattle PI 4/27/05 Vehicle sought in fatal shooting

Seattle PI 4/23?05 Police identify man shot outside nightclub

Seattle PI 4/22/05:Man dies in shooting near Deano's nightclub

Other news reports (no longer online):

Man shot outside nightclub dies
By Seattle Times staff

A 47-year-old man who was shot in the head early this morning as he sat inside his car outside a Capitol Hill nightclub has died.

Shortly after 1 a.m., two Seattle police patrol officers, who were in a parking lot across from a tavern and grocery store near 21st Avenue East, heard four gunshots, said police spokesman Sean Whitcomb.

The officers ran across the street and found the man, who was in a parking lot next to the bar, had been shot at least once in the head. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Whitcomb said.

The man later died at the hospital but as of this afternoon, the King County Medical Examiner's Office had not released the man's identity.

The person or persons responsible for the shooting apparently ran through a back alley and escaped, Whitcomb said.

Copyright © 2005 The Seattle Times Company

Police search for suspect in Seattle shooting
07:49 AM PDT on Thursday, April 21, 2005
From KING Staff and Wire Reports
SEATTLE - Seattle Police officers were searching for the person who opened fire outside a Seattle nightclub overnight Wednesday, shooting a man in the head. The incident happened about 1 a.m. Thursday outside Deano's Lounge near E. Madison Street and 21st. Officers arrived at the scene within seconds of the shooting.
"We had our officers right here in this parking lot," said Officer Sean Whitcomb, Seattle Police Department. "When they heard four shots, they came rushing across the street."
They found the gunshot victim sitting in a car. He was rushed to Harborview Medical Center where he was in very serious condition.
Police believe the shooter left through a back alley. They were working to get a good suspect description.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Man Shot Outside Seattle Restaurant

POSTED: 7:50 am PDT April 21, 2005

SEATTLE -- A man who was shot in the head outside a First Hill restaurant was in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle Thursday morning, KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reported.

Witnesses said the man was inside a car that was backing out of a parking lot near Deano's restaurant in the 2000 block of East 21st Street when another man driving a white car fired at him just after 1 a.m.

Police who were in the area heard four shots and arrived immediately, but the gunman fled.

(Here's nother shooting I had missed)

Gunmen Sought In Ambush-Style Shooting

Bullet Grazes Bystander Outside Night Club

POSTED: 5:53 am PDT October 5, 2004
UPDATED: 8:29 am PDT October 5, 2004

SEATTLE -- A bullet grazed a bystander who was standing outside a Seattle nightclub early Tuesday morning in what police described as an ambush-style shooting, KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reported.

Police said two men were lying in wait in bushes outside Deano's, a popular nightspot, when they opened fire on a car about 1 a.m.

A 27-year-old Seattle man standing in an alley behind the gunmen was grazed in the head. He was taken to a hospital and was expected to survive, KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reported.

Police stopped a white Cadillac a few blocks from the shooting and questioned the driver, but he denied being involved.

Detectives with the police department's gang unit were investigating.

Thursday, April 21, 2005, 2PM, on sidewalk outside Meany Middle School: rowdy behaviour

I dunno if this counts really as a public saftey issue, but I'm posting anyway. my husband and I were at the p-patch at 20th and republican, pretty much minding our own business when a young african american man walked by. apparently he didn't like the way my husband was staring off in to space because he shouted "what the hell are you looking at, bitch" as he walked south past the garden. when my husband actually did look at him, he shouted some more, "what the hell are you staring at!" and then when I looked up, more shouting at us followed. we did not respond in anyway, honestly, i think we were both quite surprised as this was totally unprovoked. the young man continued on his way through meany.

this guy is clearly not my neighbor as folks who live on the streets of the neighborhood don't greet each other with "what are you looking at, bitch." i post this only because i just read the "civil streets" page posted. it's hostile and clearly uncivil and i have to say, vaguely threatening and unsettling. i would not go so far as to say we were in danger, but when hostile people start verbally assaulting the residents of our neighborhood, well, it's unacceptable.

April 2005: 19th Ave. E & E. Republican: open inebriation and garbage


I would like to put in my opinion for a permanent expansion of the AIA. It should be expanded on a permanent basis and soon, as the upcoming warm weather will make things worse in our neighborhood.

I live in the Capitol Hill Miller Park area, around 19th Ave E and E Republican St.

We have continued trouble with open inebriation and garbage from the wandering drunks.

When might the AIA review for permanancy be taken up?

Local businesses continue to sell cheap and powerful alcoholic beverages and do not want to abide by voluntary agreements.

Sunday, April 10, 2005, 7PM, 1800 block 19th Ave: rowdy behavior, property destruction , excessive noise

There was a white chevy capri on 19th facing south. The car was talking to 4-5 guys who were standing on the West side of the street. The car peeled out in place for a good minute causing massive smoke and damage to the road. The car then drove off extremely fast.

I know its not as bad as the drugs, but its still important to call the police and record these events.
Reported it to 9-1-1 supplying them with the license plate number.

Thursday, April 7, 2005, 10 PM, (behind) 1800 block 19th Ave: Drug Deal

Unauthorized vehicle idling in darkness of alley behind 19th ave lofts, which has bee rife with drug dealing Tried to report to non-emergency number (after I got back to my condo after walking my dog), and once again got a busy signal. This number is effectively useless, as I've never been able to report anything as far as I can recall.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005, 10 PM: behind 1800 block 19th Ave: offense; "other"

Well, describing as Other due to no concrete proof, but here's what I sent to my HOA security committee (addressed to a neighboring condo unit) a few moments ago:

>>Just got back from a dog walk and found a(n apparent) meth freak rummaging through your units' trash (I assume that's yours, the green one directly opposite our garage door.) After some scary moments getting him to bike off beligerently (very obviously stolen high tech bike), I later checked the mess he'd made at the dumpster, assuming it was unlocked again (as your units have thankfully locked them recently.) They were still locked! That's how desperate these guys are, apparently. He could only reach in his arm at best for a fistful at a time.

This was in the alley behind the 19th avenue lofts, where I live.
Will report to nonemergency shortly. Notifying others via email in the meantime.

Many dates & places: crack smoking in public

On another note, I have HAD IT with the one-legged, crack smoking
homeless guy that hangs about down here. He's filthy and obviously totally
brain damaged and smokes crack in front of God and Country with no fear and
I've HAD IT. My generally sympathetic and liberal patience with these poor,
lost, addicted souls is exhausted when it comes to this scumbag. He needs
to go. I can't deal with him any more. I'm sure it's wrong to single one
of the many crackheads out, but THIS ONE IS RIDICULOUS. At least our other
neighborhood crack characters find an alley or a car or something, they get
out of the way to some degree, but not this one. There's no talking to him,
I've actually tried, and there's no calling 911, we do that every day. The
SPD has seemingly given up on this one, but that CAN NOT MAKE this our
problem. What do I do here? I'm well past being reasonable about it. It's
horrible. Any ideas?

Many dates, many places, many offenses!

Having lived in Miller Park for years I no longer have the patience to report each time I see illegal behavior--that would have me at my computer for at least an hour each day!

I am glad to see that new residence are aware and reporting the problems that have made life so miserable here for years. What I am not glad about it that the city allows these problems to continue. What can be done? I don't know, I have nearly given up. Perhaps that is what the city wants.

I can hardly believe that the cops come talk to us about reporting everything, yet the 911 operators are consistantly rude and indiferent.

Here is a combined report for activities I have seen over the past week:

public urination on private property
crack smoking on private property
crack smoking in alley
crack smoking on the sidewalk
trespass on private propety
loitering on private propety
verbal assault
drug sales
blow job being given in truck in alley

This is just a partial list and most items have been seen multiple times and all items are seen reguarly.

Seems to me the cops need to take note before they are held liable for knowledge without action...

Saturday, April 2nd, 2005, 2AM, Madison Street: gunfire

A little after 2 AM on Friday night, I heard a stream of gunshots, as if from a semiautomatic weapon, coming from down the street, near Deano's at the corner of Denny and Madison. I opened the door and could hear people near the corner yelling "get out of here, they're shooting!" I called 911, they had apparently already gotten a report even though less than half a minute had passed. Very soon I saw one, and then another police car circling the block repeatedly, apparently not finding the shooter. Eventually there was some honking and the sound of a car driving quickly out on Madison, and I saw one, and then the other police car round the corner onto westbound Madison.

This makes three gunshot incidents in about 6 weeks... and that's just the ones I heard. The use of a semiautomatic of full-automatic weapon seems to increase the probability that a bystander or someone in their house could get hit by a stray bullet in a drive-by or spray from a shooter.

From my experience, gunfire is about the only thing that will reliably pique an operator's interest.

Thursday, March 31, 2005, 10 PM, sidewalk by 1400 block 22nd Ave: gunfire

5 shots fired from a gold/yellow car, semi-automatic 380 caliber, at a male black pedestrian infront of my house. No one was hurt except my car which got hit in the AC condensor and my neighbor's car which suffered slight body damage. Police came immediatly, but neither the suspect or intended victim was located. Police were sure this was gang activity and most likely centered around Deanos or Oscars. Why aren't those businesses shut down?!? Why must we still put up with the drugs, prostittuion, and violence due to the illicity congregation these establishments encourage?!? What can be done? Our neighborhood must change.

Thursday, March 31st, 2005, 9AM: 1800 block E., Denny: property destruction, wierd behaviour

A woman jumped over our gate and started screaming for help. She ran up to a door and took the chair out front and threw it against the window and door and then ran over to another house and started pounding on the window. Someone was home and came out to see what was going on. The police were called (per her request) and then she ran off. She seemed to be in some trouble as she was bleeding. Reporting this because no one was sure if she was just one of the fellow junkies from the corner on a bad high or truly in need of help. We will be requesting a police report early next week. Police were called

March, 23, 2005, 6 PM, 1900 Block E. Denny: drug deal

2 black men, 1 white female entered the alley between the 19th & 20th--right behind the 19th lofts. They went to squat under the 19th lofts garage enterance so they would have privace. The only thing I heard was, "show me the cash". As I drove off I waited at the end of the alley to make sure they knew I was watching. I called the police to report it

The operator was rude. In the beginning of the call I told her that the drug deal was happening behind my house. I gave her all the information and then before hanging up I wanted to say that they were in the cove behind so you wouldn't be able to see them unless your drove down the alley but she interrupted me and said she knew where the alley was and

March 8, 2005, 100 Block 21st Ave E;, drug deal soliciting prostitution excessive noise gunfire

We just moved here about a month ago (21st Ave E. & E Denny) and love this neighborhood. I wanted to thank you for all sustained efforts you have taken to improve the safety of this neighborhood over the years.

In the short time, we have been here I have noticed just about all the transgressions in the pull down list above and reading other messages am into prioritizing based on which is the worst based on threat to life. When you call (after enduring insults) and the police arrives there in very little happening. Isn't there a concept called undercover and stealth or have I been watching too many cop shows on TV?

I know that is difficult based on budget and other priorities to address these issues and it is good to acknowledge where we have come from but I have two things to mention.

First: I have worked in the public sector for many years and there are two ways to approach any issue in the broad sense. One is resource based and the other is value based. Resource based is where you list your resources and then look at what you have to do, and value based is the other way around. Obviously the two have to meet somewhere but it makes a huge difference, which one you lead with.

The resources to perform ideal services based on a tax system as we have will never be adequate for the list of things that need to be done. This coupled with the fact that there is no long term strategy to address drug trafficking in its programmatic sense and its tactical aftermath, ensures that we will forever be reactionary in our approach to this issue and its related safty concerns. How many times does this have to happen before we realize what we are doing does not work?

The things to address are the people who stimulate the demand for drugs, lifestyles that we as a society have encouraged that accomodate the usage of drugs, and finding ways to help people who have been systematically been disenfranschised from the system. These may have short and long term components to them.

Second: Also lacking is the sense or urgency. I would like city council members to come live with us in our neighborhoods as guests in our home to create paradigm shifts in their minds. This may be your office job but it is our lives that are at stake.

I wonder how different it is for people who live in Iraq in fear of insurgents and terror. Is it any different from people who live in Seattle who live in mortal fear of venturing out at night, for fear of being mugged or shot?

Please let us work together to create permanent solutions, and quickly please.

Thank you.

Sunday, March 6, 2005, 2AM, 123- 21st Ave E.

I can't help but believe that the blood on the sidewalk at the mailboxes between the new townhomes at 121-125 21st Ave East was related to the 5-7 cop car ordeal at 2 in the morning on Sunday which tied up the whole Deano's block. Does anyone know when that scourge will be torn down and the new building started?

(Dean Falls claimed Spring 2005, and they did apply for a Tenant Relocation License on 11/29/04, but I've heard nothing since then: Andrew)

Sunday March 6th: 100 Block 21st Ave E.

This morning we discovered what seemed to be a fair amount of blood on the sidewalk between the houses and in front of the mailboxes, which nobody seemed to know where it came from.

Monday, February, 7, 2005, 1:25 AM, 1700 Block 24th Ave: Assault

Woke up around 1:25am when someone rang my intercome as well as several others in the building. When I got up and looked outside I noticed someone sit on the curb. Called 911 and noticed the man was now lying in the street-- looked drunk. By the time the police and fire arrive it turns out another neighbor had seen two other men jumping this man who it turns out was drunk and diabetic. He was obviously disoriented and bleeding -- transported to the hospital.

This happened just across the street from Homer Harris park. I'm alittle concerned regarding the fact that the park has no lighting planned for the interior. There were also alot of beer cans littering the sidewalk (larger than 40 oz) which has increased since the opening of the new Safeway. Why isn't Safeway required to abide by the Good Neighbor Agreement -- they should not be stocking 40oz or large beer in the store.

911 Operators: They were great- police and fire arrived quickly -- three cop cars, one fire engine and an ambulance.

Tuesday, February 1st, 1900 block E. Denny Way: Graffiti

1. On the front of the Miller Mew's wood and metal fence.
2. In the alley between the 19th Lofts and the Miller Mews on the cement wall & on the Miller Mews garbage can.
3. The house on the corner of E Denny and 20th has it on the wood fence facing E Denny and 20th.

Sunday January 2, 2005, 11 PM, 100 block, 22nd Ave E.: Attempted burglary

Trespassing/home burlary attempt - My dogs encountered an unknown person hiding on my back porch and scared the person away. Given that this person was hiding less than five feet from my back door, I suspect this was an attempted home burglary.


Reports from 2001 and 2002 (24 reports) are HERE and reports from 2003 ( 29 reports) are HERE and reports from 2004 (66 reports) are HERE.