October 11, 2000

Seattle Police Department
Office of the Chief
Chief Gil Kerlikowske
610 3rd Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

Regarding:  Block Watch

I am asking for help for my neighborhood.  I live on the 100 block of 22nd
Ave East and we recently started a Block Watch for the residents between
Madison and Thomas, 19th to 22nd.  Our concern arose from on-going drug,
prostitution and alcohol problems flowing over into our neighborhood from
East Madison Street and Denny Way.  The businesses these problems originate
from are: Oscars II, Deano's Grocery and Deano's Lounge.

We had our second Block Watch walk-about last Friday night.  I cannot express
enough gratitude for our community police officer, Kim Bogucki, for being
with us.  We really ran into trouble as we rounded the Madison Street
Firestone from a hostile crowd standing outside Oscars II and Deano's Grocery
shouting at us "GO HOME".  Additional individuals spilled out of the above
businesses, joining the crowd at Madison and Denny.  They extended into the
intersection and the threat of physical violence was noticeable.  I really
believe that by maneuvering her patrol car between our Block Watch and the
hostile crowd she saved us from an unexpected confrontation.  This did not
deter the crowd from walking up and yelling obscenities at us over the patrol
car.  We formed our block watch to repel certain activities from our
neighborhood, and those associated with certain activities have chosen to
repel us and claim this block as their own.

The success for our block watch depends on the police department taking an
active role in our area.  I have great concerns that this spot is only ten
blocks from the East Precinct and the area is overrun by drug activity,
prostitution and drunken behavior.  My concern is also for the nearby CHIP
housing with young children, some of whom have been drawn into this crowd.
Meany Elementary is only two blocks from this site, isn't there laws about
drug and liquor sales so close to schools?

As a community we do what we can. We have another Block Watch tentatively
scheduled for Friday, the 21st of October.  What else would the city like us
to do?  I spoke with Neil Hansen (684-7710) who organizes Block Watch
activities and asked for help keeping ours together.  The incident Friday
Night was very disheartening for the group.  We need a concerted effort
beyond what homeowners and citizens are able to provide.

Scott K. Mills
118 22nd Ave E. #B
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 323-0389

CC: Mayor Paul Schell, City Council, East Precinct Captain Nick Metz and Lt.
Fred Hill

Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 20:40:22 -0700
From: Richard Conlin <Richard.Conlin@ci.seattle.wa.us>
To: Webcancer@aol.com
Cc: Sara Jackson <DOM01.P0103.JacksoSK@ci.seattle.wa.us>,
     George Allen <george.allen@ci.seattle.wa.us>,
     Jim Compton <jim.compton@ci.seattle.wa.us>,
     Phyllis Shulman <Phyllis.Shulman@ci.seattle.wa.us>,
     Sheila Capestany <Sheila.Capestany@ci.seattle.wa.us>,
     Tye Ferrell <Tye.Ferrell@ci.seattle.wa.us>
Subject: Re: My Neighborhood

I am disturbed to hear of this experience.  Please let me know what your
experience was on the 21st, and if you have scheduled any additional events
or have received additional assistance from SPD.  If you have additional
events scheduled I will see if I or someone from Council or Council staff can
join you to observe the situation first hand.

Richard Conlin
600 Fourth Avenue, 11th Floor
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 684-8805