Here's a vaguely chronoligical record of things we've been concerned about in the past. Note that they're worth preserving because they tend to come back and haunt us eventually.



  1. The townhouses at 20th & Denny are coming along: the carport roof looks alarmingly huge! Andrew writes to DCLU and gets speedy responses from the Director: The builders didn't get a permit for the carports! The carport was eventially demolished.

  2. Master Use permit application to subdivide 521 - 20th Ave E. and build townhouses.

  3. The restoration of the exterior of the house at 1908 E. Madison seems almost complete.

  4. Seattle Transportation issues a report on "Madison-Miller Spot Improvements". Please look at it and send them your feedback. There'll be meetings about it in March. (and check out concerns about the "big picture"). Read other peoples' comments on the report (and submit your??).

  5. Hearing, Speech and Deafness Center building on Madison is nearing completion and the director is seeking commercial tenants and has had open houses for residential teneants.

  6. Report issued on decisions to remove bus-stops on 48 route north of Madison

  7. Deano's Liquor License renewed.

  8. Details of recent shootings and stabbing on Madison

  9. Community Police Team Officer Bogucki leaves us: welcome CPT Officer Stokes

  10. 1/11/03: Proposed changes to 43 & 48 bus routes: some stops may be eliminated (UPDATED: comment period extended)

  11. 11/12/02: Proposed park on 24th Ave gets $1,300,000 donation

  12. Dean Falls and Meriland Dillard are in the Design Review process for their property on Madison (Deano's Market, Deano's Bar, etc). The Daily Journal of Commerce had a long article about the project.

  13. 9/10/02: Several of us put together a "position paper" on Madison Street issues (and the City/WSLCB actions on the liquor license at Deano's Bar). See report in The Stranger

  14. 9/6/02: City Council Transportation Committee is briefed about Madison-Miller Transportation Issues

  15. The Neighborhood Association endorses the City Housing Levy!
  16. City Attorney's office seeks letters of support for action on Deano's Bar license renewal

  17. Groundbreaking for the "19th Ave Lofts" condos at 1816 19th Ave.

  18. Look at the draft report on our transportation scoping meeting and send in your comments/ideas/revisions.

  19. City Council Ballfield meeting happened: still time to comment . Council Parks Committee will discuss the ballfield issue at their Friday Sept 20th meeting ( 3 - 5 PM, City Council chambers)

  20. Master use permit application to install cell-phone antennas at 1818 20th Ave. See this site for a fair and balanced report on the safety of cell phone antennas: no evidence of health effects!
  21. Trader Joe's development (1700 E. Madison) delayed: they want to use the site as a parking lot for up to 6 months.

  22. 1908 E. Madison builidng to be renovated, not demolished.

  23. Details of Councilmember Compton's visit to our Friday night neighborhood patrol.

  24. Ballfield news: The Mayor decides that ballfield lights at Miller will go off at 10:15 PM and recommends that Miller gets new ballfield lights in 2003-4. City Council will decide on some issues: why not write to them?

  25. Deano's Cafe and Lounge liquor license renewal. application Two other liquor licenses in the area are up for renewal (Monsoon, Twilight Exit). Here's how to submit your comments.

  26. Master Use permit issued for the large grocery store/residential development at 23rd & Madison.
  27. Vancouver, B.C.-based Cressey Development Corp. replaces Legacy Partners as developer of 250 apartments in the 23rd & Madison project.

  28. The transportation study of our neighborhood (requested in meeting with Mayor) is going to happen. We'll be meeting to help decide what needs to be included in the study.

  29. Mayor Nickels was at our Thursday June 6th Neighborhood Association meeting. Here's a report. , with links to several peoples' presentations and a Capitol Hill Times report (and a few photos)..

    State Representative Ed Murray was at the meeting to talk about the State's redistricting plans, which will move those of us north of Madison back into his area (the 43rd District). Questions? Contact his Seattle aide Mark Rupp (206.720.3074).

  30. The Housing Levy on the September 2002 ballot offers some housing in the 50 - 80% median income range that is needed in our area. The Director of the Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program wrote earlier to point out how the housing levy may help our neighborhood.

  31. Here's a copy of the presentation Andrew made to the Parks Board on 4/10/02.

  32. Edited copies of reports sent by neighbors to our public safety report form are now on the website.

  33. Page of City links added: where to report potholes, how to complain effectively, etc. Please send me your favorite links

  34. Master Use permit application to divide up 107 - 21st Ave E. and build townhouses

  35. At the April 4th MPNA meeting we talked with Grace Crunican the new Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation (now known as Seattle Transportation). We discussed the transportation challenges facing our neighborhood: schools, "park and hide", popular restaurants and (especially) the huge number of new residents that the redevelopment of East Madison will bring to our streets. Here's the background letter sent to her before the meeting.

  36. Summary Map showing the 670 housing units coming to the area

  37. New MPNA Officers, including a secretary, so we even have minutes!

  38. Sex Offender lists updated, 3/29/02

  39. Parks Department process to revise ballfield use is still grinding along. At the March 28 Parks Board Meeting a new draft was presented, which met many neighbors' concerns about lighting levels, hours of operation and player behavior. On April 11th, you (and the players) will get to comment on this latest revision to the "Joint Athletic Fields Development Program".

  40. Affordable Housing: The Office of Housing concludes that the Property Tax Exemption program for Multifamily Housing (which we have been lobbying for) won't work in our neighborhood. Andrew writes to City Council, asking for help and advice.

  41. Master Use Permit issued for 1818 E. Madison, Val Thomas's project on the old Fratelli's site.

  42. Neighbor Andy Haas writes: "I just wanted to give an update on my efforts to get small trees planted along the planting strip along 21st Ave E on the Miller Park side and other proposals. My goal was to make are street greener and more inviting. Unfortunately it is not going well. In fact, one might say that it has been a complete disaster. After giving me the run-around for the last three month, the Parks Department got back to me with a counter proposal to pave over the strip to cut down on maintenance! I view this as a complete slap in the face. I have attached my response to this proposal. Any assistance or words of wisdom on how to deal with the Parks Department would be much appreciated." Here's his letter to Parks. Please drop a note to the Director of the Parks Department and share your views about greenspace vs. blacktop for our parks! Or you could attend the March 28th Parks Board of Commissioners meeting and make a 3 minute oral presentation to the Board.

  43. Master Use permit issued for new 6-unit townhouse project at 20th & Denny. DCLU skipped the 2nd Design Review Hearing, but I suggest that we "let sleeping dogs lie".

  44. Photographs of proposed park site added (and links about William Grose)

  45. Master Use application for 1828 - 25th Ave

  46. Mugging alert and a report of a recent attempted break-in and assorted unpleasant activities

  47. Brief report: Miller Park Neighborhood Association meeting.Thursday, March 7th, 7PM.

    Elected:: Co-chairs: Andrew Taylor, Burton Palmer. Secretary: Liz Ellis. Treasurer: Julie Renick.

    Lise Ward from the Parks Department described their plans to purchase land for a new park at 24th & Howell. Neighbors were generally enthusiastic about the plan.

    The new director of the Department of Neighborhoods, Yvonne Sanchez, came to our meeting (her 3rd day on the job!). She and Garry Owens (also from DON) shared their thoughts about how to increase the diversity of our membership.

    Tom Lee, developer of the 23rd & Madison project, described plans for "community display kiosks" on the 23rd Ave side of the project:he'd like the neighborhood association to take "ownership" of them.

  48. The big building project planned for 23rd & Madison (Grocery store, shops, 200 apartments) has been approved by the Design Review Board. Here's a very brief report and photos of the drawings and model presented at the Design Review meeting.

    There are reports that the residential part of the large grocery/residential development at 23rd & Madison will be owned and managed by Legacy Partners, an "upscale" property development company.

  49. Do you have a small neighborhood traffic project (curb bulb, traffic circle, flaoting bridge, etc) that you would like funded? Read these instructions from the City, then fill out this form.

  50. Andrew's new analysis of Miller Playfield scheduling shows that almost all games could end at 10:15, with no loss of games. A neighbor points out the laws about quiet time after 10 PM. Andrew and other ballfield neighbors met with the Mayor on 5/28/02.

  51. Report on the 4/25/02 Parks Board meeting and on their recommendation to light ALL lit fields till 11PM. Details of who you should contact about the ballfield..

  52. The tentative schedule for the Ron K. Bills fountain has been set. Come on down and have a splash!
  54. (From Capitol Hill Community Council) Rumor has it that Walgreens might be looking at the former City People's Mercantile location.If you interested in doing some work with the land use/planning andcommunity development committees on this issue please contact

  55. This fall, the Department of Neighborhoods will be providing free trees for residential streets and parks in Seattle. Applications are accepted from groups of neighbors, and are due on Friday, August 2, 2002. Start planning now to plant trees with your neighbors this fall. For an application or more information, click on this link:

  56. Community Policing Action Council The Seattle Police Department is currently seeking interested applicants for the Community Policing Action Council. The Community Policing Action Council (CPAC) is a 24-member council appointed by the Chief of Police to represent the people of Seattle. CPAC works to develop programs and strategies that enhance positive community/police partnerships. CPAC's goal is to identify critical community concerns and to develop opportunities for police and community members to talk openly and increase
    understanding of each other's values and concerns. Help make Seattle a safer place to live, work, and play! For more information or to obtain an application, contact Ginny Heller at 615-0062 or email at

  57. Traffic-circle contest Since the city's first two traffic circles showed up on Capitol Hill more than 25 years ago, more than 800 have sprouted all around town, many beautified by neighbors with plantings. Now Seattle's Transportation Department is holding a traffic-circle garden contest, open to any city resident who wants to nominate a favorite traffic circle, curb bulb, triangle or median. Entries must be received by June 30, along with a current photo. Judging will take place in the summer, and awards will be presented in September.
    Entry forms and information are online at or from Liz Ellis at 206-684-5008 The city's Department of Neighborhoods also has a program for circle stewards to apply for grants of up to $500 to pay for plant replacement, soil or compost, and dump runs. Call 206-684-0464 for information (from the Seattle Times)

  58. A Miller Community Center employee and her family were recently left homeless by a devastating house fire. Can you help them get back on their feet?vSeveral Design Review Reports obtained from DCLU and posted: the final one for Trader Joe's and the "Fratelli's Site" and an interim one for the big grocery store to be built at 23rd & Madison.

  59. At our last meeting we agreed to expand the neighborhood boundaries a bit .We now share the area between Madison and Pine with the Central Neighborhood Association: they are focused on 23rd & Union and have not
    been having regular meetings of late. As a result many newcomers to the area (particularly those on 22nd Ave) found their way to our meetings. So we sort of adopted them. As a result our neighborhood boundaries now reflect those of the Madison-Miller Urban Village that is part of the Central Area Neighborhood Plan.

  60. Seattle Office of Housing: updated details of their "Multifamily Tax Exempt" Affordable Housing Program, which they discussed as our Feb. 5 meeting.

  61. The Incident report form (for reporting public safety issues) seems to work well, and is a good way to document ongoing problems: I send them on to our Community Police Team officer.

  62. Master Use Permit for "Trader Joe's" on Madison. Application to extend woodworking shop on Olive.

  63. Details of several shootings on/near E. Madison Street. Reports from Police and Liquor Board on their responses to the ongoing problems.

  64. Sex Offender info and links.

  65. Mayor Nickels is replacing several department heads, including DCLU. The acting director, after January 2nd, will be Diane Sugimura. She worked with us on the neighborhood plan and was very knowledgeable, diligent and hardworking. We will also (sadly) be losing Jim Diers, longtime head of the Department of Neighborhoods: the new director, Yvonne Sanchez, came to our March meeting and shared her thoughts about how to increase the diversity of our membership.

  66. The Saturday November 10th, volunteer work party to finish the curb bulb at 20th & Madison, next to Mount Zion Baptist Church was a great success. We planted all the bushes and were rewarded with a free lunch! Here are details of the project (with photos of the work party) and a low-tech virtual tour of the site.

  67. On Wednesday, November 7, there was a Design Review Hearing for Val Thomas's mixed use building on the "Fratelli's" site at 19th & Madison. Click here for more details about this large but attractive project. The project was well received by the Design Review Board, and seems "ready to go".

  68. Reports from Neighborhood Public Safety groups about problems around 21/22nd & Madison. Read letters from those in the thick of it, detailing the problems, and consider writing ( or E-mailing) letters of support to the Captain of the East Precinct of the Police Department.

  69. I received a preliminary report (via Councilmember Licata) on our application to get more affordable housing in the neighborhood. There's a Catch 22: we can't apply till redevelopment raises rents, but then redevelopment will have happened (and the program works by subsidizing redevelopment to produce affordable housing!). Why not write to the Director of the Office of Housing?

  70. I met with the Office of Housing about our application. I took their advice and agreed to postpone our application till the New Year.

  71. Master Use Permit for 1700 E. Madison (Permit # 9907734) has been applied for. The store that will be most of the project will definitely (according to an article in the Daily Journal of Commerce) be a Trader Joe's!. Second Design Review hearing held recently. Report from September 18th meeting is available now.

  72. The Final Design Review Hearing for the Madison Temple's 85' mixed use building at 22nd & Madison. The project was approved: here's the report. 10/15/01: Master Use Permit issued

  73. DCLU Final Design Review report for Val Thomas's condominium project on 19th Avenue (just S. of Denny).

  74. Sketches from a Design Review Hearing on the redevelopment of the "Shipscalers" property at 2305 E. Madison and the Early Design Guidance Hearing report from the meeting.

  75. DCLU Director's Final Decision Report on the 514 - 19th  Ave E. project has been issued. Reports that they will be allowed to exceed the allowed lot coverage for the upper stories of their building and that the project will produce no parking impacts!

  76. The second Design Review Hearing for 1816 - 19th Avenue (Val Thomas's residential project at 19th & Denny) was on Tuesday June 19th. Here's a report from a neighbor who attended the meeting. Comments may be sent to Michael Jenkins, DCLU planner at 206-615-1331, or by E-mail.)

  77. The Interim Design Review Hearing for the redevelopment of the "old Planned Parenthood" site at 23rd & Madison was on Wednesday May 16th. Here's Andrew's report and the Design Review Board's version.

  78. A neighbor, concerned about rumors concerning the choice of grocery store for the 23rd & Madison site, offers these suggestions to make your feelings known.

  79. Master use permits to subdivide 122 - 19th Ave E. and 126 - 19th Ave E. In each case the existing structure will remain and a two-unit townhouse will be built. The existing house at 126 - 19th Ave E. is now for sale.

  80. East Sector Neighborhood Planning Report (from a presentation by Darlene Flynn at a City Council  committee meeting this Spring).

  81. Several letters of support for the Multifamily Tax Exemption Housing program in our area have been sent.

  82. Note that we are now officially a "Neighborhood of the Year"