Here are assorted links and documents to help you navigate through the maze of Seattle City government.

Dealing with DCLU

How to effectively ask the City to do something for you ( PDF)
(tells you EVERYTHING you need to know!)

or try the City Website version with hyperlinks

Receive Council and Council committee agendas by E-mail

City Council: Frequently Asked Questions

How a City Bill becomes law

Miller Playfield lights still blazing away?

Get that Streetlight/pothole/whatever fixed by the City


Report illegal dumping

Montlake Community Club website (MANY useful links)

King County Recorder's Office

Links to Seattle Department of Transportation services

Census data (from Seattle City website)

Zoning map of whole of Seattle

Parks Department Proparks Levy webpage

City of Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board

Volunteer Opportunities

How to paint out graffiti



Maps available on City website

Central Area Census Tracts

Our neighborhood is within Census Tracts 76 and 79 and a little bit in 77.

Police Beats

Miller Playfield Lights


Here's what to do if the lights at Miller Playfield or the tennis courts are on when you think they should not be. Ballfield lights should never be on after 10:30 PM.

Please call the appropriate number then drop Andrew an E-mail and we'll keep a log of problems.

*  Any day until 10pm call (206) 910-0540

*  After 10pm page the Parks Duty Officer at (206) 982-4583

Get that Streetlight/pothole/whatever fixed by the City

Street Light Repair - Online Form

Street Repair (Pot Holes) - Online Form

Or try : It is a simple to remember one stop form for reporting 19 municipal maintenance problems - streetlights, signs, crosswalks, clogged storm drains, news vending box problems, METRO litter can overflows, etc. When completed the form forwards to the appropriate department/person (same way City forms do) and the citizen is given a request tracking number.


Spring Clean is all about helping residents improve our precious urban open spaces, whether it's a park, school yard, right of way, or another public property. When you sign up, we can supply you with tools, bags, and even passes to the dump! Spring Clean runs from April 6 through May 18. If you want to clean up open spaces in your neighborhood or pitch in on a project, please call the Spring Clean Hotline at (206) 233-7187 or visit It's quick! It's fun! It makes a difference!