Visit the Ron K. Bills Fountain  at Miller Community Center

330 - 19th Ave E.

After several years of effort, and hard work by the neighborhood and the Parks Department, the Ron K. Bills Fountain was dedicated on June 3rd 2000.

It's a handicapped-accessible water play feature that is bringing joy to kids of all ages. The column capitals are lit from within, giving a wonderful effect at night.

Here is a picture from May 2002 (and here's another one)

Here are some Grand Opening photos and some taken during construction (Sets 1, 2, and 3). Here are a few more from the Grand Opening, stored at "Photoworks", so you can download them, or order prints.

Check out the  Ron K. Bills Fountain Web Page   to read details of how the neighborhood planned and built this wonderful addition to our park.

The Video

Neighborhood volunteer and professional vidoegrapher Sidney Beaumont spent countless hours documenting the building of the fountain and, via interviews, the genesis of our neighborhood. A roomful of neighbors recently enjoyed the premier showing of his excellent video: "Dreaming in Stone: The Ron K. Bills fountain". Here's a snippet of the video to enjoy. To buy your own copy for $10, E-mail Andrew or phone René (206-328-1164).


However, we're not done yet! We've given a relatively complex piece of plumbing to the Parks Department. We'll be working with them to ensure that it is well-maintained, so that it provides many years of safe amusement for us and our children. Here's a letter from René to the Mayor, setting out his concerns and suggestions about maintenance and scheduling of the fountain.

Here's the Parks Department policy on running the fountain.

Miller Park was a "Neighborhood of the Year" in 2001

We entered a contest sponsored by "Neighborhoods USA" , and were one of 4 finalists in the category of "physical revitalization of a single neighborhood and are now officially a "Neighborhood of the Year"!

Here's the text of our application, based on our efforts to build the Ron K. Bills fountain. Check out what we think the greatest obstacle to our success was! The illustrations for the application were (other than a map of the neighborhood and a copy of the invitation to the grand opening)  the Grand Opening photos and construction pictures (Sets 1, 2, and 3) noted above.

Neighbor René Soulard, the motive force behind the fountain project, represented  us at the Neighborhoods USA Conference at the end of May.

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