514 19th Ave E Zone NC1 40'  Project #9901819

    Date of Application: June 22, 2000

    Date Application Deemed Complete: June 28, 2000

    Applicant Contact: Tim Walker

    Phone: (206) 324-8619

    DCLU Land Use Planner: Bob McElhose

    Phone: (206) 2386-9745
    Master Use Permit for future construction of a mixed-use building comprised of 44 residential units and retail/administrative office space at street level. Project includes parking for
   53 vehicles.

   The following approvals are required:

          Design Review
          SEPA Environmental Determination

   Written comments may be submitted through July 26, 2000.

   Other permits that may be needed which are not included in this application:

          Building Permit
          Street Use Permit
          Curb Cut Permit
          Sign Permit