Report on decisions to eliminate some 48 Bus stops north of Madison

(from Ellen Bevington, who provided this report, for which you may need to )

The comment period for the first segment has closed. After reviewing all of the comments we had received and doing some follow up phone calls and site visits, we made adjustments to our initial plan and are now ready for implementation. Nine zones will be posted for closure this Friday, 1/28 and the crews will begin to physically remove them next Friday, 2/7.

I have appended a project summary for this segment that describes what was originally proposed, what changes we made, and what the comments and community outreach process has been. I think we were able to address a majority of the issues that were raised.

I would note that we elected not to remove the zones at Thomas at this time. We would like to have the benefit of any analysis that the city may do related to the non-signalized crosswalk. We are also working on an alternative proposal that might address the issues that riders raised regarding the transfer between the Route 48 and the Route 43. We plan to post information at the Thomas zone indicating that it will remain for now but that we may want to come back to the riders in this immediate area with an alternative plan.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call.

Ellen Bevington <Ellen.Bevington@METROKC.GOV>


(The original message:)

Metro is proposing closing a significant number of bus stops on the 43 and 48 bus routes.

These are highly travelled routes and these changes could be fairly significant, especially for disabled riders. I encourage you to visit the Metro web site links below to learn more.

Route 48 Corridor Speed & Reliability Improvements
Project Update December 4, 2002 (overview of project) (specifics of proposed changes)

Map of proposed changes (N. of Madison) (S. of Madison)


Call: 206-553-3060
Write: Metro Customer Service Office
201 S. Jackson St.
Seattle WA 98104-3586

(1/11/03) Route 48 Update from Ellen Bevington, <Ellen.Bevington@METROKC.GOV>

The comment period for zone consolidation element of the Route 48 Speed and Reliability Project, which is sponsored by King County Metro, has been extended in response to community requests for more review time. The revised schedule for public comment is as follows:

Segment   From To Comment period  Probable Implementation
 1 (MAP)  NE Pacific Street  E. Madison Street  12/4/02 - 1/24/03  February 2003
 2 (MAP)  E. Madison Street  S. Jackson Street  12/23/02 - 3/24/03  September 2003
 3  S. Jackson Street  S. Henderson Street  1/17/02 - 3/24/03  September 2003
 4  Cowen Place NE  Loyal Heights  3/31/03 - 5/21/03  September 2003

There will be a meeting with the Montlake Community Council on January 15, from 7:15 to 7:45 at the Montlake Community Center, at 1618 E. Calhoun, to discuss the proposed changes in the first segment between NE Pacific Street and E. Madison Street. Anyone who has an interest in the first segment is welcome to attend.

For the portion of the route from Madison to the Route 48 terminal at Henderson, the bus zone consolidation plan for this area will be open for comment through March 24. Public forums to discuss this area are under development.

The website (see above) is currently being updated with the revised comment period, but should be available for service by Monday, January 13.


Owen Kehoe, Metro project manager for this project, writes:

I encourage you to look at the project website for an overview about the
Route 48 project, and forward this link to the Capitol Hill Committee

The intent of bus stop consolidation is to provide a smoother and faster
ride for our customers, improve pedestrian safety by positioning stops
near signalized intersections, and to pave the way for future investments
in passenger facilities, traffic signal improvements, and increases in

We are currently collecting comments for the first segment of bus stop
consolidation, between NE Pacific St and E Madison Street, which also
includes a part of route 43.

Next week, we will post rider alerts and begin collecting comments for
the next segment of the route 48, between E Madison St. and S Jackson St.