Zone 4 Residential Parking Zone Expansion


Many people in our neighborhood are concerned about parking problems, for several reasons:

After several Transportation Committee meetings we approached Julie Erickson  of Seatran and she suggested that we become an addition to the Capitol Hill Residential Parking Zone.

After discussions, we submitted a list of streets we'd like included in the RPZ, which she had surveyed for eligibility.

Here's a map of streets that were observed to have 75% of the parking utilized and so are eligible for the RPZ, and here they are in a list: 

300,400,500,600 blocks of 19th Ave E
500,600,700,900 blocks of 20th Ave E
300,400,500,600,900 blocks of 21st Ave E
3/400,500,700 blocks of 22nd Ave E
1900 Block of E Aloha St
1900,2000,2200 blocks of E Roy St
2000,2100,2200 blocks of E Mercer St
1800,1900,2200 blocks of E Republican St
1800 Block of E Harrison
2100,2200 of E Thomas St.

You'll note several streets outside the Miller area, which were added by request of residents there.

With the zone 4 expansion the blocks will be restricted to 2 hour Mon-Sat except by zone 4 permits.  The zone 4 permits expire 4/30/01 and are $27 for each permit. We hope to arrange evening parking restrictions for the streets near restaurants.

What happens next?

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