Notes on December 2nd Miller Park Neighborhood Association Meeting at Miller Community Center.

The (~ 25) participants initially identified 12 locations in the Miller Park area as traffic problems.

After discussion we identified 5 locations for further study by Seatran staffer Shauna Walgren.

1) 19th & Republican: has been the site of several reported serious accidents. Concerns both about the speed of traffic along 19th and about the difficulty of pulling out into traffic from Republican (discussion mainly about the Country Doctor side). Red "No Stopping" curb was installed on Republican outside Country Dr. after previous MPNA meeting. Concerns that this was being ignored were mentioned to Henrietta Taylor Knight (Country Dr. representative) who will investigate possibility of Clinic staff reminding clients of the rules. Vehicles parked at SE corner of intersection also cause visibility problems.

Solutions discussed included curb-bulbs, 4 Way Stop with red flashing light and a traffic light. Shauna recommended against 4 way stop: often ignored if one street is much more minor.

2) 19th & Mercer. Many of same concerns as 19th & Republican. Mention of the planned 42 unit apartment building on 19th, whose traffic will exit via rear alley onto Mercer. Recent accident at junction mentioned, and one at 20th and Mercer, both apparently speed-related.

3) 20th & Mercer: see above.

4) 21st Avenue between Republican and John. 1 way street system is being ignored: reports of teachers and Postal workers traveling in wrong direction (from John). Shauna recommended a real curb bulb on E. side of 21st at John. Mention of our previous unofficial painting of large one-way arrows on the blacktop on 21st and discussion of repainting them. Andrew will write to Post Office and School.

5) 23rd & John: the traffic light prohibits traffic northbound on 23rd from turning left onto John from 7-9 and 4-6. Cars go 1 or 2 blocks further north, turn left and then proceed rapidly back along 22nd to John. Solutions to be investigated include eliminating the "no left turn" at 23rd & John and a traffic circle at 22nd & Thomas to slow down traffic on 22nd.

Other traffic problems discussed:

a) missing No Parking sign outside the (former) Fratelli's on 19th (at Madison) resulting in illegal parking there.

b) how can the (senior citizen) residents of McKinney Manor (on Madison between 19th and 20th) safely cross Madison without having to climb the hill to the light at Madison. Would a pedestrian operated crossing light at 20th & Madison be feasible/effective/safe? To be addressed as part of the Madison Street plan.

c) Concern about the traffic light at 23rd & Madison, which recently (?) had a left arrow installed (HELP me on this one).

d) Parking problems in the neighborhood adjacent to the Kingfish and Monsoon restaurants was discussed (people from Kingfish present for some of discussion). The possibility of the restaurants using/renting spaces in the adjacent "Director's Service" parking lot was discussed: Andrew Taylor will contact them. The parking lot behind Monsoon was mentioned: is it available for them and do they promote its use. Suggestion: meet with restaurants in a smaller group (6 volunteers from the group identified themselves for a "Transportation Committee") to discuss parking lot usage. If Kingfish took reservations would it cut down on parking problems?

e) Parking along 21st adjacent to Meany School remains a problem for residents of that block, whose houses lack garages, due to teachers parking there. Many teachers are using the Miller C.C. parking lot on 20th: Andrew will write to school to encourage them all to do so.