Madison-Miller Transportation Issues Update

Transportation Committee Briefing



SDOT Neighborhood Plan Implementation to Date


In 2000-1, SDOT installed marked crosswalks at several locations including a school crosswalk protected by a curb bulb at 21st Ave. E/E John St.


In the first half of 2002, SDOT and the community partnered to complete two high priority projects identified in the neighborhood plan.


       Curb bulb and art project at E Madison/Olive St./20th Ave. SDOT constructed a large curb bulb to help slow traffic turning from Madison onto Olive. The bulb is inlayed with large pieces of Chinese stone donated by Rhodes Masonry one of the principle community partners; and each stone is engraved with words of a poem expressing the community's connection to its' history and the natural environment. As part of the construction, SDOT and Mount. Zion Baptist Church, which is located at the site, matched the cost of extensive sidewalk repair and reconstruction of the church driveways.


       Traffic signal at same intersection: SDOT installed a full traffic signal along with channelization improvements to improve pedestrian safety crossing Madison. The new signal is especially helpful to senior citizens living at McKinney Manor Senior Housing who often cross Madison to reach the Mount. Zion Church.


Community Concerns


SDOT is attempting to meet the community's desire for a more comprehensive approach to planning and implementation of neighborhood transportation improvements. A small group-scoping meeting held on 7/24/02 between SDOT Geographic Representative and community members produced an inventory of site-specific concerns. Issues that have been identified by the community include:




23rd Ave./E Madison

Revisit left-turn prohibition from NB 23rd to WB Madison to reduce cut-through traffic mainly on Thomas.


E Pike/14th Ave.

Too great a delay for EB traffic on Pike.


E Madison/22nd Ave.

Too great a delay for NB traffic crossing Madison.


15th Ave./E John

Difficult merge turning NB from John onto 15th, in order to continue EB on Thomas.


E John/E Madison/22nd Ave.


Traffic on John has trouble seeing approaching traffic.




Portions of 21st, 22nd Avenues and Thomas were mentioned as needing RPZs. Some concern was expressed about RPZ boundary rules not working well in meeting the community's needs.




15th Ave./John

Pedestrians need a safe way to cross 15th at north side of intersection.


19th Ave./Republican

Pedestrians have difficulty crossing 19th due to fast traffic that won't often yield.


23rd Ave./Thomas


Concern about the safety of the crosswalk.




Install permanent curb bulb at E John/21st Ave.


Excessive speeds on 21st and 22nd Ave.


Next Steps


One approach being considered by the department is to assemble an interdivisional SDOT team that, over a three month period would analyze issues raised by the community and develop solution scenarios. This process would include several additional community meetings to present, discuss and refine conclusions; and develop consensus for next steps. Long-term implementation of proposed improvements may require yet-unidentified funding and another level of community process.