2000 — Problem/Project Identification Form



1. Name: Andrew Taylor Daytime Phone:___(206) 667-4431


2. Neighborhood/District/Sector: Miller Park /East District_______

3a. Is this project referenced in a neighborhood plan?

Yes No Uncertain (circle one)

3b. If ‘yes,’ which plan? ___________________________________________

4. Neighborhood Plan Matrix # (if known): __________________________

5. What type of project is this? Parks ___ Transportation _X_ Other ___


Problem/Project Description (you may attach one additional sheet):

The section of 19th Ave E. between E. Thomas Street and E. Aloha experiences rather fast traffic, due to the absence of 4-way stops.

Traffic (including school buses going to Meany Middle School) and pedestrians traveling on E. Republican experience great difficulty crossing 19th: there are frequent fender benders in the intersection. After discussion with Ms. Walgren we are proposing TWO curb bulbs on 19th Ave E. (on the S. side of the intersection) to slow traffic on 19th and to help vehicles and pedestrians cross 19th safely.

This problem involves:

    r Repair or Rehabilitation of Existing Facilities/Infra-structure

    4 Installation of New Improvements

4 Safety Improvements






7. Problem/Project Location: 19th Ave E. at E. Republican

8. Please identify City staff you’ve worked with on this or a related project.

Shauna Walgren (SEATRAN)





Return completed applications by May 8th to Anne Fiske Zuniga at the address or fax number below.

(206) 684-0464 (TDD) (206) 684-0464 (206) 233-5142 (Fax)