October 5, 2000

Dear Neighbors,

I am writing to thank our neighbors who have contacted us with feedback concerning our recent efforts to reduce the impact of student and staff parking in the neighborhood. Your suggestions and insights are always welcome. I assure you that we are committed to working with you in resolving neighborhood parking and traffic issues.

As I indicated in my letter last month, we have contracted with United Parking to provide regular supervision of the streets around our school, helping to ensure that our students comply both with city parking regulations and with our self-imposed directives to park on the west side only of streets running north-south (20th, 21st, and 22nd Avenues East), with the exception of the streets immediately surrounding the four sides of our building.

Initial feedback from our neighbors about our new system has been generally positive, and we will continue to refine and adjust this plan as needed. Our school has been an integral part of the Capitol Hill neighborhood for almost a century now, and we highly value our role as a positive influence in the community. And, we are particularly pleased that in recent years an increasing number of our students have become actively involved in community service activities in the immediate area.

In addition to our increased supervision of student parking, we are making a comprehensive examination of all our parking options. We have looked at the possibility of adding parking on the campus, in the large expanse of lawn around the building. However, several of our neighbors have shared with us that they do not want to see the green open space replaced with a parking lot.

As some of the regions in our neighborhood are considering making application for an extension of the Residential Parking Zones (RPZ), we have concerns that the zoning will only shift the parking problem. The establishment of an RPZ often moves parking into other parts of the neighborhood, causing unregulated blocks to become overly congested, and thus exacerbating the problem for other parts of the neighborhood.

We would suggest instead that a more comprehensive and long-term solution would be to work together to develop additional parking lots in our neighborhood and to design parking programs that vigorously protect neighborhood parking. Some of the issues in our larger neighborhood region include:

It would be our hope that any new RPZ designations would give special consideration to the three schools in the area, Holy Names Academy, Meany Middle School, and St. Joseph School. It is our belief that the presence of viable schools in this community is a benefit to all. If it is ultimately determined that the RPZ should be extended, we might consider starting with evening hours, e.g. 6:00 p.m. to midnight.

Again, we are most willing to cooperate in the resolution of parking and traffic issues, and it is our hope that the establishment of any new RPZ areas will be amenable to our school and the other schools in the area as well as to the larger community.



Liz Swift


Holy Names Academy, 728 21st Ave East, Seattle, WA 98112 (206) 323-4272 FAX (206) 323-5254