Meeting 2/12/00 10AM Tully's, 19th & Aloha.

Next meeting Saturday 2/26/00 10:30 AM Tully's, 19th & Aloha.

Present: Doug Hobkirk, Carolyn Stevens, Lynn Snyder, Debrah
Walker, Andrew Taylor, Chuck Cook, Henrietta Knight (Country

1) Reviewed traffic concerns from 12/99 MPNA meeting and
identified interests of those present.

2) Andrew reported on his 2/11/00 conversation with Shauna
Walgren of SEATRAN (details interspersed below)

3) General philosophical conversation about expectations of
living in an increasingly dense city.

Problems by area:

1) 19th & Republican: intersection dangerous for pedestrians and
cars. Andrew gave photos of recent accident to Doug, who reported
he had sets from previous accidents. Also concern about speed of
traffic along 19th.

At 12/99 meeting Shauna recommended against 4-way stop: traffic
light would be best, safest solution. We discussed our
gut-feelings that 4-way stop might work, and wanted to look at
the research. After some discussion we came to support Shauna's
(2/00) recommendation of curb-bulbs at 19th & Republican (she
reported that busses could navigate them). Expectation is that it
would make pedestrian crossing of 19th safer and might slow
traffic on 19th. Might also help sight-lines along 19th for
traffic emerging from Republican.

2) Residential Parking Zone plans: Lynn has talked with Julie Erickson  from
City and will get more details from her. Consensus was to
investigate extending RPZ down Republican and then N. on 21st to
address school parking problems. We'll get further info then
leaflet the neighborhood to gauge interest and find volunteers.
Henrietta will investigate possible impacts of RPZ on Country Dr.

Shauna reported that, once an RPZ has been established on both
sides of a street, night-time restrictions could be applied to
one side, to aid parking near the restaurants  (see below).

Discussion of inappropriate parking (e.g. bus zones) along 19th:
will there be increased general enforcement by the RPZ patrols?

3) Crosswalk at 19th & Republican? NO; Shauna reports that we'd
have to 'move' the one at Harrison, rather than get a new one: NO
support for that.

4) Restaurants and parking:  Andrew had talked to Pat Noonan,
owner of the adjacent parking lot; after negative interactions
with restaurant patrons he's not interested in leasing parking.

Andrew suggested that a reservation system for Kingfish might cut
down on traffic. Doug reported that, of late, there have been few
people waiting for tables, so it might not help. Chuck begged to
differ: they'll carry on observing.

5) Wrong-way driving on 21st. Shauna recommended a real curb-bulb
at 21st & John. The repainting of the 'volunteer' arrows on the
street during a sunny spell was discussed.

Formalities: we're the 'Transportation and Parking Committee' and
Doug's the 'convener'.