Transportation Committee Meeting 2/26/00 10:30AM Tully's, 19th & Aloha.

Next meeting Saturday March 25th  10:30 AM Tully's, 19th & Aloha.

Present: Doug Hobkirk, Debrah Walker, Andrew Taylor, Henrietta Knight (Country Doctor).

Nobody had achieved anything in the 2 weeks since the previous meeting, so we decided not to meet again for a month!

1) Residential Parking Zone: no progress yet! Debrah Walker and Lynn Snyder will discuss logistics. We should have a neighborhood meeting about it, perhaps in May. Henrietta will poll Country Dr. employees to see how an RPZ might affect them.

2) Curb Bulbs.  One at 21st and John is definitely needed. Shauna Walgren of SEATRAN had suggested one as the simplest solution to traffic problems at 19th & Republican. We discussed 4-way stops or traffic lights for that intersection and eventually decided to start with a curb bulb. Doug Hobkirk will approach Shana to see how to proceed.