March 25th Transportation & Parking meeting & Tully's

Lynn Snyder, Andrew Taylor, Mimi Krsak, José Cervantes, Liz Ellis, Steve Dunn.

1) "Calming" of traffic on 19th

Yet more discussion of 4-way stop at 19th & Republican: people still want data from Seatran as to why that wouldn't work.

Decided to apply to Neighborhood Street Fund for curb bulbs at 19th & Republican: outside the Neighborhood Service Center (by the mailbox) and diagonally across the street seemed the best places. White painted outlines of curb bulbs appeared at that location that very day: nobody claims credit!

Everybody who's seen the experimental pedestrian crossing near Seattle University (the one with the flashing yellow lights in the roadbed) is much taken with it. We decided to approach Seatran to see if 19th & Republican can be a test site for one.

2) Residential Parking Zone.

Lynn Snyder presented materials from Seatran about how to proceed. We sketched out a map of the area to include as an extension of the Capitol Hill RPZ. We hope to organize an informational meeting in early May to explain the process and to recruit volunteers from each block to gather signatures from their neighbors.

Next meeting  postponed until we hear from Seatran about the RPZ or get an application form for the curb bulb.